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His Destined Path Chapter 3421

The moment this was said, Han Qianqian was educating Su Yingxia, but suddenly lost his momentum and looked at the Poor Man of Heaven with a puzzled face, “Huh?”

“What the hell, you’re a big brother, you can be a big brother or not, but I’ve decided I’m your little brother anyway. Of course, you son of a b*tch want to go back on your word, then forget I said anything, the big deal is that I will see you as a hypocrite and a real villain.”

“Don’t worry, as long as I don’t die, I will say that about you year after year, and one day, even those who don’t know you will know the true nature of you, Han Qianqian.”

The diaphragm is a yellow-tongued version of the headboard’s application of the rubric for revile the rubric. /p>

“sh*t, you’re f*cking sick, huh?” Han Qianqian is speechless, not to mention this stupid b*****d this way how much bullsh*t, the key point is, he has seen people forced to grab to take the little brother, have not seen who his grandmother kneeling begging for people to become his big brother.

The very fact that he was in such a position to do such a thing was outrageous!

“Also, what does this have to do with me losing my trust?” Han Qianqian said glumly.

“Humph, before saving your wife, what did we say, when the job was done, you promised me one condition, do you still admit it?”

Han Qianqian nodded blankly, a great man stands on top of the sky, naturally his words count, there was indeed such a thing, and he did not deny it. But in the next second, Han Qianqian suddenly reflected, “sh*t, the thing you want me to promise you, it can’t be this f*cking thing, can it?”

“Unfortunately to tell you, yes!”

Upon hearing this, not only was Han Qianqian not angry, but he could barely hold back his laughter.

When the deal was first made, Han Qianqian had actually been prepared to bleed heavily, after all, the Heaven’s Poor Man had risked his life for the bargaining chip, and Han Qianqian thought about it and knew that it would definitely not be easy.

But man’s plan was not as good as Heaven’s plan, and Heaven’s plan was not as good as this beast’s plan. Who would have thought that after going around in a big circle, his request would end up being his own little brother?

This is not even a request anymore, okay? This is a blessing from heaven.

Many people wouldn’t dare to dream about it in their lifetime.

With the affirmation of the Poor Man of Heaven, Su Yingxia, who had been “educated” by Han Qianqian, was so happy that she almost danced on the bed, pulling Han Qianqian and hurriedly said quietly, “Promise him, promise him.”

Su Yingxia knew very well what having an Evil Taotie and a Heavenly Poor Qi as a little brother would mean to anyone.

If two ghosts tapping on the door is already an extremely terrifying thing, then these two in the body, is completely to raise it to another 10,000 degrees, many people are afraid that just by seeing this stand will be weak on the spot.

Who the hell would be stupid enough to mess with a man who has two ancient beasts as his minions?

This wasn’t a case of being too stupid to live, it was a case of being too stupid to breathe.

Han Qianqian was also excited, but at this time, the p*ssy had to be put on, otherwise where would he get the face in front of his wife, and where would he get the face in front of his little brother?

But even the particularly tolerant Han Qianqian, after deliberately gathering his emotions, still couldn’t help but be ready to break his defences: “I’m asking for the last time, are you really sure you want to do this?”

“Nonsense.” Heaven’s Poor Man said.

Han Qianqian really could barely hold it in, it was like a fortune falling from the sky on his family.

The two families looked at each other, both with eyes that could not hide their happiness, Han Qianqian pretended to think a little and finally nodded reluctantly, “Although I don’t know exactly which play you kid is singing, however, I, Han Qianqian, am definitely a man of my word and my deeds.”

“Since your request is to be my little brother, fine, I will reluctantly agree to you.”

This forced, even Han Qianqian felt unusually dreamy, he was not a high profile person, but at this time he could not really suppress it at all even if he wanted to be low profile.

Han Qianqian and his family were overjoyed, and in fact the Poor Man of Heaven was overjoyed as well.

“Good, then from today onwards, you and I are brothers, although I don’t have a physical body for the time being and can’t sign a life and death contract, but we can make a soul contract.”

“Good.” Han Qianqian nodded his head.

This b*****d was afraid that he would deny the contract, and he was still f*cking worried that he would deny it.

The two of them were already interconnected by chaotic power, so it wasn’t difficult to make a contract with each other in the form of souls.

Although Han Qianqian didn’t know much about this rarely used contract, Su Yingxia, who had once come from a family like the Fu family, knew something about this kind of method, and under her guidance, just as the contract was about to be completed.

Han Qianqian suddenly frowned and called a pause in time: “Wait, that’s not quite right.”