Creation Gate Chapter 1530(Finale)

Zi Xiao didn’t care about the tone of the Five Elements Saint Lord and still said flatly, “Neither of the two Daoists is wrong ……” Hearing these words, Ning Cheng’s heart sank even further, this was indeed Violet Xiao’s world. Then he had countless doubts, if it was really Violet Xiao’s world, why was Violet … Read more

Creation Gate Chapter 1529

Ning Cheng? When Ye Mo’s purple winging cut through the surrounding Dao Rhythm of Creation, he saw that it was Ning Cheng who was competing with him for the Gate of Creation. The reason why he looked at Ning Cheng in a different light, apart from the fact that Ning Cheng had a clear grudge … Read more

Creation Gate Chapter 1528

At the same time as Underworld Heavenly Father’s Karma Fire Red Lotus was shot down by Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng’s Billion Gun Wave also collided with the Shura Flag. A violent void explosion roared continuously as Ning Cheng’s gun waves were blocked by the Shura Banner, with only a very few gun intents escaping to … Read more

Creation Gate Chapter 1527

Even though he hadn’t seen Cang Wei for many years, he recognized him as soon as he arrived. Ning Cheng had previously heard that Cang Wei had been forced to flee into the Western Universe by Zhu Sakura and was eventually trapped by Qu Bodhisattva Saint Buddha with the Nine Ruins Heavenly Cymbal, and had … Read more

Creation Gate Chapter 1526

Not only was Ning Cheng shocked, Ye Mo was just as shocked. He looked at all those powerful people who had left their worlds open and brought countless cannon fodder to compete for the Gate of Creation, and inexplicably felt some loss in his heart. What he was lost about was not that his own … Read more