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Worth Deserving Chapter 1783

Chapter 1783

That evening, after He Yurou returned from school, Ye Fan informed her of his plans to leave tonight.


“Mr. Chu is leaving so soon?”

“Not staying for a few more days?”

“I’ll be on holiday tomorrow, so I can accompany Mr. Chu around.”

He Yurou was full of disappointment and couldn’t stop holding Ye Fan back.

Ye Fan smiled and said, “No, Yurou. These few days are already a lot of trouble for you.”

“Over in Jiangdong, there are still things to do, I have to go back tonight.”

“Can’t you really stay for another day? Just one day, okay? It’s so hard to meet Mr. Chu here, and you have to leave before you can spend time with him?” He Yurou was really full of regret.

She had even made a list of plans to accompany Ye Fan on his excursion tomorrow.

To go to the movies, to have a big meal, to go shopping in Chinatown, to go to Times Square and see the Statue of Liberty.

She had planned everything, but to her surprise, Ye Fan had to leave this evening.

As she watched, the eyes of the little girl, who had just been full of joy, slowly dimmed.

All this, Ye Fan naturally saw in his eyes.

However, right now, he did not have any thoughts of wandering around.

Since he had already decided to rush the barrier tonight, Ye Fan would certainly not change because of He Yurou’s retention.

Seeing that Ye Fan had made up his mind, He Yurou did not persuade him any further.

However, when she thought of leaving this time, she didn’t know when she would see Ye Fan again, so He Yurou felt regretful.

Finally, she gathered her courage and asked Ye Fan once again, “Mr. Chu, before you leave, can you accompany Yurou to see a movie?”

“That,” Ye Fan was slightly stunned.

Obviously, he did not expect He Yurou to make such a request to him.

“That, Yurou, I’m afraid.”

Ye Fan still wanted to refuse.

But Tang Yun, who was at the side, interjected, “Miss He has already said that, so if you refuse again, you’ll be going too far.”

“I,” the corner of Ye Fan’s eyes twitched.

“May I, Mr. Chu?” He Yurou’s pair of hopeful eyes looked over once again.

The words had come to this point, so Ye Fan had no choice but to agree.

In the past two days, He Yurou had helped them a lot, so for the sake of reason, Ye Fan should indeed meet this small request of hers.

Seeing Ye Fan’s agreement, He Yurou was instantly happy.

Before she had finished her meal, she happily went to the bedroom to change her clothes.

“You woman, you have a really big heart?”

“It’s this time of the day, and you’re still making me go watch a movie.” In the living room, Ye Fan shook his head and scolded Tang Yun.

Tang Yun, however, gave Ye Fan a blank stare “Can’t you see that people are about to cry?”

“People like you, I really don’t know how you found a daughter-in-law, you don’t even know how to have a little pity for the jade.”

“Besides, her request is not too much, she just wants to watch a movie with you.”

“If you refuse, I guess this little girl will regret it for the rest of her life.”

Although Tang Yun had once ruled the Chu Clan and was decisive in killing, underneath her hard exterior, how could she not have a gentle and kind heart.

She was also a woman, and she also had a man she liked. Ye Fan did not understand the emotions in He Yurou’s heart, but Tang Yun did.

That was why she had helped Ye Fan agree to He Yurou’s request just now.

Half an hour later, He Yurou, who was dressed in an innocent outfit, left the flat with Ye Fan like this.

Tang Yun did not follow.

She had always been understanding, and as that girl had just one wish, Tang Yun would naturally not bother.

It was the first time she went out alone with Ye Fan, so He Yurou was obviously extraordinarily nervous, her face was red and she was so nervous and formal that she was embarra*sed to say a word along the way.

In the end, it was Ye Fan who found something to talk to her about.

When they arrived at the cinema to watch a movie, it was even more so.

The movie was playing on the screen in front of her, but He Yurou’s mind was not on it at all. Her small hands were clenched together nervously, quietly looking at the man beside her.

