Rise to Defeat Chapter 740

“Master, don’t bring it like that, senior sister is very fierce, what if she comes down to beat me? I’m no match for her, she’s now at the third level of Heaven Grade cultivation!” Yang Le Jia’s bitter face was crying and laughing. Although that feeling just now, was really good, however, if she came … Read more

Rise to Defeat Chapter 739

Wind Decision Sect that mountain top of the ancient bell, in general, even if it is a year or two years are very difficult to ring once, the ancient bell a ring, certainly has a big event. Even, there may be a big event that concerns whether the clan will perish or not, otherwise, that … Read more

Rise to Defeat Chapter 738

“Go to hell!” That eighth elder, a hint of hesitation flashed in his eyes, and with a wave of his hand, a huge sword dragon actually appeared. The sword dragon looked like it was estimated to be several hundred feet, giving off an incomparably terrifying feeling, causing quite a few of the Earth Sect’s disciples … Read more

Rise to Defeat Chapter 737

“Swoosh!” With a flash of the two residual shadows, they went straight to the outside of Sky City. Not long after, they had already appeared above the sky outside the Earth Sect, and then looked down at those houses below. “Not good, it’s coming, it’s coming!” Some of the disciples who were walking outside immediately … Read more

Rise to Defeat Chapter 736

The Eighth Elder nodded, “Yes, in the end, who killed them, ask them about the Hong family, and it should be clear, after all, this curse power, can only sense where the other party’s approximate location is, right now, it can still sense that the other party is in the vicinity of this City of … Read more