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His Destined Path Chapter 3609

“Breaking in here?” The Poor Angel of Heaven was stunned, obviously not expecting Su Yingxia’s concern to be this, but after thinking it over, there seemed to be a sense that this was somewhat really redundant: “This Heavenly Book World is far from being as simple as you think.”

“Just because Han Qianqian can enter and exit freely, doesn’t mean that other people can too.”

“So what I mean is that even if someone finds this place, they may not be able to get in, do you understand what I mean?”

Su Yingxia nodded, of course she knew this very well, but, for some reason, she just always had an unexplainable worry, she always felt that something didn’t seem right somewhere.

“Well, just concentrate on your practice, don’t think about what’s wrong all the time. Besides, even if your worries are true, so what? You’re good enough to be on your own at the moment. Over there, there’s still a purple love.”

Hearing this, Su Yingxia looked up at the other side of the room, where she was practising with fervour, and thought that the Poor Man of Heaven was right. Even if they did, how could they get in so easily?

Perhaps, it was really because he was thinking too much.

“Concentrate and continue.”

As the words fell, Su Yingxia violently darted into the sky once again, and everywhere she pa*sed, all the explosions rose up once again in all directions.

If Han Qianqian was by Su Yingxia’s side at this moment, he would have been shocked by Su Yingxia’s strength at this moment.

Along with the explosions, Su Yingxia flew into the sky and then quickly resumed her cultivation in earnest, no matter if the sun was hanging overhead or the moon was high in the sky.

No one could stop her determination to become stronger!

The day pa*sed and the night approached.

In the blink of an eye, the night recedes and the sun rises again, while the explosions fade away and the two figures finally stop.

It was not only the two of them who benefited from this, but also the rest of the Alliance, who slept later than dogs and rose earlier than chickens, and entered into serious cultivation.

After all, if women are doing this, how can most of the men in the group be willing to follow suit?

Although there was no gender difference between women and men, even though the wife of the League Master was of such a high status, she was still practising and forgetting to eat and sleep, so how could they have the courage and confidence not to work hard?

For a while, near the wooden huts and bamboo houses, there were constant cultivation figures, and all kinds of spell books were never stopped, quite like a kind of singing and singing.

While there was a lot of activity on this side, Han Qianqian’s side was quiet as hell.

Another day pa*sed, and for the first time, Sheng Yuan, who had chosen to lie flat, felt a kind of boredom that was beyond words.

However, although this boredom was torturous, it was also equally relaxing.

For many years, he had never rested for even a second for the sake of an obsession, and now, as he was rarely relaxed, there was no need to say much about the comfort in his heart.


A long breath broke the silence, and immediately afterwards, Han Qianqian slowly opened his eyes.

“How is it?”

Seeing Han Qianqian awake, a bored Sheng Yuan got up and walked to Han Qianqian’s side with a smile.

“I can’t tell you how I feel, I feel as if my body is hard but comfortable, is it a little hard for you to understand when I say this? But …… but I’m just so conflicted right now.” Han Qianqian looked at him slightly excitedly and said.

Sheng Yuan smiled bitterly, “Although it is said that teaching the disciple to starve the master, but the master is after all the one who taught you, you are now practicing what I will, do you think I can understand this feeling you are having right now?”

Hearing this, Han Qianqian scratched his head with some embarra*sment, after practicing for two whole days and nights, he had forgotten about this in his excitement.

“But then, I don’t have the same feeling as you.” Just when Han Qianqian thought he had figured it out, Sheng Yuan smiled lightly again and said something that directly confused Han Qianqian.

What do you mean, both understand and don’t have the same feeling as myself, is it possible that I’m practicing wrong?

“You feel comfortable because you have perfectly harmonized the yin and yang qi, this yin and yang is in great harmony, naturally you will also have everything in great harmony.” Sheng Yuan laughed.

“Then if that’s the case, why am I having a hard time?” Han Qianqian wondered ……