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Worth Deserving Chapter 1782

Chapter 1782

After a journey of small talk, the vehicle soon brought them to He Yurou’s residence.

After briefly tidying up the room, Ye Fan went back to his room to rest on the pretext that the journey had been tiring.

“Well, Mr. Chu, you guys should rest first.”

“I have cla*ses this afternoon, so I’ll go back to school first.”

“Just contact me anytime if there’s anything.”

He Yurou said thoughtfully, and then said goodbye to both Ye Fan and Tang Yun.

After He Yurou left, Ye Fan and Tang Yun did not delay any longer, but immediately went back to their respective houses to heal their wounds.

Although in front of He Yurou, Ye Fan looked as if he was breezy.

But in reality, he was also very anxious inside.

Now that the Moon God and Gaia’s situation was unknown, the Chu Sect’s people might find them at some point, so Ye Fan had to recover some strength as soon as possible.

Then, together with Tang Yun, he could break the seal and return to Yanxia to meet up with Yue Yao.

As long as he met up with Yue Yao, Ye Fan would be able to recover quickly from his injuries.

At that time, when Ye Fan was back to his peak, together with Tang Yun and the Moon God, such a lineup would not be feared even if Chu Yuan really came to kill him.

However, perhaps because he was in too much of a hurry, soon after He Yurou left, a surge of true essence ran through Ye Fan’s body, and Ye Fan’s body trembled, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Tang Yun, who heard the commotion, rushed over from the next room “Ye Fan, are you alright?”

Ye Fan smiled, his face a little pale and frightening “I’m fine, I’m just a little anxious.”

Tang Yun’s eyes were full of worry, having personally experienced the previous battle, others did not know Ye Fan’s situation, but Tang Yun was clear.

This man, who had overdrawn his body one after another on Chu Men Mountain and then fled all the way, it was a miracle that he had managed to last until now.

“Let’s do this, Ye Fan, let’s double cultivate.” Worried, Tang Yun immediately said.

When Ye Fan heard this, he immediately looked at the Chu Sect Master in front of him with a somewhat “lewd” gaze.

Being stared at by Ye Fan like this, Tang Yun’s pretty face immediately turned red.

She fiercely pinched Ye Fan on the leg “What time is it that you are still thinking about such lewd things.”

“I mean, we use the Yin Yang Dragon Body to heal our wounds.”

“Under the dual cultivation of the Yin Yang Dragon Body, it has the effect of healing wounds.”

“This way, our efficiency will be much higher.”

Tang Yun angrily snapped.

“Just teasing you a little.”

Ye Fan naturally knew what Tang Yun meant, and looking at her like that just now was just to tease her a little.

Having fun out of suffering had always been an enviable quality of Ye Fan.

After deciding, Tang Yun also got into Ye Fan’s bed, and the two of them sat on their knees, their palms touching, their bodies running the Dragon God Body technique at the same time.

The two forces, one yin and one yang, circulated through their bodies, moistening and blending, slowly repairing the severe injuries in their bodies.

However, for fear of causing unnecessary misunderstandings.

When they noticed that He Yurou had returned home, Tang Yun and Ye Fan immediately withdrew their power, and then both retreated to their own rooms individually.

“Mr. Chu, Miss Yu Yun, come out for dinner.”

He Yurou was also particularly understanding, perhaps knowing that Ye Fan and the others had travelled very hard, and even when they returned, they did not bother Ye Fan, but called them out to come out for dinner after making it.

Ye Fan and the others did not refuse, and after eating a little, they found excuses to go back to their rooms.

In the evening, He Yurou was alone in the living room watching TV.

She wanted to knock on Ye Fan’s door several times, but finally held back.

The few movie tickets she had in her hand were not used in the end.

“Mr. Chu is busy with his day-to-day work, he must be very busy.”

“How can he have time to go to the movies?”

With a vague sense of loss, He Yurou also turned off the television and went back to her bedroom to rest.

Waiting for the middle of the night, the night was late.

Ye Fan quietly went to Tang Yun’s room and continued to use his Dragon God Body to heal and recover.

