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His Destined Path Chapter 3399

Emotion Ji also nodded, “That’s right, although the ancestors designated the ancestral training, what they wanted was for the disciples under their disciples to abide by it, but the rules themselves were made by people and naturally broken by people in a big way, if the ancestors knew about the situation today, I don’t think they would have blamed.”

With each other’s support, Demon North Heaven nodded, looked at Han Qianqian, and said, “Phantom Demon’s Shadow is actually an exceptionally ancient and exceptionally arcane skill.”

“It can interfere with a person’s memory in an exceptionally strange way, and once you have had contact with it, then it becomes seemingly able to manipulate that memory of your contact with it at will.”

“This is also the fundamental reason why this girl will have a splitting headache once she recalls her meeting with that person that day.”

With these words, Su Yan’s confusion was solved.

“Is there really such a magical spell in the world? Just meeting him once would be so exaggerated? Then if we spend a lot of time with him, won’t the whole person be under his control at will?” Green Pearl wondered.

Emotional Ji nodded, “If one spends a long time together, not to mention erasing someone’s memory at any time, it would be easy to change one’s memory at will.”

Hearing these words, at this moment, Han Qianqian, who was at the side, opened his mouth, “So, the person who knows this spell should be some big brother-level figure of your devil race, right?”

Mo Bei Tian nodded heavily, “That’s right.”

Trying to manipulate others was naturally something that was generally required of bigwigs, and Han Qianqian had guessed from this.

“According to the record of the scrolls, at an unknown time, the devil race once produced a great genius called Xuan Ancestor, who was able to wipe out the major forces of the devil race with his own power, so much so that the devil lands bowed down to him, but it seems that he did not do so, or perhaps did something, this point, the scrolls did not eh have any record.” Devil North Heaven said.

“I’m more inclined to the latter, he should have done something, only, as you said, since the so-called Phantom Devil’s Shadow can control people’s memories, I’m afraid that after doing something at that time, he washed away those memories.” Han Qianqian frowned.

It didn’t make sense for him to do nothing, yet he wanted the devil race to bow down to him everywhere, which was naturally extremely illogical to attach to.

Devil Bei Tian nodded, “Yes.”

“Then this goes back to where the previous question was, what is the connection between the two?” Green Pearl asked curiously.

“This man has something else impressive about him besides a move called Phantom Demon’s Shadow.” Devil Bei Tian said.

Without waiting for him to finish, Han Qianqian had already guessed the answer, “Rootless Poison?”

Devil Beitian nodded heavily, “Exactly. This strange poison, Rootless Poison, is recorded in my Heavenly Demon Palace’s scrolls, and it is from him. This is why I would say that the sudden appearance of Rootless Poison is strange, but if it is accompanied by the Phantom Demon’s Shadow at the same time, it seems to become easier to understand.”

“In that case, what kind of Demon Xuan Ancestor re-emerged back then?” Su Yan’s willow brows furrowed.

For the time being, Demon North Heaven could not answer this question either, but if one were to go by theory, it did seem that this should be the case, but if one were to go by his personal feelings, he felt that it was unlikely.

Although there was no record in the scrolls of when this Xuan Ancestor had appeared, judging by the timeline of millions of years since the Rootless Poison had disappeared from the Demon Race, his appearance should have been extremely long ago.

“Could it be one of his heirs or someone deliberately impersonating him?” Green Pearl said.

Since Rootless Poison had been deliberately imitated and impersonated for millions of years, it was highly likely that the Illusory Devil’s Shadow, a spell, would also suffer the same treatment.

Emotion Ji shook her head, “For something like poison, one can try to synthesize some medicinal principles accordingly based on the toxicity and other manifestations, so that one may indeed achieve the similarity, but for something like spells, it is very difficult to achieve similarity to each other without the corresponding spell, not to mention the fact that such spells are extremely strange in the first place, and even more difficult to be imitated. ”

Han Qianqian nodded, he agreed with Emotional Ji, but at the same time a new doubt arose.

If that was the case, then why was a pioneer of the demon race from millions of years ago or even longer still alive today? And if he hadn’t died, then why would he have set his sights on Su Yingxia?

From Su Yan’s description, it was obvious that the guy was after Su Yingxia, or ……

Han Qianqian suddenly thought of something ……