No Matter What Chapter 1357(Finale)

Void Muren closed his eyes in despair, he knew that even if he had heavenly cultivation, he was bound to die today. At this moment, he had some regrets, he shouldn’t have messed with Di Jiu. Di Jiu could even construct this kind of new rule universe that could be advanced, how simple could it … Read more

No Matter What Chapter 1356

Voidmuren had travelled extensively, and had even walked in the chaos for a time that no one could match. Under the operation of the Great Dao, when he sensed that the rule’s intense poison was instead spreading rapidly along with his Dao Rhythm, he immediately knew that this poison was definitely not something that he … Read more

No Matter What Chapter 1355

“Boom!” King Jiang Qian’s body fell down from the void, and it was clear that his recluse technique was simply a joke under Di Jiu’s trap formation. When Di Jiu saw Jiang Qianwang vanish, he immediately knew it was bad. As expected, when Void Muren saw that Jiang Qianwang was blocked by the Trapping Formation, … Read more

No Matter What Chapter 1354

Handing Jiang Qianwang over to Fang Jiuzhong, Di Jiu looked towards Voidmuren, and he immediately noticed something strange about Voidmuren, who at the moment had his eyes closed. What’s going on with this guy? Di Jiu had just thought of this, when the aura around Xu Muren suddenly skyrocketed, Di Jiu was shocked, and without … Read more

No Matter What Chapter 1353

Di Jiu clasped his fists at Release Jiu Chong, “Thank you, Fellow Daoist Release.” If it wasn’t for Release Jiuzhong, he definitely wouldn’t have found Jiang Qianwang so quickly. “Master Tai, I’m already at the fifth step.” Lightning excitedly rushed up and called out. Di Jiu had long seen that Lightning was the fifth step, … Read more