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His Destined Path Chapter 3414

But no sooner had it spoken than the seemingly incomparable ferocity of its emotions was completely gone again under the slight force of Han Qianqian pushing forward a little.

“Ouch, ouch, ouch!”

Han Qianqian faintly withdrew his power, allowing it to retreat a little more: “Is this some kind of painful, painful, painful move that you’re using to fight me?”

The Poor Qi of Heaven was utterly speechless, he knew that this Han Qianqian fellow was mocking it madly again.

However, it had no more courage to resist, and with its head in front of the sword, it had to concede, “What exactly do you want?”

“It’s what you want.” Han Qianqian said.

“It’s not just hurting your friend and your wife, big deal, as long as you’re willing to let me go, I won’t mess around with your friend here, and as for your wife, isn’t she injured, I can help you heal it.”

Han Qianqian was surprised to hear it relent, especially about its last condition which made Han Qianqian excited.

But how could Han Qianqian, who was well versed in the art of gambling, show it? With a slight frown, he said, “With this little body of yours, you can’t even protect yourself, how can you save people?”

“Besides, I’ve only heard of those who harm people, but I’ve never heard of Poor Qi being able to save people, if you want to tease me, don’t think I’m too stupid.”

Hearing this, the Poor Qi of Heaven snorted disdainfully, “I had really changed my mind about you, but I didn’t expect that I had been wrong about you from the beginning to the end, an ickle is an ickle, a stink bug is a stink bug, falling into your hands today has really tarnished my lifelong prestige.”

Han Qianqian did not retort, just quietly waited for its next words.

“It’s not bad that I’m an ancient beast, and I like to eat people, but I don’t only do bad things, I’ll also do good things if I’m in a good mood.”

“Have you heard of the Poor Qi Tengen Co-Eating Compulsion? Coincidentally, I happen to be very good at the world’s epidemic poisons. That woman, no, your wife is poisoned, I can really save her.”

Speaking of this, the Poor Man of Heaven clearly became confident and proud again.

“How about it? Deal?” The b*****d asked, “But let’s say in advance that if I can’t save her, you won’t give me a hard time, and if I can, you’ll have to promise me one condition.”

“What condition?” Han Qianqian frowned and said.

“This is confidential for the time being, I will tell you when it is done. However, seeing you like this, I can guarantee in advance that my request will definitely not infringe on anyone, even to the point of helping this friend of yours, and, within your means.”

It would be a lie to say that Han Qianqian was not impressed. No matter how you look at it, the deal was not a loss to you, and most importantly, it was a matter of Su Yingxia’s safety, so even if it was a loss, how could Han Qianqian refuse?

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Not to mention these conditions, is to kill Han Qianqian, then Han Qianqian can only harden his head to agree.

“Good!” Han Qianqian nodded.

“OK, you just tossed me too hard, leave some chaos power, leave the rest to me.”

Han Qianqian said no more and withdrew all the energy after leaving some Chaos Power behind, and almost as soon as he withdrew the energy, the white Qi on Zi Emotion’s body became even more violent in an instant.

However, Purple Emotion’s face was also devoid of the slightest bit of pain from before, she just closed her eyes and seemed to have fallen into some sort of coma.


Surrounded by white light, Violet Emotion’s body slowly rose from the ground, after which she stood slightly upright, floating a few centimetres above the ground.

Immediately afterwards, her body was windless and automatic, and she quickly flew towards the direction of the bamboo house.

Han Qianqian was a little surprised for a moment, because it was obvious that the Heaven’s Poor Man was in complete control of everything about Zi Ei, so much so that Zi Ei was now completely unconscious and still moving freely.

There was something really interesting about it.

He was only the size of gravel, but his own abilities were quite impressive.

However, after a short faze, Han Qianqian still promptly gathered his mood and hurried to the bamboo house side, he was really curious about what this guy actually had ……