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His Destined Path Chapter 3573

Although Han Qianqian’s face was still full of disdain, his eyes were full of determination and vigilance.

He knew that his plan had succeeded, but that did not mean that he had succeeded either.

The resentment of a grieving spirit was so strong that it could easily ignite the fire in the heart of the opponent once it was provoked.

But how could a Sun God in a state of rage be an ordinary person?

Han Qianqian had to be extremely careful.


Suddenly, and just at that moment, the distorted space suddenly shook.

The next second, the entire world changed completely in one go.

There was a white blanket overhead and darkness beneath the feet.

And what was clear was that the white blanket was the breath of the Yang side, while the darkness was the Qi of the Yin side.

What one was in was actually a world of eight trigrams.

Before Han Qianqian could get used to it, the golden qi mixed in with the white blanket was already rapidly weaving towards the east, and then coalesced into one.

The golden aura was so big that when he looked at it, he realised that it was like the sun, standing in the east and hanging high in the sky.

Before Han Qianqian could take a look at it, there was already a sound on his body.

When he looked down, he saw that the clothes on his body had begun to dry out and slowly turn into carbon, as if they were about to burn up at any moment.

The palms of his hands, which were not protected by his clothes, had an unusually severe burning sensation.

Without time to think about it, Han Qianqian hurriedly put his hands together and put the energy directly on his body for protection, which could barely support the burning of the “blazing sun”.

However, even so, Han Qianqian could clearly feel the abnormal sweltering heat.

“Young man, you can’t stand it anymore? I haven’t even given my strength yet.”

In the sky, when he saw Han Qianqian’s face look difficult, a cold laugh had come from him.

“You want to be so vulnerable like this, don’t you think what you just said was extremely ironic? Oh, I haven’t even shown up yet.”

Han Qianqian could not bear the pain, his body had already lost its transparency, and the intense heat made him feel dizzy.

As expected of the strongest being in this jungle, Han Qianqian knew deep down that this guy really hadn’t used his full strength, but Han Qianqian had really felt his terrifying power.

“What, too stuffy trapped in your broken egg? You can’t speak anymore, let me help you out.”

The words fell, suddenly, a burst of golden light like the wind directly towards Han Qianqian lunged, Han Qianqian subconsciously wanted to luck a block, but the next second the body is completely uncontrollable directly a lift, a flight ……


A few dozen meters away, Han Qianqian’s body hit the ground heavily, along with the body shield also disintegrated in an instant.


Before he could even cry out in pain about the internal injuries caused by the severe fall, the heat from the ground alone had already caused Han Qianqian to scream in agony.

The black colour itself was hot, and with the super high temperature at this moment, Han Qianqian instantly touched the ground as if it was on a firestone of several thousand degrees.

Not only were his clothes instantly reduced to nothing, but his own skin was also apparently burnt and split open, the blood instantly melted and the tender red flesh inside was completely blackened.

However, this alone was not enough to make Han Qianqian cry out in pain.

What really annoyed Han Qianqian the most was the light of the blazing sun above his head.

It was as if he was in a blazing fire, and his skin was almost instantly peeled off, making Han Qianqian look like a monkey whose hair had been burned by fire.

Just by looking at it, one can’t help but feel one’s scalp tingling.

Not caring so much, the only thing Han Qianqian could do at this moment was to stand up quickly, reduce the area baked by the ground and at the same time, put up his energy shield to defend again.

As Han Qianqian moved, blood gushed out of his mouth like money.

Si Luke

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

However, at this time, Han Qianqian no longer had the effort to care about this, he knew that if he had not armed himself in time, then it was certain that this blazing sun and ground would have killed him in less than ten seconds.

“Tsk tsk, wasn’t he still talking to me like a human being? Why are you in such a mess now?”

“It’s just an appetizer, my little friend, the real fun begins now.”

A sardonic laugh and something even more terrifying happened ……