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His Destined Path Chapter 3605

Nervous, unusually nervous, but with the expectation of having missed it for a long time.

He had waited all night, even …… using this somewhat despicable tactic.

What was it for?

Obviously it was for this moment.

The golden light flashed bigger and bigger, converging more and more, until finally, the entire underground space began to be illuminated by the golden light.

“Warm, peaceful, like bathing under the spring breeze, this golden light ……!”

As the golden light spread all over, as he quietly and peacefully felt all this in front of him, he could feel a completely different kind of comfort from among the divine light.

He could not describe the feeling, yet it seemed that he could appreciate the peace.

It was like being in the presence of a heavenly god and enjoying the adoration of his divine light.

He really felt that the resentment within him had dissipated a lot, and if half of the earlier one was because he admitted that he had lost to himself, then ……

now this half was literally swept away by probation.


The more he felt it with his heart, the stronger this feeling became.

However, what surprised him even more was yet to come.

Or rather, I was afraid that all the tranquillity in front of him was only the peace before the storm.

When the golden body reappeared and slowly wrapped around Han Qianqian, the blood on Han Qianqian’s body began to stop flowing out and slowly returned to the place where it should be.

After that, the wounds also began to heal, and gradually, they returned to the way they had been when he had entered.

Everything, under the golden light, seemed to reveal nothing, yet something seemed to have happened.

The golden light transformed into streams, turning and moving, pa*sing over his body and through his whole body.

After that, everything went back to the beginning again.

Only Han Qianqian’s body was left behind, and a stream of light flashed violently, after which it completely disappeared inside him.

The golden light on his outer body also began to dissipate, and the huge golden body standing above Han Qianqian’s head also began to melt away.

Saint Yuan panicked and tried desperately to lean towards Han Qianqian to get a clear view of the golden body.

But unfortunately, even when the golden body was in full bloom, it was impossible to see his original appearance clearly because the light was too dazzling, let alone at this moment, when the golden light was dispersing and the golden body was smiling.

All he could see was that it was a dignified human face, and then nothing more.

It seemed that it had an unusually magical power that could easily block anyone’s prying eyes, and even though he was there like that, there was just no way for you to get a thorough look at his appearance.

Sheng Yuan tried a few times, but they all ended in failure, and he even tried to rush over and stick as close as he could, only to find his feet nailed dead to the ground.

He simply could not get through.

The golden light dissipated and the entire space returned to darkness once again, while almost simultaneously, his feet seemed to return to normal, and he only needed to make a slight movement to stay close to Han Qianqian’s back.

“This ……” he muttered, appearing extremely incredulous.

“It’s impossible, it’s absolutely impossible.” He shook his head.

He knew that the golden body was deliberately trying to keep himself from seeing his true face, but ……

But who was Saint Yuan?

He was the master here, and with his cultivation level, how could he not even be able to break these …… him of a mere golden body?

He couldn’t help but really want to ask ……

If he D*mn well can’t even do that, then just how outrageously strong would the original owner of this golden body look like.

The fact that he is a wronged soul, without the body of a true god is indeed a great loss of strength and cannot be compared to his original self, but this thing in front of him is only the true body of the original owner.

There is no big difference between the one soul and the other, to a certain extent.

Especially when his own soul has been in such a place, dominating for so many years!

Theoretically, he should have the advantage.

But the truth is ……

He was a True God in life, and the best among True Gods, so perhaps someone might be stronger than him, but it was by no means …… possible that a mere golden body could completely restrain his soul, right?

“Who the hell are you?” He muttered.

Unable to figure it out, unable to think of anyone in this world that could turn a disadvantage into an absolute overwhelming advantage over him, he just couldn’t think of anyone in this world.

However, just as he couldn’t figure it out, suddenly the entire space began to shake wildly and something even more terrifying happened ……