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Boss Lady Chapter 163-164

Chapter 163

While the recital was still in progress, she could not let more people see Ying Ziyi.

Ying Luwei didn’t even think about it, even if it meant ruining her recital, it had to end.

Seeing that the staff members were also immersed in Ying Zidian’s music, she broke down and shouted, “I told you to turn off the sound!”

Several staff members ignored her.

Are you kidding? This is Vera Hall’s music.

It would be a blessing if they could hear it.

Ying Luwei was so angry that she was trembling.

Because of her emotional outburst, her spirit was badly shaken and her eyes kept tearing up.

Ying Luwei couldn’t care less, she fished out a pair of scissors from a nearby toolbox.

Then she quickly stepped forward and cut straight at the red and blue threads.

The staff reacted, shocked at her action, and immediately stepped forward to stop her: “Madam!”

“Get lost.” All of Ying Luwei’s pretensions were torn apart, and there was no trace of her usual gentle elegance.

She raised her hand and slapped the staff member in the face: “I told you to get lost!”

Ying Luwei continued to cut the threads when there was a sudden “click” behind her.

It was the sound of photos and videos being taken.

Ying Luwei’s pupils contracted violently and her face turned pale.

What made her inner defences collapse was that she had cut so many lines, but the recital underneath was not affected at all.

“What do you want, old woman?” Jiang Yan had his hands in his trouser pockets and looked at her with a sneer, “Trying to ruin the recital? What are you dreaming of?”

The little brother followed behind him, dutifully videoing.

“Come on, pick her up for me and go to the synagogue.” Jiang Yan clapped his hands together and smiled, “She has to listen even if she doesn’t want to.”


Outside the a*sembly Hall in Shanghai.

A black stretch Lincoln stopped.

The door opened and Jiang Mo Yuan got down from it.

He was still green under the corner of his eyes, obviously having stayed up for several days in a row working overtime again.

The secretary turned his head with a smile as he listened to the enthusiastic applause in the synagogue, “Third Master, it seems Miss Lu Wei’s performance was a success.”

Jiang Mo Yuan nodded his head.

He liked Ying Luwei not only because their families were related by marriage.

He also liked her because she was the only woman in Shanghai who was worthy of him in every way.

Especially the piano.

When he was tired from work, he would go to listen to her play the piano, and he would always be able to relax.

Luckily, work finished early today and he was able to catch the recital.

The secretary followed Jiang Mo Yuan inside and listened to the low, slow sound of the piano and marvelled, “Third Master, Miss Lu Wei’s level has improved again.”

He had never heard such a good piece of music before.

Jiang Mo Yuan’s eyes also twitched and his steps quickened.

The main door was closed, and he entered through the side door.

Just at that moment, the last zither note tumbled down.


It was as if it landed a blow on the heart, an unspeakably powerful charm that made people unable to return to their senses for a long time.

Jiang Moyuan’s gaze instantly stopped and his eyes widened abruptly.

He looked at the figure in front of the golden piano and his heart felt like it had been squeezed by a hand, jerking fiercely.

It was Ying Ziyi!

The secretary at the side was also confused, more in disbelief: “Third Master, how could it be ……”

His voice, was interrupted by the sound of applause that rang out once more.

“Pah pah pah.” Zhuo Lan Han also applauded and stood up, she smiled, “Wonderful, so wonderful, I never thought that in my lifetime I would have the privilege of hearing these three world cla*s difficult masterpieces being played again.”

Perhaps ‘Sun and Moon’ is nothing, after all, several pianists have played it.

But the re-emergence of Holy War and Song of Filippo was enough to send shockwaves throughout the music world.

She would have no regrets in life if she had been able to hear the live versions.

No wonder, even if Vera Hall only left behind three pieces, they are the pinnacle of the history of music on the O Continent in a colourful and indelible way.

Such a performance is said to be unparalleled.

Ying Zidian slowly stood up and nodded her head: “Thank you.”

