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His Destined Path Chapter 3392

Han Qianqian fiercely back to a hand a energy will all heavily wrapped, after a look at the wearing mountain armor, each other nodded to each other after, Han Qianqian hand holding wearing mountain armor, and wearing mountain armor also fiercely a drill body.

Wow ……

The people only felt a hollow under their feet, a blackness in front of their eyes, and when they opened their eyes again to adapt to their surroundings, they suddenly found that they were rapidly shuttling towards the underground.

The group’s speed was fast, and the depth of the drill wasn’t very high. Just a few moments later, about 20 meters deep into the ground, the group had reached it.

Emotion Ji and Devil Bei Tian were simply amazed, really not expecting that Han Qian Qian’s friend could operate like that.

“Are we going to hide underground here? This place is indeed good, but the question is how deep are we at now?” Emotion Ji said.

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“About twenty metres.” The pangolin replied.

A slight estimation by Emotion Ji, in fact, if this depth, although it might not seem too deep enough, it was basically considered a very safe distance.

“Although the depth is enough, but I guess this search will last for a long time, we are currently in this place people come so much, but rations are not much at all, how should this be?” Mo Bei Tian worried.

The mountain-penetrator smiled, “We don’t intend to stay here.”

“Don’t intend to stay here?” Both Emotional Ji and Devil Bei Tian were stunned, truly a little shocked beyond comprehension.

Since they weren’t going to stay here, what did the group of people come here for? Was it still a transit?

“You all turn your backs first.” The mountain-penetrator laughed.

The gang did as they were told, even though they didn’t understand. Only after the gang had all turned their backs did the Mountain Piercing Armour take out the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books hidden in his body and hand them to Han Qianqian.

After receiving the Heavenly Book, Han Qianqian couldn’t help but let out a long breath.

The feeling of seeing it again in peace after so long, naturally needed no further explanation.

There was laughter, comfort and all sorts of things, in short, Han Qianqian was happy.

He knew that the person he was worried about, the person he missed, was in his hands, just a few moments away.

After glancing at each other, Han Qianqian moved his hand, and immediately afterwards, a light shot out from the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books, and a few moments later, the group of people, including the piercing armour, all disappeared in place.

A few moments later, all of them, including the piercing armour, disappeared in place, leaving only a small scroll submerged in the mud.

Yes, Han Qianqian had brought everyone’s into the world of the Heavenly Book, even though it might seem safest to leave the Wearing Mountain Armour outside and carry the Heavenly Book alone again, after all, once discovered, with the Wearing Mountain Armour’s skills in the ground, it would be almost easier to hide again.

But Han Qianqian had his own considerations, or at least, what he thought was that it might be safer to simply have an object there without people.

It was the safest way to do it when you couldn’t feel it clearly and could only roughly judge that the other party was sniffing.

As a white light flashed before the eyes of the crowd, when the crowd opened their eyes again, each and every one of them were all completely and utterly dumbfounded, the party was just in the dark and boundless ground, but in the blink of an eye they were already in a green world of mountains and clear water.

“This is ……”

Even so, Emotional Ji and the Demon Northern Heaven gang were standing in place at this time not daring to move in the slightest, after all, for them, their minds were still stuck in the mud, and naturally moving at random would inevitably trigger serious consequences that they might not be aware of.

Han Qianqian, on the other hand, smiled casually and walked directly towards the bamboo hut in the distance.

The bamboo hut was still in its original form, but its surroundings had been changed forever, with rows and rows of wooden houses surrounding it hundreds of metres away.

Needless to say, Han Qianqian knew that these must be the “dormitories” of the brothers of the Mystics.

At the entrance of the bamboo huts, Ning Yue and Fu Li were busy cleaning the ground outside the bamboo huts, when they turned around and saw a group of people approaching this way, they were first startled, then, when they saw the leader, their faces were completely frozen, and the things in their hands fell to the ground with a jolt.

When she heard the sound of something falling on the floor, Su Yingxia, who was busy cooking in the inner room, strangely poked her head out and knocked. When she saw the most familiar figure in her life running towards her, even the pot and spoon in her hand fell to the floor with a heavy thud ……