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His Destined Path Chapter 3607

It was just a huge piece of earth, even if it came down with an impact, but it could never have been so powerful as to knock his entire body to the ground.

But the facts …… seem to speak louder than words!


However, the next second, before Sheng Yuan could figure it out, an explosion of light followed him violently!

The moment, as if the sun had descended, the light almost stung people completely can not open their eyes, when he struggled to adapt to the light, slowly open his eyes, only to see the previous fall of earth on the location has been a huge pillar of light from the sky, all the way down to break the giant earth.

The giant earth was bombarded by the light, and the golden light reached Han Qianqian’s body and wrapped him tightly.


Saint Yuan, who had been extremely worried and puzzled a second before, was as shocked as if he had seen a f*cking ghost, and his whole body was completely dumbfounded.

This earth shaking, this sky crumbling, this rock cracking, it turned out that it wasn’t someone messing around, nor was it some super earthquake that had happened here.

Everything, it was the sun in the sky that was at work.

Or rather, the source of everything was Han Qianqian!

After this guy’s golden light dispersed, it was actually just because his body had already pa*sed the difficulty, and in no way was it anything else.

After that, this guy began to successfully complete the Yang Technique of the Two Yi Heavenly Arts, that is to say, Han Qianqian began to suck up Yang energy.

Although in a sense, Han Qianqian’s ability to get through was in Sheng Yuan’s consideration.

After all, even though the situation was critical at that time, this fellow Sheng Yuan must have had confidence in Han Qianqian if he dared to do so.

That was an opponent that he could not even defeat, and to think highly of him was to give him the respect he deserved and not to blaspheme.

And it was just as he had thought it would be.

But there are times when you guess the beginning but not the end.

He did know that Han Qianqian would get through it and master the method of absorbing Yang energy more quickly than a normal beginner.

But what he couldn’t have imagined was that Han Qianqian’s speed was ……

The actual fact is that you can’t get a lot of money from the company.

What the hell has this become?

The Yang Qi appeared directly in the form of pillars of light, drilling into them like they didn’t want money ……

There are obstacles in the middle, they break themselves ……

When they try to resist, they knock themselves away ……

If you know, you can still know that Han Qianqian is sucking in Yang Qi, but if you don’t know, you’ll think that Yang Qi is looking for your father!

“Evil his f*cking door!” Sheng Yuan cursed out in depression.

When he was cultivating, he used his gongfu to stimulate his meridians and try to absorb yang energy from the outside world by all means.

It was like milking a cow, drop after drop.

After years and months of accumulation, it finally becomes a big deal.

But Han Qianqian this …… is just too D*mn outrageous.

It’s all the other way around, the yang energy is actively seeking him out.

The actual fact is that they are not only a good idea, but they are also afraid that he will not like them, so they are coming to him in groups to play.

If you say that he is still very gifted in cultivating this heavenly art, then this kid, Han Qianqian, you can’t find any other adjective other than to describe him as open-minded.


The actual fact is, it’s still the kind of thing that you can directly adjust the value of open hang.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a good idea of what you are doing.

sh*t, after all this time, he was the biggest f*cking clown of all.

“But the only thing that can comfort me is your quick mastery of the Two Rites Heavenly Art.”

“I’d really like to know, with a god-like talent like mine poorly trained for a lifetime and still only able to cultivate to around the third level, how much weight and weight can you guy get to with your opening fierce as a dog.”

Thinking of this, he reared up from the ground, followed by quick steps to walk behind Han Qianqian, followed by transporting his Yang technique, stealing to borrow behind him, and slapped a palm on Han Qianqian’s body, intending to feel a bottom first ……