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His Destined Path Chapter 3382

They were so annoyed that they were even beginning to cry out in aggravation really.

Even Ye Shijun was now completely confused and bewildered.

Kneeling and crying and begging to be spared, that was what he had said no doubt, but he did follow all the steps like that ah, and he was basically completely sure that he hadn’t missed a single thing this time.

But why ……

Why do you still have to be beaten?

The actual fact is that you can’t be able to get a lot of people to do this, but you can only ask in a hard voice yourself, “Han Qianqian, what do you mean by this? You’re f*cking playing with us aren’t you?”

“If your mouth stinks like that again, I’m going to really play with you guys.”

“You have to stand up when you’re beaten, and you say you’re wrong, but where are you wrong?” Han Qianqian snorted coldly.

Fu Tian and Ye Shijun looked at each other and nodded to each other, then the two of them reverted back to their incomparable foot-holding acting to re-cry out loud, then ……

Then in unison, they shouted, “Han Qianqian, I …… we were wrong.”

The sound of the voice, carry out the whole scene.

But Han Qianqian was shaking his head slightly: “Not right.”

Not right?

Where is it not right?

“I’m not interested in an apology from you two, or in other words, there’s time to pay our debt.”

“What I want you to apologise for is the Mystic Alliance disciples who were treacherously killed by your gang of sinister villains that day.”


“Don’t blame me for not reminding you two, although many of them had been with me for even less than a day, since they had followed me, Han Qianqian was my brother, if you two dare to give me another fake cry here, then you two can rest a*sured that I have ways to make you really howl.”

With these words, Han Qianqian looked to the sky with a serious expression and faintly rushed to the sky to murmur.

Today’s incident is still a consolation for those brothers who died in vain, but in another day, I will kill these b*tches with my own hands and pay for your blood with theirs.

The two men were at a loss, they might now finally understand what Han Qianqian’s so-called interest meant.

The others, however, had all shifted their gaze to Han Qianqian’s body, they were all working for others, they were all just subordinates.

But most of the time, they died in a feather, no one cared about their lives, and even in certain times of need, they would become sacrificial victims like cannon fodder.

Although taking this path means that they may lose their lives at any time, who wouldn’t want their lives to be of some value? To be able to go to work for a bright master?

And obviously this attitude of Han Qianqian towards his subordinates made them envious and moved them.

There are times when giving is not always about getting something in return, but any giving needs to be reciprocated.

Han Qianqian was so affectionate that he could at least tell her clearly at this point that she was not with the wrong person.

“What? Not starting yet?” Han Qianqian slightly lowered her head and looked at the two indifferently, her voice light but cold as murder.

The two were depressed, asking them to apologise for some nameless person and even cry bitterly was really hurtful, excessive and even extremely insulting, but at this moment, they had to bow their heads as people were under the roof.

A slight brewing of emotions, then, along with the two whispering sobs, so that Zhu Yan Shuo and a group of upper-cla*s people can not bear to witness the event began ……

“All the brothers of the Mystic Alliance, at the beginning, it was us who betrayed our trust and shamelessly stole and killed you, we have sinned so much that we are worse than pigs, and we specially apologize to you at this moment, hoping that your spirits in heaven can forgive us.” Fu Tian’s voice was as pious as a dead old man’s, and his attitude was pious.

Seeing that Fu Tian had already taken the lead in setting an example, Ye Shijun, even though it was difficult to speak, still hesitated for a while before lowering his head: “I was wrong too. As the head of the two Fu Ye families, I can hardly be blamed for allowing them to act like bandits and do the things of thieves.

The words fell, the two looked at Han Qianqian, this time Han Qianqian finally no longer like before, but nodded in satisfaction, then, he raised his eyebrows, smiled slightly, and a look signaled ……

This time, the two men were completely on their knees ……