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His Destined Path Chapter 3455


There was no extra action, not even any other secondary attacks from either side, it was just simply you slash and I’ll hold it.

With this loud bang, the axe and the crab pincers came into formal intimate contact.

They both stopped, the axe on top and the pincers on the bottom.

That was the end of it.

The guy who looked like a crab spirit froze, and then he suddenly smiled: “Is that the end?”

Han Qianqian didn’t say anything, just stared at him with faint eyes.

“Haha, hahahahaha, I f*cking thought how strong you were, I thought how fierce this axe was, and then, just f*cking this?”

“Ouch, are you trying to f*cking laugh me to death?”

The guy was extremely mocking, and the grin on his face was even more playful.

Seeing him like that, the gang that was up there with him laughed at this point as well.

“So that’s why cowhide is bullsh*t in front of all hard power.”

“It’s no f*cking use blowing it out of proportion, some things reveal themselves the moment you try them.”

“The point is, just this kind of god blowing, the point is there are quite a few people who believe it.”

After these words, these people looked back at the wave of guys who believed and did not take action, each one sneering, full of ridicule.

Those who had not made a move were also completely baffled at this point. They believed, but they were also clear that a weapon like the Pan Gu Axe, the king of all weapons, was supposed to be the strongest attack in the world.

Naturally, the strongest attack could never be blocked by any external force. Even if that guy’s crab pincers had been baptized by the ages, they were already indestructible.

However, it was up against the King of All Weapons.

Then, this invulnerability would seem extremely ridiculous.

However, what was so disappointing was that the so-called Pan Gu Axe in Han Qianqian’s hand, this smooth chopping down made his pincers not have any broken phase at all, which was simply ……

Could it be that they really believed wrong?

“What the f*ck are you still standing there for? Is this result not enough to satisfy you? He dares to lie to us, beat him up.” The crab-like guy shouted angrily.

Immediately afterwards, his angry body was on fire and he was about to take the lead in attacking Han Qianqian.



Two crunching sounds rang out.

The two crunching sounds broke the clamour of the group, and also made the crab-like guy, who was on the verge of making a splash, stop instantly.

At this moment, his huge pincer hand had shattered, like a stone that had been hit hard by a rock. Many of the pieces fell directly into the water pool, sending up layers of waves.

The waves scattered, only at this point in the gang’s eyes, it no longer became pretty, but a texture that took them into a horrible contemplation ……

“Hey, it could have been done without having to break so fast, it had to move around.”

Han Qianqian laughed, then, slightly retracting his axe, he then blew into the blade and carefully wiped it with his hand.

“Chopping up a river fish but having to use it, it really reminds me of the saying, “How can you use a bull’s-eye to kill a chicken!”

How can you use a bull’s-eye to kill a chicken!

A single sentence directly pulled all those who were in the middle of contemplation at the scene straight to their senses.

Yes, how can you use a bull’s-eye to kill a chicken? It was just a tiny slag, yet they had to use a king of all weapons like the Pan Gu Axe, in other words, under the king of all weapons, what qualifications would these pedestrian things have to offer resistance?

Those who had not made a move had a faint smile on their faces as they thought of this.

Everything, everything was as they had expected.

And those who were striking out with the crabs at the moment, none of them had their jaws dropped and were still immersed in fear and shock.

“It’s really …… really the Pan Gu Axe, what he’s holding, it’s really the Pan Gu Axe.”

“My scalp is tingling, my whole body is getting goosebumps, this …… is impossible, right? The Pan Gu axe, the Pan Gu axe has really reappeared on earth?”

“The crab’s pincers are incomparably hard, far from anything else, it can be completely shattered, it seems …… as if it can really only be the Pan Gu Axe as well.”

A group of people muttered in shock, and a moment later, they seemed to collectively think of something, and fiercely raised their collective eyes to look at Han Qianqian ……