“Ying Zidian, is it?” Zhuo Lan Han’s gaze was one of undisguised admiration, “At your age, you have reached such a top level, I am ashamed of myself.”

After a pause, she asked kindly, “Do you have an instructor?”

When Ying Luwei was forced in by Jiang Yan’s two minions, she heard these words and suddenly had a bad feeling.

“Well-” Ying Ziji raised her eyebrows, “Little Aunt taught me.”

“What?” Zhuo Lan Han was stunned, but her voice sank, angry, but not at Ying Ziji, “What level is Ying Luwei at that I don’t know? Is she worthy of teaching you too?”

Che Yu had known Zhuo Lan Han for many years, but this was the first time he had seen her so angry.

“Teacher Zhuo, the child is not lying.” He coughed and lowered his voice, “Just now Ying Luwei did say that she had taught this child piano for a year.”

[…… Lu Wei did say she taught him, and it’s also written on Weibo.]

I don’t usually go online, I just simply like Lu Wei and her piano, that’s why I come to her recitals, I’m not sure what happened before, but I don’t want to like her anymore at all.

[But I’m laughing my a*s off, Ying Luwei you say you taught this? Did you get your face stretched when you had a facial? So big?

[Why did those brain-dead fans who said she couldn’t play as well as your main character disappear again? Just one question, does your face hurt?

After Cheo Yu reminded her of this, Zhuo Lan Han remembered.

Her face sank even deeper: “Interesting, too interesting, after all these years, I’ve never heard of this low level and still being able to teach the peak of the level.”

“Dre, don’t be so subtle.” Bart took a microphone and spoke up, “Some of these people, who are rubbish to the core themselves, still think highly of themselves and like to point out others, not realising that they are the ones jumping the shark.”

Ying Lu Wei’s face was white and white, and her body kept trembling.

She could not bear this humiliation at all.

It was still in full view of everyone, so many fans, and Zhong Manhua, and even Jiang Moyuan.

But she had brought this on herself, she had stressed to the others many times that no matter how much she taught them, Ying Zidian would never learn in order to put her foot down.

As a result, today, the invisible slap was slapped right in her face, hard.

“Aren’t you going to play ‘The Sun and the Moon’?” Zhuo Lan Han sat down again, calm and peaceful, she looked at Ying Lu Wei, her tone was unquestionable, “Play it now, let us all see how you teach others.”

Ying Luwei didn’t know how to play, so she couldn’t possibly go up there.

But behind her, Jiang Yan kicked her and sneered, “Still not moving?”

She sat down in front of her piano and put her fingers on it tremblingly.

The notes came out of her hand intermittently, out of tune.

With Ying’s earlier playing as a comparison, the highs and lows were evident.

“Stop playing, stop playing.” Bart couldn’t bear to hear such an insult to Sun and Moon, “You’re playing such rubbish, you’ve lost your face.”


There was an ear-piercing sound coming from the piano, a key was broken.

Ying Lu Wei’s fingers shrank and she couldn’t play any more.

Her face turned red again and cold sweat soaked through her skirt.

Now, everyone knew that Ying Lu Wei had simply cheated them all under the guise of The Sun and the Moon.

“Very good, very good.” Zhuo Lan Han laughed in anger, “You want to use Vera Hall’s popularity to raise your status, let me ask, are you worthy of it?”

Ying Luwei’s lips were trembling, and she couldn’t say a word.

She had planned everything well.

But all this was no better than Ying Ziyi playing three of Vera Hall’s piano pieces straight out of the box.

Even now, Ying Luwei could not believe it.

“Ying Luwei, you have insulted the piano.” Zhuo Lan Han’s gaze was cold, “Go down.”

Ying Luwei stumbled off the stage, dizzy.

It was over, she was completely finished this time.


There were only a hundred thousand people watching the online broadcast, which wasn’t much.

After all, Ying Luwei didn’t have much of a following, and most of her fans were naked.

But that didn’t stop her from being sent into the hot seat.

