Tycoon Spurt Chapter 460

In order to avoid overturning the car and becoming a “car accident scene”. Wu Jun got up and went to the balcony to make a phone call. Tian Qiongfang, who was far away from Benzene, was a bit surprised when she received Wu Jun’s phone call. She was about to call Wu Jun, but Wu … Read more

Tycoon Spurt Chapter 459

Last year, Wu Jun also went to Xu Minli’s house to rub a few meals. This year has already passed most of the year. Until now, Wu Jun really hasn’t logged on to Big Sister Xu’s house, and he doesn’t blame her for complaining. For Xu Minli, Wu Jun has always treated her as a … Read more

Tycoon Spurt Chapter 458

Dong Shanshan gave Wu Jun the science that Lamborghini only has six dealers in China. They are located in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Chengsha, Shimen, this kind of second-tier city is certainly no dealer. If you sell this kind of luxury car in Shimen, you can’t sell several cars in a year, and the dealer … Read more

Tycoon Spurt Chapter 457

Walking out of the Tobacco and Liquor Supermarket. Wu Jun raised his hand and looked at the time, just at five in the afternoon. At this point in time, Junheng Trading Company Limited should be off work. Ruiyang Culture, due to the different nature of the company, has a later closing time. During the day, … Read more

Tycoon Spurt Chapter 456

Wu Jun also remembered that when he was in high school, Li Tong’s family opened a small supermarket in the village. Her mother Zhao Chunrong maintained the supermarket and her father was a big trailer driver. At that time, the condition of Li Tong’s family was good in the class. Zhao Chunrong’s illness shattered the … Read more