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His Destined Path Chapter 3575

“What? ”

When he saw the eight circles of light light up in the sky, even Han Qianqian at this moment could not help but feel a chill down his back.

This one was enough to instantly break his defenses, and these two were even more so that he needed to even use the aura of the Seventh Age Spirit Monkey he had just obtained.

If this were to be added to one more. Han Qianqian might even be instantly annihilated, not to mention that there were a whole lot more than six more in one go.

How could this be done?

Han Qianqian was completely dumbfounded.

The difference in strength between the two men seemed too great, and as far as the God of the Sun was concerned, I was afraid that he was just a little walking doll. He could make himself stagger and fall to the ground!

Was he really going to die here?

“No. I will not! ”

“I want to go back, I want to go back, I still have to see Han Nian grow up, I still have to spend the rest of my life with Su Yingxia, I will never give in. ”

“If this king of hell wants me to die, I will smash his hell, if this god wants my life, I will stab this thief heaven. ”

“I will fight with you. ”

With a roar, Han Qianqian’s next action simply stunned the guy.

“You kid is f*cking sick? You actually …… have the audacity to remove your energy shield at this time? Are you sick of you not dying fast enough? ”

This move, there is no way to call it a strange move, but only a stupid one.

Under the sunlight, not to mention how strong the wave of light formed by the two circles of light was at this moment. Just one circle of light could have left Han Qianqian’s body intact in just a few seconds.

But this guy, now he dares to do the opposite. Wasn’t this a case of not dying early enough?

“If I want to die, does the King of Hell dare to accept it? ” Han Qianqian smiled coldly.

Under the waves of light, Han Qianqian was already “sweating” like rain.

But this sweat was obviously not sweat. Instead, it was the fine skin and tender flesh that Han Qianqian had just grown under the restoration of the Five Elements Divine Stone.

At this moment, they were mixed with Han Qianqian’s blood, like some kind of mud. They were constantly flowing down Han Qianqian’s body.

I am afraid that no one in this world knew better than Han Qianqian how painful this was.

It was almost no different from dropping a whole person into high strength acid.

Han Qianqian did not show any pain at all, his eyes only looked at the two circles of light in the sky with extraordinary determination.

His hands rose. Slightly wide open, between his hands, heavenly fire reappeared and the moon wheel came out.

Heavenly fire turns into a bow. The moon wheel condenses the string!

With a single movement of the hand, a divine light of jade energy wrapped around the five lights of each colour became an arrow directly!

Immediately afterwards. Han Qianqian bent down and drew his bow to full strength. It was pointed eight times in the sky.

Seeing Han Qianqian do so, the guy at this moment finally understood what Han Qianqian was up to.

“You madman, actually giving up on defense and directly trying to attack me? ”

That’s right, instead of pa*sively defending, it was better to take the initiative.

If the sun doesn’t set. Han Qianqian would always be madly pressured, then it would be better to completely let go and have a good fight with him.

“You’re really naive, you can’t even defend against it. How dare you attempt to attack? ”

“I’ll have your life! ”

With those words, the eight circles of light almost instantly released eight waves of light directly, and after forming a row, they came crashing down on them like a mountain!

Even though it was still quite some distance away, at this moment, Han Qianqian could clearly feel its incomparable power, and the flesh on his body even began to turn into thin mud. The flesh on his body even began to turn into mud, and it kept falling off his body.

“In ancient times, there was Hou Yi shooting the sun, today, there is me, Han Qianqian, retracing the old path, paying tribute to my ancestors! ”

“Arise! ”

The bow was drawn full on full. It was even close to becoming one because of the distortion.

“Break! ”

“Brush! ”

The arrow of divine light was instantly launched, and the Heavenly Flame Moon Wheel also completed its task with each other. It directly wrapped around the arrow of divine light and accelerated and charged.


The wave of light over the arrow struck Han Qianqian. The arrow broke the wave of light and also violently attacked the eight circles of light in the sky ……