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His Destined Path Chapter 3353

“Let’s open your eyes for good.”

As soon as the words fell, Emotion Ji directly lifted Xia Wei’s face slightly, and at once everyone present saw that incomparably ugly face, and while they were all dismayed, they couldn’t help but frown one after another.

Some of the more exaggerated ones even vomited on the spot.

Zhu Yanshuo and Zhu Yan’er almost subconsciously panicked in their hearts, and Zhu Yan’er even looked at that face with an unusually complicated expression.

“Zhu Yan’er, what’s wrong with you? It is understandable that other people feel disgusted when they see this face, but why are you looking at this face like this? I’m afraid that no one in this world is more familiar with this face than you, right?” Emotion Ji laughed coldly.

Hearing these words, Zhu Yan’er’s face suddenly turned blue and red, hardened with anger, unable to speak.

Zhu Yanshuo frowned, “Emotional Ji, shut your stinking mouth, if you keep talking nonsense, don’t blame me for tearing your mouth apart.”

“When Lord Zhu City gives the word, Emotional Ji naturally does not dare to disobey, unfortunately, what I said is not nonsense, so of course I can continue to speak, right? Zhu Yan’er.”

“Oh, I forgot, you’re now changing your face to Xia Wei, should I call you Xia Wei.”

Ye Shijun had already resisted the urge to strike, but seeing such a farce and involving his favourite Zhu Yan’er, he couldn’t help but be interested, and with a lift of his eyes, he looked at Emotion Ji and said in a cold voice, “What exactly are you talking about?”

“You’d better make things clear, otherwise, I’ll kill you first to sacrifice the sword later.”

As soon as he saw Ye Shijun’s words, Zhu Yanshuo and his siblings became anxious, and Zhu Yanshuo was even ready to say something to stop them, but Ye Shijun waved his hand, indicating that they should not interfere and let Emotion Ji tell the story slowly.

He said, “I’m afraid your heart won’t be able to take it.”

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Ye Shijun didn’t say anything, one pair of eyes dead on the love girl.

“Well, it doesn’t hurt to tell you, the fact is that the so-called Zhu Yan’er beside you, the real sister of Lord Zhu City, did not look like what she looks like now, but what this girl beside me looks like.”

“Her name is Xia Wei, her appearance is only this appearance of Zhu Yan’er today, to put it simply, the two people changed their faces, poor Xia Wei was being chased by the people of the Demon Cloud Ghost City that day, originally thought that she met the rescuers of that fallen city, who had thought that, but only Fang just escaped from the tiger’s mouth, and again like a ghost cave, they not only did not rescue this poor girl, but instead saw that she was extremely beautiful, and moved to crooked thoughts. ”

“It so happens that some people are so ugly that they have an inferiority complex, so they try to steal the dragon and turn it into a phoenix, and after they have knocked the girl unconscious, they use some unseemly methods to move her beautiful face to their own, while their ugly face is replaced by someone else’s.”

“This story, is it interesting?” Emotional Ji said, smiling at Ye Shijun, a faint mockery hanging from the corner of her mouth.

Ye Shijun was shocked, of course he was not shocked by this story, but by the fact that if what Emotional Girl said was true, then the woman standing beside him at this moment was not as beautiful as the one in front of him, but was in fact a completely ugly woman who made people want to vomit at the very first glance.

“Emotional girl, you are not talking nonsense here, my sister was born beautiful, you are simply malicious slander.” When Zhu Yan Shuo saw this, he became furious and pointed his finger at Emotional Girl and shouted angrily, “Mr. Ye is extremely smart, even we are not fools, you think you can hurt us by finding an ugly girl and just making things up?”

“If this ugly girl was really nothing to you, why would you surround yourself with ten thousand people in the backyard and send four masters to calm you down?”

Upon hearing these words, a group of people suddenly whispered.

After all, what the love girl said was the truth.

There was no silver in this place, everyone understood this truth.

As soon as he saw the people behind him, Ye Shijun’s brow furrowed even tighter, because apparently now it seemed that perhaps what this Emotional Girl was saying was the truth.

“D*mn you, it’s okay to bully me, but insulting my sister, I want you to die a good death.” Zhu Yan Shuo shouted, and his whole body rushed towards Emotional Ji like a madman.

Emotional Ji subconsciously wanted to resist, but the figure of Han Qianqian in front of him had already rushed out in advance ……