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His Destined Path Chapter 3375

There was no pain, not even any meridian damage, everything seemed so plain and uneventful.

Even if Ye Shijun had not personally seen Han Qianqian hit his body with energy just now, he would not have felt that Han Qianqian had treated him at all.

“Han Qianqian, what the hell do you mean by that? What the hell have you done to me?” Ye Shijun said angrily.

Han Qianqian laughed: “I helped you become a eunuch, didn’t you say I had cuckolded you and seduced your wife? So help someone to the end, I’ll help you fulfill that wish.”

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This was a matter of manly dignity, and Ye Shijun couldn’t control the anger in his body, so he didn’t care what the consequences were.

But the core of the problem also soon appeared, Ye Shijun found that he simply did not have any possibility to move, his whole body defense as if in a moment completely do not listen to the general.

“You …… what exactly have you done to me?” Ye Shijun was shocked beyond belief.

He did not understand, he also did not understand, why would it become like this?

“Nothing much, added some spice to your body.” Han Qianqian said with a smile.

Ye Shijun’s eyes glared like an ox as he looked viciously at Han Qianqian: “If you want to kill, then kill, are you a man?”

“What’s the excitement? It’s as easy as killing a dog to kill you? Besides, it’s easier to kill trash like you, but what about me? I haven’t had enough yet.”

With these words, Han Qianqian grabbed Ye Shijun and dropped him from mid-air like a chicken.

As soon as Han Qianqian fell, all the people on the ground fled like sheep when they saw a tiger, making the area around Han Qianqian several metres empty into a football field.

At that moment, Han Qianqian grabbed Ye Shijun and threw him half a metre in front of his feet.

Ye Shijun, who had been unbeatable before, was thrown by Han Qianqian, and was like a dog in disgrace.

As Ye Shijun did so, the crowd, which was already scared, retreated several metres, while the Zhu family siblings also looked more and more ugly.

Zhu Yanshuo did not need to say that this was his guest of honour, the super helper he had hired to kill Han Qianqian, but now he was knocked to the ground by Han Qianqian, this was really stealing a chicken but losing a handful of rice.

Zhu Yan’er also heard the sound of her own heart breaking. It was only with great difficulty that she completely recovered her heart from Han Qianqian, full of joy that she had found the true and unrivalled Son of Heaven.

As it turned out, there was a true son of heaven, but unfortunately it was not the one who liked her, but ……

but the one she most wanted to forget and replace.

And the man she thought was her true destiny was now being thrown to the ground like a dog, and she had imagined that she could show off in front of this D*mned man.

But now it seemed that the greatest humiliation was already here, only, it wasn’t her humiliation of him, but his silent humiliation of her.

Zhu Yan’er was so angry she was on the verge of tears, but what could be done about it!

“What’s wrong? Didn’t each one of them talk a lot just now? Now, are they all mute?” Han Qianqian swept a glance at everyone present, and as his gaze pa*sed, no one meekly turned their heads to the side for fear of touching his gaze and provoking his attention.

Zhu Yanshuo’s teeth clenched as he took a step forward, “Han Qianqian, be smart and let go of Duke Ye right now, or else I’ll have you killed.”

“Don’t forget, even if you win against Duke Ye, there are still tens of thousands of elites in this Cailu City, you haven’t won yet.”

Han Qianqian laughed: “You threaten me?”

With those words, he stomped on Ye Shijun’s body, causing him to grimace in pain.

When Zhu Yanshuo saw this, he did not dare to say anything more, and when he looked at Han Qianqian who was sneering, he could not bear it any longer: “Han Qianqian, what exactly do you mean by this? What exactly do you want? Give me a quick word.”