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His Destined Path Chapter 3423

It has a million ways to exist in this world, after all, its identity and bloodline have already determined its immortality.

Just like the evil Taotie, even if it is no longer as brave as it once was, or even as far as it is concerned, its current situation may

It is only as young as it was in its prime.

But no matter what, it is still what it is, and even if it lives under a human, it is still under its own master, which doesn’t make it look any less shabby.

This is not at all the case with the Heaven’s Poor Man.

It is true that Violet’s body can be said to be different from that of a normal human, and her holy power is quite rare and miraculous, but she is still just a normal human being, and it is obviously too much for the Poor Man of Heaven to find such a body to host.

Secondly, the Evil Taotie is always his own body, even if it is small, but the Heaven’s Poor Man is theoretically more like an energy body.

Such a huge contrast and the most existential oddity in between were indeed the huge and incomparable questions that Han Qianqian had had since he first saw the Poor Qi of Heaven in the Purple Emotion meridian.

“I cannot give you the details of this matter, for I myself do not know why this is. Ever since I reawakened, I have existed within her in this way.”

“Even you don’t know?” Han Qianqian’s brow furrowed as he felt incredibly unbelievable.

An ancient beast had been “reborn” in a person’s meridian, which made people wonder what had happened to it before, and also wonder what had happened to Zi’er’s body or her predecessor.

The Poor Man of Heaven did not hide it at all, and admitted it with great directness and alacrity: “Exactly.”

“However, I can answer some of your doubts from a different direction.”

“Oh?” Han Qianqian’s brow furrowed, “You know what I’m going to ask?”

“Of course, you must be curious as to why an ancient fierce beast of my status and rank would be unwilling to leave even after waking up and knowing I was in such an environment, right?”

Han Qianqian nodded, that was indeed the case.

There were not a few people with strange bodies under the heavens, and while it was true that Purple Emotion was a holy body that was rare to find in the world, there was nothing strange in the world, and it wasn’t difficult to simply find someone with the same physical conditions in actuality, and those with such physical conditions tended to have a more profound cultivation, which was obviously more appropriate for the Poor Qi of Heaven.

“One reason is because I woke up with very little power, even with a ring of energy on the periphery protecting me, and I wanted to get out, but my strength didn’t allow it.”

“The second reason is that actually, this girl Ziyou’s body really doesn’t have any cultivation to speak of though, and it’s practically a pipe dream for me to get any energy from her to replenish myself. But that’s all just for now.”

“This girl’s holy immortal body is far more high-end and terrifying than you could ever imagine, and in the long run, she is worth all the investment and wait.”

“If I give it time, not only can I rise again on her, but even if I’m lucky, I can even improve from my previous peak.”

This was something Han Qianqian had to admit, after all, Purple Emotion could even do something that he couldn’t do, only, according to this current statement from the Poor Man of Heaven, I was afraid that it was going to be quite a bit higher than what he had currently imagined.

Especially the last sentence, it could even make Han Qianqian’s entire jaw drop.

This was simply beyond all of Han Qianqian’s expectations!

“Then why are you following three thousand as a little brother when you’re not staying in such a nice place?” Su Yingxia doubted.

“Oh, that’s what I’m going to say next. In theory with such a good body, I’m all at peace with waiting for her to develop slowly, which is why I get furious when I see her using her true energy indiscriminately to save people, because she’s obviously wasting it.”

“But that was all before, and directly after Han Qianqian and I interconnected with each other’s chaos power just now in order to save you, that thought changed completely for me.”

“In other words, I’m slandering his body!”

“Huh?” Both of them were shocked in unison ……