It still rocketed and quickly took over the hot search list.

By this time, the recital had not yet ended.

#YingLuWei, her persona completely collapsed

#Ying Luwei, her fans have taken off their fans and stepped back.

#Zhuo Lanhan, who publicly denounced Ying Luwei for insulting the piano

#Vera Hall, Ying Zigui

[@TheBestBlastJournalv: A new night, a fresh melon for you all. A netizen pitched in to say that a certain famous and beautiful Chinese pianist had a recital today and said she was going to play “The Sun and the Moon”, but naturally she didn’t.

But the funny thing is, this beautiful pianist taught her pupil to play it, and then, she did this].

A video is attached below.

What is shown in the video is none other than Ying Luwei with scissors, frantically cutting the wires of the stereo and other equipment.


Chapter 164

She was still wearing the same dress she had worn when she played, and her hair and make-up hadn’t changed.

But her features were all twisted together, not at all close to the age-old persona she had created.

There was a lot of traffic on Weibo at night, with many netizens hoofing it over to eat the melon.

Once they saw the hammer-like evidence, they were all stunned.

[What is the operation of cutting wires with scissors? This …… jealous madness???]

[Crap, so scary, female ghost, just this, and still call it a beautiful pianist? What pianist is like that?

[So what if your pupil plays better than you, shouldn’t you feel good about that?

[Upstairs, you don’t know, they’re not actually her apprentice at all, but she had the audacity to say that she taught them, and now she’s flipped.

Soon after, a netizen summarized a paragraph.

[Here’s what happened: Ying Luwei booked sky-high ticket prices for her recital, and gave her own fans the word that she wanted her niece to play.

This niece was exposed several times by her fans, first it was nothing, but then they sent her fans to jail directly.

The fans especially hated her niece, and when they found out that her niece was coming, they were all mocking and telling her niece not to go and make a fool of herself.

But now, it seems that the person who made Ms. Zhuo Lanhan say the words “insulting the piano” was the one who really embarra*sed herself.

[Still watching the online recital, she says that Ying Luwei did not play “Sun and Moon”, but her “pupil” did.

The most important thing is that she played not only “The Sun and the Moon” but also two other pieces by Vera Hall, so I need to be quiet.

The netizens don’t have memories, the internet does.

Another netizen took a screenshot from underneath Ying Luwei’s tweet and put it together and posted it.

Especially the line –

Lu Wei is going to play “Sun and Moon”, are you going to play “Holy War” or “Song of Filippo” or both?

[Laughs, why do Ying Lu Wei’s fans like to get what they ask for? Ask them if their faces are okay.

What’s funny is that this is their master handing out knives to others and then using them to stab their own fans.

[And that’s how they can still be fans?

The twittersphere is getting bigger and bigger, and the fans are the ones involved, so there’s no way they didn’t see it.

What was waiting for them was a smothering blow, and they were all confused.

[@TheBestBreakingNewsJournalv: Another kind pa*serby has sent in a melon, and the breaking news journals continue to share it with you.

This time attached below, is a recording.

“Stop, I’m really convinced by my fans, they’re really retarded, if they weren’t sick to go under Ying’s Weibo, would I have to quit the internet?”

“But it’s sloppy, this group of primary and secondary school students are so brainwashed, they believe it after a little marketing, tsk, it’s really stupid.”

This is Ying Luwei’s voice.

There was also a special identification picture below the recording.

It was this one Weibo post that really triggered the demonetisation frenzy.

Inside the Shanghai City Hall.

Ying Luwei’s manager watched as the #collectivedeflowering trend went straight to the top of the list.

In the super talk, there was even a large number of people who had taken off their fans.

This time, there was no one left.

[I really can’t help crying at night, it’s really too hard, we charge for her and protect her, she treats us fans like fools!

The persona is fake, the piano level is fake, and even her usual concern for us is fake!

[In her eyes we’re just leeks, cutting one crop after another, I couldn’t listen to the recital because I had a cla*s in the evening, I also went and bought ten tickets online, oh, they fed the dogs.

