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His Destined Path Chapter 3507

“Guess?” The mercury man was not in a hurry to say the answer, instead he looked at Han Qianqian.

Han Qianqian thought for a moment and quickly placed his eyes on the wooden box containing the corpse of the spirit monkey, then returned, “Because of that wooden box?”

The mercury man smiled and nodded heavily, “That’s right.”

Although the Divine Machine Battalion had accidentally discovered the Seventh Spirit Monkey by accident, but just like the special nature of the Seventh Spirit Monkey, they quickly realized that something was not right.

However, just when they were dumbfounded and helpless, the huge think tank behind Zhang Guoshi provided crucial help.

They were convinced that all things are born with each other as well as with each other, just like the place where the poisonous snakes are found, there must be an antidote to the poison a few meters around, and since the seventh spirit monkey can be seen and touched, there must be something to make it manifest.

“If it is expected, according to this theory, the material used for this wooden box should be the tree where the spirit monkeys reside?” Han Qianqian asked tentatively.

The mercury man laughed: “A wise man is indeed a wise man, he can see right through.”

“Good, through the guidance of the wise group, the divine machine people soon found that this seventh spirit monkey often always like to perch on a hundred-year-old tree, after that, the divine machine group will follow the instructions of the wise group, put the old tree down, with the body of the tree to create a wooden box, rope and other things, and then use the leaves to smear its color, tree sap soaked for several days, and finally used to capture the divine monkey.”

As it turns out, the Think Tank is indeed not raised for nothing, and the truth that all things in heaven and earth are born to each other is bound to exist.

With the old tree as the material for the various “weapons”, the Seventh Spirit Monkey was quickly captured by the people of the Divine Mechanism Camp and handed back to Zhang Guoshi.

With this rare treasure, not to mention Zhang Guoshi, even the entire Zhang family was overjoyed.

The Zhang family was overjoyed and decided that this treasure was a blessing from the heavenly officials, descending on their Zhang family to make them become a dragon and a phoenix and unify the world.

Although the Zhang family got this treasure after quite secretive, but the naive is Zhang Guoshi is a martial arts enthusiast, he is drunk in cultivation, and for his upcoming peak and complacent, plus the world where there is impervious to the wall, the Zhang family got the news of the seventh spirit monkey not spread.

Like him, the world, which was peaceful, completely exploded because of this news.

“Peace, only because man’s greed was satisfied, or rather, man’s greed was not provoked by this.”

Han Qianqian nodded heavily, deeply agreeing with this view, “But once Zhang Guosi’s Seventh Spirit Monkey came out, it was as if a big stone was thrown on the calm water.”

“Good, this stone stirred up a thousand layers of waves to make his years of peace no longer, the external seemingly calm under the waves, but in fact, the dark current.”

Han three thousand smiles, the tree will attract the wind.

“The outside is fierce, but the Zhang family’s internal problems as well. The seventh spirit monkeys were indeed brought back, but they, like you just now, are still visible and untouchable, in a sense, the seventh spirit monkeys are just a different place to live.”

“This makes the Zhang family very dumbfounded, which makes Zhang Guoshi very anxious, but some things anxious is also useless.”

“With the arrival of the division of justice on the grounds of crusading against Zhang Guoshi’s random destruction of the survival of the monkey tribe, the days of the Zhang family have completely come to an end.”

Han Qianqian asked in a soft voice, “So, like you, he came here to get the mystery of the spirit monkeys that he could touch, right?”

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The mercury man nodded heavily: “Not bad, it’s just a pity that where he thought, even if the seventh spirit monkey died, he did not wait for the day of the answer.”

“Really ironic.”

“However, for the sake of resignation in his heart, Zhang Guoshi used the method taught to him by the think tank before he left home, using the sap of that old wood as the material to preserve the corpse in the box at the beginning, and subsequently built this Palace of the Moon with us.”

“Once placed in this Pillar of the Moon, it is an unknown number of years, and now, I believe, it has also found its approved person.” The words fell, he gently looked at Han Qianqian, with a faint smile on his face ……