It was then that He Yurou realized that Ye Fan’s eyelashes were so long and the side of his face was actually so nice.

How good would it have been if she had met Mr. Chu a little earlier?

I really envied Miss Qiu!

I don’t know if I would have met someone as good as Mr. Chu in the future.

He Yurou spent the whole two hours of the movie thinking.

And Ye Fan, of course, did not watch it either, but sat there, secretly running his gongfu to recuperate and adjust.

This cultivation fiend did not forget to improve his cultivation even when he was watching the movie.

If He Yurou knew about it, he would probably be furious.

The night pa*sed quickly.

After the movie ended, Ye Fan called out to He Yurou to prepare to go back.

The longer the time dragged on, the more worried Ye Fan became about Gaia and the others.

Moreover, his and Tang Yun’s situation would become more and more critical as the time was delayed.

However, what Ye Fan and He Yurou did not expect was that they had just left the cinema when they saw Jack Brown blocking the entrance.

“Yurou, you’re really here?”

“Looks like Alice was right just now, you’re actually fooling around with another man behind my back!”

Jack seemed to have gotten He Yurou’s whereabouts from somewhere, and instantly said in anger.

After saying that, Jack immediately glared at the &bsp&bsp Ye Fan at the side “b*****d boy, the last time we met at the cafe I looked at you, now you dare to covet the woman this young master has taken a fancy to?”

“I think you do not want to live!”

“Today, I’ll put it to you that Yurou is my woman, Jack Brown.”

“If you dare to dig me up and pick up my woman, this young master will break your dog’s legs!”

Jack laughed back in anger and reached out to point at Ye Fan.

“Brat, don’t even ask around, what kind of existence does my Brown family have in New York City?”

“You’re the first one who dares to dig into my corner!”

Jack said in an angry voice, and behind him, the dozen of men holding sticks had surrounded Ye Fan.

It looked like Ye Fan had really angered this rich young master and was ready to teach Ye Fan a lesson.

Seeing this, He Yurou became anxious and hurriedly came over to push Jack aside and blocked Ye Fan “What nonsense are you talking about?”

“I told you a long time ago that I have nothing to do with you, so die your heart out, I’m not going to be your girlfriend.”

“Yurou, I also said that feelings can be cultivated. You’re single and I’m single anyway, so you’ll naturally fall in love with me after we’ve had more contact. Yurou, I am true to you. I know you’ve never been in love, and you’re still a body of ice and purity, so you’re very cautious about relationship matters.”

“But I just like your icy purity.”

“All those girlfriends I had before, they were all second hand, left over from other people playing around with them.”

“But with you, I’m serious.”

“I can make you the mistress of our Brown family if you want.”

Jack Brown pretended to be affectionate and spoke bitterly to He Yurou.

No one knew that within these words of his, several of them were from his heart.

However, for those who were familiar with Jack, one thing was certain.

The young master is a psychological junkie.

He always preys on girls who are emotionally unavailable to him.

And He Yurou is undoubtedly the one Jack Brown has been looking for.

However, when confronted with Jack’s words, He Yurou was not moved at all, and, perhaps out of anger, He Yurou told Jack directly, “Well, if you say so, then I won’t hide it from you.”

“I already have a boyfriend, you don’t stand a chance.”


“You have a boyfriend?”

“No chance?”

“Your hello sister said a few days ago that you were single.”

“Could it be, it’s him?” Jack suddenly glared at Ye Fan, his eyes full of anger and disgust.

He Yurou nodded “Yes, it’s my little brother Fan.”

“We’re already together.”

“And, last night in bed I gave everything I had to Little Brother Fan.”

“So, I’m not the ice-clean He Yurou you like anymore.”

“I’m not good enough for you, so please find someone else, Young Master Jack.”

He Yurou said in a firm voice, not leaving any chance for Jack at all.