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His Destined Path Chapter 3439

“I want you to die!”

“Let me show you what it means to be at the bottom!”

“Not only is your bragging annoying, but you also speak with a strong smell of sh*t… I will kill you boy and wipe your a*s with your body.”


As the four men roared their abuse, boulders, water snakes, flying insects and flying branches came crashing into the sky.

“Evil Taotie, you guard the boulders, I’ll take care of the rest.” Han Qianqian shouted, while the power of Chaos in his hand opened wide directly.


The Evil Taotie led the order with a roar, and like a soldier in a trap, he headed straight for the Stone Man as well as the boulder formation.


With a loud sound, Han Qianqian’s eight golden bodies appeared, and the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel coalesced directly into his sword, and as Han Qianqian tapped his hand, the jade sword shot out, driving the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel, which was transformed into a fire dragon, to attack the flying insects violently.

Where the fire dragon pa*sed, there was scorched carbon, and where the electric dragon swept, there was also ash, and with the mad dash of the jade sword, the momentum was as strong as it was brave.

“Axe formation!”

The eight golden bodies separated from the attack of the tree branches, while ten thousand giant bronze axes drank the sky down.

Even though the bronze axes were already flawed, after all, a thin camel is bigger than a horse, and as the ten thousand giant axes fell, countless strong tree branches broke like dead wood at this time.

“Is that all you can do? True God?” As Han Qianqian’s words fell, the eight golden bodies swept their gazes is all directions.

Out of the corner of their eyes!

The four people were defeated, and at this time, they were also each shaken in their minds, and the tree person was the core, so at this time, he naturally stood out in the first place.


At the same time, the ground erupted, and countless huge and sturdy tree tendons burst out of the ground, then leapt out and attacked Han Qianqian again.

Han Qianqian held his axe in his hand. Facing the attack from the tree men, it was too late to set up the axe formation.

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Even if the tree is hard enough, the branches are also thick enough, especially those burrowing out of the ground tendons are like iron ropes, as a rule, plus such a high density, conventional weapons naturally difficult to break out of it.

It is as easy to cut a rope with a knife as it is to weave a net of rope.

But while reason is such a reason, there are times when reason does not work in certain places.

For example, in the face of absolute strength!

In the face of a king’s weapon like the Pan Gu Axe, even if you are hard, you are still ineffective.

With a single axe, all things would be opened up!


What was thought to be a confident attack, instead of achieving any desired effect at this point, was directly split apart just as it had started to gain momentum, which not only caused the other three people present to be shocked, but also caused the initiating tree man to be stunned.

Han Qianqian sneered, “Is that all, and you’re already so surprised? This is only the beginning.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Han Qianqian used the moment when the tree trunk broke and the tree tendons exploded to open his Taiyan Heart Technique, move his Taixu Divine Steps, and use his 72 divine swords to attack the tree at the heart of the tree man with his axe instead of his sword.

The tree man had already tasted the power of the axe that replaced the sword, so he did not dare to be careless and frantically regrouped the broken trunks.

As Han Qianqian pa*sed by, the broken tree trunks regrouped and quickly gathered in the direction of Han Qianqian’s pursuit, determined to stop Han Qianqian and attack him at the same time.

And with Han Qianqian’s impact, the eight golden bodies disappeared and converged into one body at one point.

The water people who lacked resistance were finally left without resistance at this point, and were completely released for a time.

Looking at Han Qianqian’s impact, the water man’s teeth clenched at this moment: “You are really abominable, since you dare to ignore me, well, I will make you pay the price in blood.”

With these words, this guy’s body transformed and suddenly took on an extremely strange and bizarre posture, fiercely attacking towards Han Qianqian’s back ……