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His Destined Path Chapter 3441

“What do you mean?”

The Treeman and the Waterman were startled almost simultaneously, but the arrow was on the string and had to be fired!

The Tree Man’s ten thousand branches contracted, while the Water Man’s water droplets came in from the sky!


The momentum of the sky!

Han Qianqian did not move a muscle, standing blandly.

“Brat, are you choosing to wait for death now that you know how powerful they both are?” The flying insect still fought against the Heavenly Flame Moon Wheel while looking at the battle over there couldn’t help but sneer softly.

The Stone Man also let out a roar of excitement amidst his confrontation with the Evil Taotie.

But just as Wan Yu was about to wrap Han Qianqian, Han Qianqian moved once again.

With a slight twist in his hand, a small stone was instantly offered up to him, and after a chaotic power was slapped into it, the small divine stone instantly lit up with a four-coloured light.


Then, the small divine stone rotated and the four lights rotated, not only did the huge, extremely light water dots not wrap around Han Qianqian as expected, instead, as the four lights rotated, the water dots also began to slightly rotate, and then, after slowly rotating around the divine stone in a rotating posture for a circumference, something unbelievable happened ……

The water dots had strangely slowly entered the sacred stone ……

“What the f*ck …… is that?” The water man looked at the stone in shock, for a moment clearly deeply shocked by the scene at this point.

The teasing on the Bugman’s face also immediately transformed into unease, “What the f*ck is that kid up to, and what is that stone …… stone? Why …… why can’t the water point hurt it at all, instead …… it’s still being a*similated instead.”

Yes, of course it is being a*similated!

But apart from Han Qianqian, only the tree-hugger at this very moment understood what the reason for this was!

“The Five Elements Divine Stone!”

Yes, it was the divine object that could only be brought with him when he saw the Heavenly Book after pa*sing the Five Elements Trial ahead of him. He was the only person in here who had entered the Linglong Tower, and naturally, before entering the Linglong Tower, he had once received the Five Elements Divine Stone as a reward, just like Han Qianqian.

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It is just a pity that he was completely defeated within the Linglong Tower afterwards, his body has died, and the Five Elements Divine Stone has naturally been retrieved and is no longer in his possession.

But not owning it doesn’t mean not having seen it. He still remembers clearly to this day what the Five Elements Divine Stone looked like.

Although it was now beginning to emit four strange lights, far from the universal colour it had been when he first took it, its appearance had always been engraved in his mind unchanged.

“The Five Elements Divine Stone?”

The Waterman and the Bugman, although in different places, coincidentally looked at the Tree Man in amazement and sighed at almost the same time.

And what disturbed the two most now was that the tree-man’s face was at that moment exposing the slightest hint of panic.

“That’s right, it’s none other than the Five Elements Divine Stone!” Han Qianqian smiled coldly.

Between the words, the Five Elements Divine Stone slightly stopped running, and a large number of water dots faded away completely, while those that hadn’t been a*similated, although they were farther apart, still returned to their original position as the Five Elements Divine Stone stopped running.

“It’s my turn.”

As soon as Han Qianqian’s words fell, an energy in his hand tapped into the Five Elements Divine Stone again, and immediately afterwards, the Five Elements Divine Stone, which had stopped spinning, began to spin rapidly once again.

But in this rotation, the four colours began to return to one colour, and in just a moment, suddenly, an incomparably powerful force spread out in silence.

Before the front, the tree man’s heart shook violently, and he could clearly feel an incomparably powerful pressure forming in front of him.

“That’s ……” he snapped, his pupils shrinking.

Following his gaze, the Five Elements Divine Stone had by now started to glow from one colour from the inside out, gradually emitting a fiery red light.

The tree man’s pupils grew larger and larger.

“Fire …… is fire!”

That’s right, water could produce wood, while wood could produce fire. Using the Art of Five Elements, Han Qianqian could rely on the Five Elements Divine Stone to make changes to the power of the Five Elements.

The Water Man might have been able to help the Tree Man gain more momentum before, but today, in the presence of Han Qianqian and the Five Elements Divine Stone, it was inevitable that water could carry the boat as well as overturn it!

Although Han Qianqian was unable to turn the Five Elements Divine Stone into gold energy to restrain the Tree Man in the most direct way due to its current shortage, he could use the fact that wood could produce fire to suppress it like crazy.

Moreover, the most important point, and the one that made the tree-people most desperate, was that if they could deny that Han Qianqian had pa*sed the trial earlier on various excuses, then with the appearance and activation of the Five Elements Divine Stone, everything seemed to be sealed.

No matter what, he had indeed truly pa*sed the Linglong Tower!

And in the midst of such fear, with a booming burst from the side of the Five Elements divine Stone, huge flames burst out directly from the divine stone and madly pounced on himself ……