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His Destined Path Chapter 3593

“What the f*ck kind of monster are you? You …… you …… are fine?”

If it is said that earlier Han Qianqian tried several times but was unable to break the game and almost had a breakdown in his heart, then at this moment the two are completely switched positions.

The heart of Sun Sheng Sheng Yuan began to collapse.

What the hell is going on here?

Why was it that time and time again, this Han Qianqian was like a f*cking old cat, dead and alive, alive and dead again, but in the end he just couldn’t get through?

This motherf*cker had struck with all his might and he was actually unharmed?

You know, in any of the previous fights, he had almost always presented a second kill to Han Qianqian.

Whether it was in the Eight Trigrams or in this netherworld or whatever, it was always the same.

But why now, when he was at full strength, was he f*cking like this instead?

Isn’t that just outrageous?

What the ah this is all oh.

For the first time in his life, at this moment in time, he had a sense of powerlessness, a sense of despair ……

To put it simply, he didn’t know what to do with Han Qianqian.

The black gas was withdrawn as if it had been taken away by a great big man.

The black gas withdrew as if blown by a strong wind, and quickly withdrew to a place several meters away from Han Qianqian, before it stopped again.

But as soon as he stopped, before he could think more, he suddenly frowned, followed by the shocking discovery that there was a slight hollow in the lower right part of his black qi.

He fiercely and suddenly startled, once again running the Yin Qi in his body, his entire body looked at Han Qianqian with disbelief and utter dismay.

“You …… you actually …… actually hurt me?”

This is not possible, this is never possible ah.

Who is he, he is invisible ah, he is a soul body existence ah.

Yes, it’s certainly not an oxymoron, but it has its special features ah.

To hurt him, there might be something corresponding that would be a restraint on him, or simply attacking directly with mana energy, those are all possible.

But to try to injure yourself purely with your physical body, isn’t that bullsh*t?

This stuff is like you’ve seen anyone injure a ghost with their bare hands.

“How the …… hell did you …… do that?”

“I don’t know.” Han Qianqian smiled and shook his head, withdrew his fist, and at this point also looked at it with quite a bit of excitement.

Probably, Han Qianqian himself was surprised when his own fist had become so fierce.

“You don’t know?”

Sheng Yuan looked at him in disbelief, obviously not believing this statement.

It was enough of a rip-off to be able to block him from hurting, but whatever, it could be attributed to his luck.

But if he had injured himself in turn, it would definitely not be explained by luck alone.

But on the contrary, Han Qianqian, the b*****d, still said with an innocent face that he didn’t know.

Wasn’t this a bombing mentality?

“Are you interested in hearing a story?” Han Qianqian suddenly spoke.

“A story?”

It was already f*cking like this, how could he have the heart to listen to Han Qianqian’s bullsh*t story, he was about to explode.

“Perhaps, it will explain your current doubts.” Han Qianqian said.

Upon hearing this, he, who was about to explode with anger, took a long regulated breath, and only after his breath had smoothed out did he nod and say in a cold voice, “What story, tell me.”

Han Qianqian smiled, “Before I came, after sending the ten gods of Moonpool, I had found a cave to rest, as you know, the twin gods of Moonpool are not easy, I had to recuperate my strength.”

“Hmph, it’s a good thing to say that it’s called recuperating, but in reality, you’re busy digesting what you’ve learned from those people.” He said with cold disdain.

Han Qianqian wasn’t angry and nodded, “It’s fine for you to interpret it that way, because, hey, it’s true.”

“And then what? Keep talking.”

“I stayed in that cave for three days, and I was thinking of finishing digesting the stuff, but it turned out that just when I thought I was done early, I suddenly found something on the walls inside the cave.”

“Something? What was it.”

“It seems to be a gongfu!”

“A gongfu?”

He certainly knew very well what the Moon God’s gang had at their base, and even what was in the Moon Pool, he knew better than anyone else.

However, he had never heard of any ghostly caves over there, let alone caves with gongfa inscribed inside. If there were, he had been in charge here for many years, so how could he not have found it?

If this kid wasn’t lying, then this gongfu should have been carved up only recently.

But who else could it be but their own group?

“What I’m beating you with now is this set of gong methods.” Han Qianqian smiled and said softly while.