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His Destined Path Chapter 3465

“Oh?” Han Qianqian did not understand.

Liang Han smiled, “Let me ask you, what kind of thing is the most difficult, or what kind of method is the most difficult.”

Han Qianqian thought for a moment and shook his head, “This is something that Qianqian is ignorant of, so I hope that the two seniors can give me some guidance.”

The man laughed: “There is no hurry to answer us, think about it and broaden your mind.”

Hearing this, Han Qianqian once again thought hard, but the arts in the world are really a million and one, and there is a possibility that the techniques of the spells will die with the creator and lie in the ground, so naturally it is difficult to compare who is more powerful with some other spells, everything is just Guan Gong battling Qin Qiong, there is no victory or defeat, so there is no so-called who is more difficult.

However, looking at the two men’s expressions with faint smiles, Han Qianqian believed that they were not just asking a question to test themselves, since they had asked the question, there must be a corresponding reason.

Therefore, Han Qianqian was still thinking seriously.

Suddenly, an odd idea popped into his head, and he couldn’t help but laugh a little. Although he thought the answer was a bit far-fetched, when he thought about it, it seemed to be completely right, so Han Qianqian said tentatively, “The most difficult Dharma in the world should naturally be the one that cannot be learned.”

Since it was impossible to learn, it naturally proved its difficulty, so this answer was a little outrageous, but in a way it was also the perfect answer.

Liang Han and the man smiled at each other again, obviously, they were very satisfied with Han Qianqian’s answer.

“You’re not wrong, the most difficult spells in this world are actually those that you can’t learn at all, things are beyond the scope of ability and understanding, naturally you look at it as if you were reading a heavenly book.” Liang Han said.

The man also said, “Yes, throughout the ages, how many capable people have been born in this eight-sided continent, and all of them are drunk on cultivation and have their own set of supreme laws that they have researched. Some, took them into the earth, but there were others who hoped that their life’s work could help their descendants and thus pa*sed them down.”

Liang Han picked up, “There are parts of them that the descendants have been given by chance and have learned and pa*sed on since, but there are parts of them that are truly profound and profound to the point of being incomprehensible.”

“Of course, this is quite understandable, the more superior something is, the more complex it is, and naturally the more difficult it is for people to understand.”

Han Qianqian nodded, these were indeed true.

Even he himself was currently the same, if it weren’t for the great gods teaching themselves by hand and simply leaving a heart technique mouth door for themselves, they might not have dared to say that they could learn all ten divine techniques without missing a single skill.

“Ours is fine, but what if it’s those Great Gods who have been around even longer than us?” Liang Han laughed.

Han Qianqian instantly understood, “What the two seniors mean is that what you’re teaching are some spells left behind by great gods even more distant than you, that even you can’t understand.”

The two men nodded in unison and said in unison, “Exactly.”

“Most of them are things that we have gone through a lot of trouble to obtain, and then some coincidences.”

“Some of them have names, and although we do not know the details, we can at least know which gods they are, but some of them are nameless, created at an unknown time, and have been handed down to this day without knowing what they have gone through, and even some of the words are not recognisable to us.” Liang Han said.

Hearing this, Han Qianqian was both confused and at the same time very curious, and his eyes did not hide these emotions at all when he looked at the two.

“How about it, are you interested in learning? Or rather, add to Fat Fu?” Liang Han laughed.

Han Qianqian smiled and said helplessly, “Qianqian naturally wants to learn, but the problem is that even the seniors are unable to penetrate something, how can Qianqian ……”

“Isn’t that a waste?”

Liang Han shook his head, “Time is also fate, just because some people can’t penetrate it doesn’t mean that others can’t either, sometimes the world itself is wonderful and unspeakable.”

“Besides, there is no other use for us to keep it, we are just taking it into annihilation, leaving it to you, whether it is for enlightenment or for posterity, it is another place for it to go.”

Han Qianqian nodded, since this was the case, he did not resist: “Good, then I would like to ask you two seniors to teach me. I am not going to hide it from you two, but Qianqian is really curious as to what kind of divine skill it is that even seniors of your status cannot penetrate.”