His Destined Path Chapter 6423

The head envoy let out a bitter laugh and said, “Although all along, I’ve always been very upset with your branch halls, and even whenever there’s any excuse or reason, I’ll take it out to question you as well.” “However, this time, there is indeed no way out, Hall Master Xu, I know that you … Read more

His Destined Path Chapter 6422

“What, Yin Power?” Hearing this statement, not only Xu Long, but everyone at the scene was directly stunned at the first moment. In other words, it wasn’t a collapse at all, and it wasn’t a volcano about to erupt at all, the fact of the matter was, the power here had been completely detonated. This … Read more

His Destined Path Chapter 6421

Collapse! This was everyone’s first reflection. After all, this place was deep underground, and the shockwaves brought about after the four beast souls exploded could indeed cause the underground space to collapse. “It’s unlikely.”The Fourth Elder firmly shook his head, “If these explosions are enough to cause a collapse here, then how come we can … Read more

His Destined Path Chapter 6420

“Then let’s listen to the fate of heaven and look at the personnel.”The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books said. He knew very well that such a huge explosion was clearly no longer something that could be controlled by any human being, and even if the land-sweeping old man’s arrangements were elaborate, uncontrollable factors would always be … Read more

His Destined Path Chapter 6419

With such a layer of reminder, the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books carefully and earnestly took stock of the situation again, and all of a sudden, he seemed to have found the problem. “The power of these black-clothed people actually comes from the underground, which can be seen by virtue of the fact that just now … Read more