His Destined Path Chapter 6411

Almost the same as the old Dragon King, after these auras appeared, a bright light rose from their dantian and rose all the way up from it, finally being brought out from their open mouths. The two beast souls, individually, were not large, and the light they emitted was not strong either. After the battle, … Read more

His Destined Path Chapter 6410

“Agreed.” “However, it’s still the same as the old Dragon King, delivery first.” “The rest, we’ll take care of it.” Without the slightest hesitation, Birdie said, “Yes.” Seeing that the deal between Birdie and Xu Long had been reached, most of the people revealed smiles, only the strange ox, with an anxious face. Right now, … Read more

His Destined Path Chapter 6409

Xu Long forced himself to hold back the joy in his heart and couldn’t help but ask, “What kind of deal do you want to make with us.” The beast souls were already very good, let alone, the beast souls of this group of divine beasts. Not to mention that he, Xu Long, was a … Read more

His Destined Path Chapter 6408

Almost as soon as the black aura had just enveloped the top of the dragon pearl, the dragon pearl suddenly emitted a dazzling yellow light. Xu Long immediately frowned and glared at the dragon pearl that bloomed with yellow light. “What is that?” After only a moment of puzzlement, Xu Long’s entire body was suddenly … Read more

Rise to Defeat Chapter 730

“It’s still early, if they’re all out of the city, let’s try to wait until they’re out of the city before we make our move, it’s a bit better!” Hong Feng also nodded, “By the looks of it, they shouldn’t all be forces from our City of Heavenly Lawrence, maybe they’re just some scattered cultivators … Read more