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His Destined Path Chapter 3425

“Yes, the one thing I must admit is that I do want to be his little brother, but I must also make one thing clear, I am at least an ancient fierce beast, although it is quite humiliating to acknowledge a big brother, but old me is not a decrepit person who doesn’t want to lose face, I will never go and kiss a*s just to get you to agree to take me as a little brother.”

“In my life, I also hate people who kiss a*s.”

“I only tell the truth, and what is true is what is true.”

“You are still young, or what does it mean if you live a few hundred years longer? Perhaps in your race you will be old men who have seen a great deal by then, but that is you.”

“Compared to the years of the entire eight worlds, you, all of you, are nothing but dust smaller than I am now, so how much do you know about the many, many things that have happened in this world?”

“How can an ant know the life of a giant elephant?”

With these words, both Su Yingxia and Han Qianqian were speechless, both of them could feel the slight anger of the Poor Qi of Heaven from its words, especially since Han Qianqian had dealt with it briefly, and knew that it had the arrogance of a fierce beast.

It was indeed unlikely that it would shamelessly kiss anyone’s a*s for the sake of something.

But the question also arose, if it was not flattering, then what did it mean by its words?

It seems to be saying that the True God is not the highest realm, but that there are even stronger beings! But since the Eight Directions world, the supremacy of the True Gods has been acknowledged almost everywhere, and the truth is that until now, the Three Great True Gods still control the vast majority of this world.

Perhaps the Han Qianqian of old would have immediately denied these words, for the truth was right in front of him. But it was not until Han Qianqian had been exposed to more and more strange and bizarre things along the way, and after suspecting that this world had once been broken, that he did not reject this statement, and even, to some extent, reinforced Han Qianqian’s perception of it.

As it was said, the eight worlds had been born for an unknown number of years, and the wheel of destiny had long since been drawn into a long time line.

But for this world, half is only half.

Just as on Earth, despite all the evidence used by scientists to restore the ancient past, who knows that the end they are exploring is only the beginning of a new era?

And was there a reincarnation before that new beginning?

“I believe in you.” Han Qianqian said categorically, and then he looked at Su Yingxia at the side.

Although this statement was absurd and bizarre, Su Yingxia was different from other women, or even from other people, she was intelligent and believed in Han Qianqian.

Since Han Qianqian believed it, she was also willing to understand some of the inner meaning of these words.

“Can you tell me some of the things you know? For example, just use my body as a capital and tell me about something stronger than a true god.” Han Qianqian asked gently.

Seeing Han Qianqian ask such a question, the Poor Man of Heaven was suddenly vain. Being an ancient thing of its level, at this time it finally got its field back at a time like this.

The first time I saw this was when I saw that the poor man of the heavens had been vainly glorified. /p>

“That’s easy, you want to know, you can, consider it a meeting gift for old man to meet big brother.”

“Then I, the big brother, also respectfully.” Han Qianqian was also excited.

He wanted to know what had happened before that break, and he also believed that once he got those things straightened out, he would even be able to know some of the very strange phenomena he was currently facing.

“Good, then listen up, I will only say this once.” With those words, that white shadow of the Poor Man of Heaven also instantly retracted his form, looking as if his big brother was about to tell a story.

Su Yingxia and Han Qianqian, who were also like young students who were humbly taught, obediently sat aside and waited for the Poor Man of the Sky to continue his words.

“I’m going to start.”

Both of them were nodding their heads incomparably seriously, and the Poor Man of Heaven also coughed slightly at this time, and opened his mouth to start speaking, however, at this time, an unbelievable strange thing happened ……