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His Destined Path Chapter 3571

“No way?”

Although Han Qianqian said this with his mouth, his body was unusually honest as he sat in place.

After that, he quickly dispelled his doubts, placed his hands in front of his knees, squeezed his fingers, and the jade light of his whole body began to appear around him with the colourful light.

Half an hour pa*sed in a flash, and Han Qianqian was still sitting there, unmoving.

However, the light on his body had already become extremely strong under his meditation.

The light was so strong that it almost lit up the tens of metres around him. Although there was still endless darkness beneath the light, at least Han Qianqian’s light had a place where it belonged at the moment.

Han Qianqian still closed his eyes, his expression indifferent, and put his whole body and soul into his self-induced cultivation.

Another half an hour pa*sed ……

Han Qianqian is still sitting there, and the light on his body is still very bright, but compared to the upsurge just now, it now tends to be more calm and stable.


Han Qianqian suddenly opened his eyes, and then the whole person also let out a long breath.

“Do you think you won’t sell meat without Zhang Fei? That the world won’t turn without you, God of the Sun? You also overestimate yourself too much.”

Han Qianqian finished laughing coldly and suddenly raised his eyes and said disdainfully, “Living in your own world, hypocritically comparing yourself to a god and thinking you’re really a god?”

“In the eyes of others, your behaviour is just like that of an idiot, disgusting and perverted.”

As the words fell, Han Sanqian suddenly gritted his teeth and his face froze, “Give me a break!”

With a loud and furious shout, Han Sanqian’s body exploded with a strange light!


The strange light exploded, various colours of strange light burst in all directions.

At this moment, Han San Qian was like the sun, his own huge explosion, burning endless light.

Wow, wow, wow!

Almost at the same time, Han Qianqian’s body was frantically and rapidly shifting in the darkness.

The speed was so fast that one could almost be dumbfounded.

However, Han Qianqian still just opened his eyes and looked on quietly, supporting the light of his explosion.


After moving quickly and frantically in various bizarre lines in the midst of the vast darkness, Han Qianqian’s body suddenly came to a halt.

And almost at the same time, a faint smile appeared on the corner of Han Qianqian’s mouth.

That’s right, Han Qianqian hadn’t moved his body from beginning to end, the only thing he had done was to use the true energy he had gathered for an entire hour to perform an explosion of his own light.

Something, some force was moving with him.

And, if Han Qianqian hadn’t guessed wrong, the place this mysterious power was taking him to was the very place where the formation was broken, the Yang Eye.

The Realm of Darkness, Han Qianqian had been exceptionally confused about what kind of a space this was.

He had even thought about whether it was an underground world.

But even the underground world could not be so big.

So this result could only be ruled out, and there were not many options left, so after thinking about it, it could only be an illusionary realm.

Using this, Han Qianqian began to think about what kind of illusion it was.

Soon, in connection with the disappearance of the various energies he had sent out, plus the fact that he had opened the golden gossip to enter it, Han Qianqian had an incredibly bold guess.

Here, at least, should be an environment similar to that in the Bagua, or rather, he had jumped into the world of the Bagua.

If that was the case, then it was clear that he was on the Yin side at the moment.

Yin to darkness, to darkness.

If one wants to break the pattern, what one needs to do is to find the yang side of the yin side of the eight trigrams.

Therefore, Han Qianqian deliberately released a huge light on himself in order to form the Yang Eye.

Once the Yang Eye is fully formed, with the momentum of the Eight Trigrams, it will inevitably take care of the balance between Yin and Yang, and push itself to the only position that has Yang within the Yin side.

This is also known as the Yang Eye.

Sure enough, as soon as Han Qianqian stopped at this position, the light on Han Qianqian’s body suddenly became even more dazzling until, for a moment, the light spread throughout the entire world, blinding Han Qianqian completely.

Then the white blanket dissipated and Han Qianqian slowly reopened his eyes ……