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His Destined Path Chapter 3554

The so-called Day God is actually more of a devil.

A supreme evil demon that unites heaven and earth, yin and yang.

All the unjust souls in the jungle are his food, all the energy he sucks up, and all the ingredients for his demonic energy to become even more refined.

It was as if this guy was completely at the root of this jungle, turning everything in it into himself through everything in it.

“Saint Gen himself is also the strongest one in our group of true god souls.”

“No one knows exactly what age he is a True God, but almost everyone who can be named here has found out that he has long existed since they came in.”

“I’ve heard some rumours that he was the first True God to come here, and that he existed in an era that was basically at least as long ago as the time when the Three Great True Gods first opened, which is simply too long ago.”

The earth monster also nodded, “When the Age of the True Gods first opened, the aura was far more abundant than the age we live in, and the natural strength and cultivation of the ancestors at that time were far more powerful than ours.”

“Coupled with the fact that he was the first to be a banker in this jungle of death after his death, his strength …… cannot be said to be above ours ……”

“Rather, we can only say that it is far beyond us by a hundred thousand miles.”

The water monster nodded: “In fact, as you know, the world here often has others fall into it, and when they die and turn into unjust spirits, they too will then report here.”

“This place exists on a system of elimination, which means that any one of the dead souls is qualified to challenge one of the people currently existing in the Sun and Moon Pool.”

The Earth Monster picked up on this, smiling bitterly, “But what is said is actually more of a dead-end cycle.”

The water monster nodded, “That’s right, because most of those who come here are divided into first and last, and those who come after us are naturally the new true gods who fall here and die and turn into souls, so whether in terms of cultivation base or the degree of a*similation and absorption of Yin Qi by the jungle later on, there is a huge difference compared to those who come before us.”

“Unless it is someone with outstanding talent, however, the physical body is dead, and this thing of talent, will it exist again?”

Hearing these words, Han Qianqian nodded, it seemed like there were rules, but in reality there was a huge dead cycle that would always exist here again.

Once you entered it, you were completely trapped by the cycle, and the rules were more like some kind of painted pie.

Han Qianqian could understand this kind of thing, after all, the people on Earth probably had the most say in this kind of thing.

“Of course, in all these long years, for various reasons, there are still people who want to challenge in the rules and rise to their places.”

“We’ve all been challenged before.”

Han Qianqian let out a bitter smile, “But the position of Sun God is one that no one dares to challenge, right?”

The two monsters nodded with great certainty at the same time, “The Day God once let it be known that he would even accept everyone attacking him at the same time, and that he would not be blamed even if we failed.”

The earth monster laughed bitterly and said, “To be honest, this is very tempting, and, as we are all true gods, such words are too full of provocation and disdain.”

“So, you all joined forces and fought him?” Han Qianqian asked.

In this place where Yin Qi converged, everyone was filled with resentment, and was itself like dynamite, easily set off at the slightest point. Faced with such a defiant provocation, Han Qianqian felt that even someone as composed as himself would inevitably take on him in a pair with such provocation and without having to bear any consequences.

Both of them nodded.

There was no need to ask for the result, for it was obvious that if they had won, the pattern would have changed by now, so there could only be one outcome for them.

A loss.

However, Han Qianqian was also very clear that what he wanted to hear, or what they were talking about, was definitely not as simple as a result.

What they needed was the process.

Han Qianqian looked at the two monsters with bewildered eyes, while the two monsters also looked different at that moment, as if they were thinking about something.

“If there wasn’t a bet between us, even if you beat me to death, I really wouldn’t want to be mentioning this matter.”

“However, since there is a bet between us, then I will have something to say.”

The words fell, and the water monster looked slightly overhead and murmured openly ……