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His Destined Path Chapter 3520

How is this possible?

Han Qianqian was shocked, clearly feeling a sense of disbelief.

In his shock, he hurriedly wiped his eyes, and when he looked again, he was completely bewildered.

On the scroll, there were still six neat monkey figures, and where the seventh one should have been, there was still the same brush stroke, and nothing else.

Had I been hallucinating?

As he was wondering, the scroll in his hand suddenly rose up and flew slowly towards mid-air.

Han Qianqian tried to grab it with his hand, but he was obviously a fraction of a second too slow, and the scroll pa*sed him by several times.

Just as he was trying to fly to get it back, there was a boom and the scroll burst into flames, burning it rapidly.

The fire started from nowhere, but it was so big that in the blink of an eye the scroll was burnt to the ground and the six divine monkeys were completely consumed in the flames.

The scroll was soon burnt out, and the ashes fell from the air and landed between Han Qianqian’s outstretched fingers ……

Everything was scorched black.

The fire of the scroll also began to diminish, but by now the scroll was already only the size of a palm, and it fell along with those ashes.

When he saw it fall, still smoking the last little bit of fire, Han Qianqian’s whole body was completely dumbfounded.

For on the last bit of paper that had not burned cleanly, Han Qianqian saw the seventh first stroke on the scroll, and under the first stroke only, a human-shaped drawing was stunned to be outlined from it.

It was not a monkey, but a complete human being.

Only, this person was more than familiar to Han Qianqian.

Because it was clearly Han Qianqian himself!

As the last bit of firelight consumed it, the remaining bit of paper was completely turned into ashes and fell into the puddle on the ground, completely annihilated ……

But Han Qianqian’s entire heart did not annihilate with it, instead it was throbbing rapidly as a result.

The seventh portrait on those six divine monkeys was actually …… actually …… really himself.

If the first time, there was a possibility that it was an illusion, then the second time, there was no way that it was just an illusion.

Han Qianqian was extremely shocked inside, he did not understand why there was a portrait of himself on the portrait of the monkey tribe.

According to the mercury man, the Seventh Spirit Monkeys had appeared in Zhang Guosi’s time, which was an unknown number of years after Han Qianqian’s present day.

If it was so long ago, why would they have their own portraits on this genealogy-like thing they have?

Moreover, judging from the diagram and those legends, these six divine monkeys were all top existences in the monkey clan, and it was natural that the record they were somewhat like human character logs.

But why, by chance, did he appear in the Monkey Clan Great God’s Character Journal?

What qualifications did he have?

Han Qianqian had never had any dealings with the monkey tribe, let alone qualifications, and had never even entered the door, so how could this not make Han Qianqian’s heart ripple?

What the hell …… was going on here?


Suddenly, just at that moment, a violent explosion behind him directly pulled Han Qianqian back to reality.

The huge explosion carried a huge shock, even Han Qianqian himself was startled at this time, and in a daze he found that it was the stone platform that had suddenly exploded.

The entire stone platform had almost shattered to the ground, so much so that it had turned into a pile of rocks at this moment.

Han Qianqian frowned slightly, as if he had found something in this pile of stones.

He hurriedly crouched down, and with a movement of energy in his hand, after sweeping the pile of rocks away completely, he found that at the very bottom of the stone platform, there were still a few large words carved in a vague manner.

“Right and wrong, wrong and right.”

These eight big words hurt Han Qianqian’s head, and he could not really understand what meaning was hidden in them.

However, the words were written on two very obvious pieces of flooring, it seemed, and they seemed to be two doors.

Han Qianqian’s hand lifted, and as Han Qianqian pushed, the two doors were instantly opened, revealing a square entrance about fifty centimetres long and wide, and when he looked inside, the tunnel inside was deep and long.

Han Qianqian quickly dug in, and as the tunnel went down about two metres, it reached the bottom.

Han Qianqian understood that this should be the exit of the cave.

As expected, when Han Qianqian quickened his pace to the end of the tunnel, he saw that wonderful sight again, and a figure was standing in front of him waiting for him ……