When it was early morning, while He Yurou was still awake, Ye Fan returned to his room again.

It was only when He Yurou left home to go to cla*s that Ye Fan and the others let out a long sigh of relief.

“Mudd, what’s up, it’s like cheating”

Ye Fan shook his head and laughed bitterly.

Only now did he realise that it was so inconvenient to be a hostage.

“If you can’t talk, don’t talk!”

Tang Yun smiled and gave Ye Fan a fierce glare.

His pretty face was scarlet, and he could not wait to kick Ye Fan off the bed.

This guy, he simply couldn’t spit out elephant teeth from a dog’s mouth.

And cheating?

He was really good at metaphors.

Just like this, the two of them continued their healing for another day.

After a day and a night of cultivation, Tang Yun had recovered nearly half of her strength.

But Ye Fan was so badly injured that even though he had been double-cultivating with Tang Yun, he had only repaired a few cracked tendons and veins in the past one or two days.

For an injury like Ye Fan’s, if he wanted to recover completely, it would undoubtedly be impossible within a short period of time.

However, the healing effect of the Dragon God Body did have an effect as well.

At least, Ye Fan was already moving freely and his physical strength had been restored. However, his dantian was damaged, and nowadays, Ye Fan could hardly mobilise his internal Yuan Power to attack.

However, this was enough for Ye Fan to leave New York City.

Therefore, after this day of healing, Ye Fan said to Tang Yun, “Yun’er, it’s almost time, let’s leave tonight.”

“I must return to Yanxia as soon as possible to find out about the Moon God and Gaia Amen before I plan my next move.”

Granted, the most dangerous place is the safest place.

However, hiding in the middle of this downtown, one or two days might still be able to hide from Chu Yuan.

But after a long time, it would inevitably be exposed, and then there was the possibility of dragging He Yurou down with him.

This was undoubtedly something Ye Fan did not want to see.

However, hearing Ye Fan’s words about returning to Yanxia, Tang Yun, who had only just looked a little chipper, looked dull again.

“Ye Fan, do I really have to go back with you?”

“What’s wrong Rhyme, are you regretting it?” Ye Fan’s heart stuttered and his mood heaved.

Tang Yun shook her head “No. Ye Fan, to have met you is my greatest luck in this life.”

“Before, my world was only about the clan’s glory and humiliation, as plain as water.”

“But ever since I met you, I suddenly realized that the world has instantly become exciting.”

“I really wanted to go with you and wanted to be with you for the rest of my life.”

“But after calming down, I feel like I’m being too selfish.”

“If you take me away, my teacher won’t let you go, and neither will Truman.”

“Besides, my intrusion would set you up for injustice.”

“It should be difficult for you to explain to your wife.”

Anyone, at times, can be impulsive and frivolous.

Just like, that night, Tang Yun.

She didn’t know where she got the courage to actually agree to leave with Ye Fan that night.

At that time, Tang Yun had really thought that as long as she could be with Ye Fan, as long as she could be reunited with her family, she could fear nothing.

No fear of life and death, no fear of the world, no fear of all ties.

However, when all the frivolity and impulsiveness dissipated, the thorns and confusion on the road ahead eventually made Tang Yun unable to see any future for her and Ye Fan.

Fairy tales, after all, are only fairy tales.

There are really too many things in life that you can’t help yourself with.

Tang Yun said slowly, but two lines of tears were already flowing down from the corners of her eyes.

At this moment, Tang Yun no longer had the bravery and madness of that night.

As Ye Fan watched, his heart was also filled with mixed feelings.

Deep inside, it was as if something had cracked open and sour water flowed out.

He gently took the girl in front of his bed into his arms, reached out to wipe away the tears at the corners of her eyes, and smiled forcibly, “Yun’er, don’t think about it nonsense. No one can say what will happen in the future.”

“Ten thousand years, that’s too long.”

“You and I, we’re only fighting for the day and night.”

“As for Mu Orange’s side, I will explain to her.”

“I won’t fail her, but I don’t want to fail you either.”