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His Destined Path Chapter 3591

This scene clearly caused the Day God, who was in the darkness and was sneering, to be completely dumbfounded and then frozen.

What was going on here?!

This guy was actually not blown away by his own nether wind?!

This …… is absolutely impossible!

This is not bullsh*t?

No one could know better than him how powerful his own Yin Wind was, especially when facing a weak chicken like Han Qianqian.

But this fact is really another ……

He was dumbfounded as a whole, and in fact, how could Han Qianqian be any different?

He also did not think that it would be like this ah, he also did not think that the Yin Wind Week blew to his own body, but …… but really just like a Yin Wind blowing through only thus no other ah.

The two people stared at each other, and for a while they didn’t know what was happening here.

The wind is blowing correctly!

It is difficult to be a dud? I

“Holy sh*t!”

Cursing out loud, the Day God was obviously quite depressed and annoyed, having a situation like this couldn’t be said to be without shame. So, all he could do now was to lay down a stronger wind that was also larger in area.

To reclaim the scene.


The wind pa*sed again.

Whew ……

But the wind left again.

It blew past Han Qianqian’s body, not taking away a trace of dust, let alone even a single hair of Han Qianqian.

“I go!”

The god of the sun was a little frantic, and his two eyes were staring like bulls’ eyes in the darkness.

What the hell kind of operation is this?

The gale was actually ineffective again!!!

Is this a game?!

His whole body was numb, this time he deliberately increased the area and power, while sending out before also specifically aimed at Han Qianqian, its purpose was to worry that the situation of Fang just appeared again, put half a day directly put a lonely past.

But even so, he actually f*cking still gave a blank shot.

What the hell is going on here?!

In contrast to his depression and gang, at this time, Han Qianqian had already turned from shock to a kind of elation, and he seemed to be starting to understand exactly what had happened.

Although, it all felt extremely unbelievable to think about, it seemed ……

This was the truth and essence of the matter.

“His grandmother, is it really going to be heaven helping me?”

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian was quite excited, and in the next second, he suddenly turned his eyebrows into a joyful one, turning defense into attack, and then he punched directly towards the place where the gloomy wind was blowing.

Immediately afterwards, there was another punch after another.

He blasted away happily, and although it seemed like he was punching the air, in reality it was more like he was forcing something out of the darkness.

Of course, only Han Qianqian himself knew what he was really doing with these things.

Or rather, there was another person who also knew what he was doing.

The Sun God.

“f*ck, you still want to attack me?”

The Sun God was furious, and when his hands fiercely came together, several gusts of nether wind condensed directly into the darkness, and without saying a word, they directly wrapped Han Qianqian directly from all sides.

The gusts of wind were so strong that they could not be seen from all sides.

If there were people watching the battle, they would have seen at least a dozen gusts of gusts of wind around Han Qianqian, each of which was like a myriad of sharp blades that were intricately intertwined.

If this wind were to blow on a human body, it is not necessary to say what effect it would have.

But what was strange was that Han Qianqian not only blocked all of these winds, but most importantly, he was unharmed and was still attacking wildly in the darkness.

In the darkness, although Han Qianqian was simply punching without a target, the direction of the wind still betrayed the position of the God of the Sun, so Han Qianqian was able to approach himself in the opposite direction of the wind, and with a flurry of punches, he was actually hit by Han Qianqian, causing the God of the Sun to scream.

“You b*****d boy, obviously Fang was already dying, why …… is he now as f*cking strong as a reckless man who can’t use up all his strength? Don’t you f*cking get tired and your body doesn’t hurt?”

Hearing this, Han Qianqian’s attack remained unabated, but his mouth heatedly smiled, “I’m also very strange, I was obviously in pain just now when I moved, and now not only am I not in pain, but I’m also …… full of vitality.”

The day god frowned, could ……