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His Destined Path Chapter 3395

Seeing the gaze cast by Han Qianqian, the two phantoms in the clouds smiled slightly, still with that tea and that chess.

“It seems that this fellow is gradually beginning to understand something.” Old man Sweeper smiled gently.

The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books also smiled faintly, “It is not uncommon that he knows more and more things, naturally, as we are already getting closer to the City of Burning Bones.”

The sweeping old man nodded and shook his head helplessly, “It’s just a pity that this kid is a bit stubborn, otherwise, why would this kid need to look this hangdog now, I’m afraid that he would have long since swept away the Little Caiyun, why would he need to come here?”

“It’s a pity that while the flowing water is intentional, the falling flowers are heartless.

The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books also laughed helplessly and bitterly, “That is true, people have gone to great lengths to put together such a full set of plays for him, and even showed off their treasures, it’s just a pity that some people are just boring gourds. But it’s also as you say, everything in this world has a cause and effect.”

“If he hadn’t been devoted to his love, that guy wouldn’t have chosen him.”

The old man nodded, “You are right, everything in this world has a karma, if you ask for it, you can’t get it, and if you force it, it’s the opposite.”

“By the way, that seal on him? Distance from there has been getting closer and closer, not to mention that this kid has not touched the benefits, even in his heyday he is very likely to die nine times, not to mention that this guy is now affected by this, I am afraid that …… will be bad when the time comes.” The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books said, “How about helping him out?”

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The old sweeper waved his hand: “The path is all his own choice, that person has laid out some paths for him in advance, but it is only a general direction, exactly how he wants to go this depends on himself, we should not interfere much.”

“Besides, as I have said before, there are times when difficulties are not difficulties, but rather for him to learn how to deal with greater difficulties.”

“While it is true that the seal restricts him and makes him mettle more than once at the moment, once he turns over those mettle, it is all growth for him.”

The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books nodded heavily, “That is true, he is the Chosen One, and in their words, he must first toil his bones, starve his body, and empty his body.”

With these words, the two men looked at each other and smiled, picked up their respective teas and resumed their game of chess.

After eating, Han Qianqian wanted to help Su Yingxia clean up, but Su Yingxia asked Han Qianqian to spend more time with Han Nian and cleaned up by herself.

While father and daughter were chasing each other all over the lawn, playing with each other and sweating profusely, Su Yingxia also cleaned up the kitchen and slowly came out.

Seeing the two father and daughter playing happily, she could not help but smile as she stood by and watched.

After a few more moments, she spoke up, “I didn’t want to disturb you, but I’m afraid if I don’t call out to you, they’ll have already eaten.”

“As their leader, everyone has been waiting for you for a long time, shouldn’t you go and make a toast?”

Han Qianqian smiled and carried Han Nian to Su Yingxia’s side, “It’s also good to bring you to meet some new friends.”

With these words, Han Qianqian held Han Nian with one arm, his free hand raised in the air, obviously waiting for Su Yingxia to bring her hand over.

Su Yingxia was a little hesitant, but after a moment, she gave her hand to Han Qianqian and let him pull her all the way towards the wooden house.

On the way, Su Yingxia talked to Han Qianqian about how they had been living in the Heavenly Book for so long, planting at sunrise and resting at sunset, but of course, this rest was not simply sleeping, but cultivating under the guidance of Ning Yue and the others.

“Many of them have raised their cultivation levels quite a bit now.” Su Yingxia smiled.

Han Qianqian nodded, this was to be expected, after all, the spiritual energy in the Heavenly Book World was very abundant.

As they spoke, the family had already arrived at the door of the large wooden house, and inside they were laughing and fighting. When Emotional Ji and Devil North Heaven’s group first entered the wooden house, they were exceptionally worried when they heard them talking loudly, fearing that too much noise would attract the attention of their enemies outside, but only after Ning Yue explained the world here to them and understood it did they drift off, and afterwards laughed loudly at their own well.

When they saw Han Qianqian enter, the crowd stopped and looked collectively at the three Han Qianqians at the door.

However, just as Han Qianqian was about to open his mouth to greet everyone, Su Yingxia at the side suddenly had an accident ……