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His Destined Path Chapter 3355

The eight bodies transformed into eight bodies, surprisingly, they did not dodge, between the backhand the huge axe protruded, the heavenly fire moon wheel wrapped around the axe body, the eight bodies swung the axe, lifting the axe to slash!


The four energies suddenly met the axe in Han Qianqian’s hand, and the two were immediately at a standstill.

But the four experts were almost in a collective state of distress, forcing their teeth to attack with reluctance. On the other hand, Han Qianqian’s face was calm, and his eight golden bodies were even more powerful.

“Pan Gu Axe!”

Ye Shijun gritted his teeth coldly, naturally he could recognize the giant axe in Han Qianqian’s hand at a glance.

Even in Ye Shijun’s heart, he thought that the Pan Gu Axe should have belonged to his Ye family, and that it was Han Qianqian, a villain, who had taken it away from his father and even killed his own father.

Therefore, he was only filled with anger.

“What, the Pan Gu Axe?!”

Zhu Yan Shuo’s group was completely different. When they heard the name of this king of all weapons, all that was left was only shock and fear.

That was the most powerful weapon in the world, not even one of them.

Legend has it that whoever can obtain it will be at the top of the eight worlds.

Who would not fear the power of its axe?

While Zhu Yanshuo was like this on his side, the four experts on the other side who had gathered their courage were completely MMP.

No wonder when they fought with Han Qianqian earlier, this axe of his could actually cut the nails of the Phoenix Rooster Old Immortal.

At first, the group of people were still full of doubts and puzzled. But now, they understood completely.

Against such a divine object, even if they were to send Old Phoenix Rooster’s nails up to him, ten of them would not be enough for him to be hit by an axe.

This was too f*cking perverted.

But precisely because it was so perverted, the four experts were each furious in their hearts.

After all, what could they do with such a King of All Weapons?

Wouldn’t that be a joke?

Thinking of this, the courage they had just gathered was completely gone.

At this moment, Han Qianqian’s face was not the least bit tired, only endlessly relaxed.

Raising his axe, he struck down!


Eight axes moved in unison, and the four seemingly incomparably strong energy channels were directly pressed into the ground.

With a bang, the four energies shook the ground with their residual heat and the dust curled up, announcing their disappearance.

The first of the four was the first of a series of scandalous events in the world. /p>

The four masters were almost at the same time cut off, and the repercussions sent them back several steps.

Each of the four experts looked at Han Qianqian in the field with a shocked expression on their faces, incredulous.

Having fought once three days ago, the four of them should have known Han Qianqian’s skills very well, but after this round of fighting again, they were at a loss.

It had only been three days since they had met, but Han Qianqian’s power had suddenly increased by several times.

Previously, even if the four of them had taken turns to fight each other, each of them might not have been able to beat Han Qianqian, but they would never have been able to be pulled apart by him in an instant.

But today, I don’t know if it was because they and the others were so old that they couldn’t lift their swords, but the four of them had worked together without any second thoughts, but they were outright beaten down by someone in a single shot, a gap that almost with their butts they could know was completely different.

They really wanted to settle down, then the four of them sat around and had a good discussion about what kind of ghost monster they had met.

Was this a human being?

“A wheel fight? Consume me?” Han Qianqian smiled, “Bah!”

A bah, a gesture, was enough to provoke anyone’s anger, but at this moment, not only did the four masters, including the soldiers behind them, not only did they not get angry, but they almost automatically took a step backwards in an unusually tacit manner.

Yes, it was only natural that they would be despised for being crushed in such a way.

Fu Tian’s face also turned extremely ugly, he had thought of a good plan, but was instantly beaten in the face, how could he not be humiliated?

However, at that moment, a figure slowly stood up, with an evil smile on his face, and looked at Han Qianqian indifferently: “I’ll play with you.”

It was none other than, Ye Shijun!