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His Destined Path Chapter 3402

Han Qianqian was violently shocked, but at this point it was obviously too late for him to pull his hand back again.

It was as if Han Qianqian had put his hand into a crushing machine, and it was clamping itself up and down with frantic force.

Not only was he unable to move his left hand at all, even his left hand was incomparably painful at this moment, and a wave of energy seemed to be trying to come directly through his left hand towards his body at this moment.

“D*mn it!”

Only then did Han Qianqian understand that he had thought that this girl had revealed a flaw, but now that he was obviously careless, he had been set up by Zi E. The flaw was just a trap that she had deliberately set up, waiting for him to fall into it.

Han Qianqian, who had always been extremely experienced, had suffered a secret loss in this encounter.

However, despite this, Han Qianqian did not panic in the slightest and poured the energy within his body directly into his left hand, not only to directly resist the energy that was trying to enter, but even to use this energy to directly swing and drag Purple Emotion’s control over himself.


The black and gold Qi appeared wildly from his body, and the energy within his body attacked directly from his left hand in a frenzy.


And almost at the same time, the energy from the left hand did not instantly repel the Purple Emotion as Han Qianqian had imagined, instead, it suddenly met with some huge resistance, and when he raised his eyes, he saw that the Purple Emotion was already full of white Qi surging wildly at this time, deadly fighting against Han Qianqian’s black and gold power, a stark contrast.

The group of people on the ground were looking closely at each other, all with their eyes fixed on the ground, and Liu Sa had a faint smile of pride on her face, as if the performance of the Purple Emotion was not at all unexpected and even unusually satisfactory.

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The two of them were fighting in the sky and said, “sh*t, who is this woman in the sky? So fierce?”

“Yeah, at a young age, she can actually go through so many moves with Han Qianqian?” Emotional Ji was also a little puzzled.

After all, even the two of them were not confident that they could fight Han Qianqian so much in the air these days.

“Moreover, it looks like this woman is currently not losing ground, a strange thing, a truly strange thing.” Mo Bei Tian said with a bitter smile of interest.

There was an exclamation, but there was also a sourness that could not be hidden.

After all, he had cultivated for an unknown number of years to reach this achievement today, but this woman in front of him, who was only twenty years old, had managed to reach such a cultivation level.

“Well said, the oldest of the Seven Monsters of Jiangbei, Purple Emotion.”

Hearing the words of Devil North Heaven and Emotion Ji, Liu Sa said somewhat smugly.

The group of people had known each other earlier, but Purple Emotion, who was relatively gentle and shy by nature, had obviously not been added to this list.

“The Seven Monsters of Jiangbei? Or is it the Old Seven?” If this Old Seven was so fierce, then the previous ones must be fierce to the point of perversion?

I had met their boss, Big Biscuit Sky, at the dinner table earlier, but I hadn’t expected their gang to be so strong at all.

What kind of people did Han Qianqian find to hide such a crouching tiger?

“My old sister, bull it is, brother.” Big Biscuit Sky also bragged crudely at this point and said, “Our sister is a holy body, that’s not ordinary.”

“A holy body?”

The two of them looked at each other strangely at the same time, followed by a sudden laugh from Emotional Ji, who looked at the confused Devil Beitian, and laughed bitterly, “No wonder then.”

The devil’s north heaven looked at the love Ji, before avoiding embarra*sment, a few steps moved to the love Ji’s side, with elbow slightly bumped her, quietly asked: “What is the holy body? How come you seem to know, but I don’t know anything?”

When Emotional Ji gently hooked her hand, Devil Beitian immediately put his ear over, and immediately afterwards, Emotional Ji whispered something in his ear, which made Devil Beitian freeze in place on the spot after hearing it.

“I’m not f*cking right?” Mo Bei Tian took a long time to reflect and looked at Emotion Ji like he had seen a ghost.

However, Emotional Girl only put her finger on the edge of her mouth and gently made a no-sounding gesture.

And at this moment, in the sky above, the struggle between black and white qi entered into white heat, with a violent explosion, the two forces directly exploded ……