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Tycoon Spurt Chapter 735

The porridge in her hand wasn’t very hot anymore. Gao Ya Ling took off a pair of small lamb skin black gloves she was wearing on her hands and inserted a pencil-thick straw into the porridge cup. With a gurgle, she gently sucked in a mouthful. “Hmmm ……,” Gao Ya Ling couldn’t help but jump … Read more

Tycoon Spurt Chapter 734

Gao Yaling’s stomach wasn’t very good, and she especially couldn’t eat hard things. In her daily life, she almost never ate rice, which was difficult to digest. Hongfu Agriculture’s main crop was rice, about which Gao Ya Ling had done her homework before coming. After all, she was invited to participate in the project signing … Read more

Tycoon Spurt Chapter 733

Around eight in the morning. The gates of Hongfu Agriculture were open to admit the four directions. After waiting in the snow for more than half an hour Gao Ya Ling and Assistant Zhao entered the compound along with the crowd. “Everyone, don’t wander around the field area, follow me and listen to my arrangements.” … Read more

Tycoon Spurt Chapter 732

Almost at the same time that Wu Jun and Angel entered the house. Gao Ya Ling and assistant Xiao Zhao came to the village entrance of Xiao Wu Zhuang. Snow is not cold to turn the snow cold, although the snow flurries, the temperature is not too low, about only ten degrees below zero. The … Read more

Tycoon Spurt Chapter 731

Wu Jun and Angel had already unloaded their mechs when they took a shortcut to the village entrance of Xiao Wu Zhuang. With two mechs, Wu Jun recalled back inside the [Resource Tycoon]. After knowing the farmer’s true appearance, Wu Jun always felt strange in his heart. Previously, he took Xiao Hong and them as … Read more