Ying Luwei didn’t know what was happening online.

She fell limp on the piano chair, not even having the strength to stand up.

She saw the famous pianists she had invited, their eyes cold and disgusted.

She also saw her loyal fans, who didn’t even want to look at her when they left the stage.

Ying Lu Wei’s hands and feet were cold, she shivered and looked up sharply at the girl, her eyes were red: “You did it on purpose …… you did it on purpose!”

No wonder, Ying Zidian agreed to her, because she was waiting for her!

Ying Ziji did not give Ying Luwei another look, she took the jacket handed over by Fu Yunshen and walked down.

Then the four waiters carried the golden piano down again.

“Lu Wei ……” the agent walked up, his voice was tired, “This time, it’s completely out of the question.”

He set his phone in front of Ying Luwei’s face and told her to look at Weibo.

[@YingLuWeiv, rubbish, I’m going to sue you for fraud, wait!

[@YingLuWeiV, let’s say I’m blind to have liked such a vicious woman like you.

[@YingLuWeiV, I heard you have hemophilia? A rich and famous woman, cheating students’ money, hope the disease will overcome you soon.

After seeing the Weibo post, Ying Luwei’s eyes widened in death and she shrilled: “What’s this? Quickly! Quickly delete it for me!”

How could there be a recording of such words that she had only said to her manager in private?

“Lu Wei, it’s useless.” The agent shook his head feebly, “Your fans are done taking off and are going to join forces and sue you for fraud.”

He sighed, and his legs were getting weak.

Ying Lu Wei was the number one beauty in Shanghai, with all the powers protecting her, who would have thought that this day would come?

And, still, everything had all exploded out at one point in time.

It was a bit strange.

The agent had a vague feeling that the real thing was yet to come.


Outside the synagogue.

The fans had no face to stay and all left.

“Ying Dad, bully.” Xiu Yu gave a thumbs up, “I originally thought you were just playing a random song, but it turned out that you came straight to three.”

Ying Ziji yawned, “Satisfy them.”

She was indeed playing casually.

A trigonometer doesn’t count himself.

If she had known this day would come, she wouldn’t have written it in the first place.

“Little girl.” Zhuo Lan Han came over from the other side, smiling kindly, “Do you have time for a chat?”

Ying nodded, and before she could speak, a roar rang out.

“Old woman Zhuo!” Sheng Qingtang rushed over, “Don’t you grab someone from me, this is set by our Chinese Calligraphy Artists a*sociation, you are not allowed to touch it.”

“I thought it was someone, it turned out to be you, an old codger.” Zhuo Lan Han swept a glance at him and smiled faintly, “Don’t you forget that it was you who specifically gave me the word earlier that I should remember to come.”

Sheng Qingtang was going to die of anger.

His original intention was only to find someone to back up the little divine doctor, but who knew it would turn out like this?

He had known Zhuo Lan Han for many years and knew clearly that she had always been gentle, but when she got tough, no one could resist.

“No, no, no!” Berger was anxious, “How did this become your calligraphy a*sociation? This is from our Royal Academy of Arts.”

“Bugger off, what’s the matter with you foreigner.” There was another one, and Sheng Qingtang was even more furious, “Don’t you have any in o continent? Robbing us Chinese.”

“So what? Music has no national boundaries.”

Bart was dumbfounded to hear this.

His God.

He finally understood why Berg had dragged him here, daring him to really rob someone?

“A few teachers take it easy.” Fu Yunshen raised his hand, “It’s too late today, there’s a celebration banquet tomorrow, a few teachers can come if they don’t mind, we’ll talk about it then.”

Sheng Qingtang was about to say something, but seeing that Ying Ziji was about to fall asleep, he didn’t say anything else.

“Old codger, you wait.” Berger dropped the words, “I’ll call my other colleagues here.”

Fu Yunshen lifted the girl’s head from his shoulder with one hand, “Yao Yao, let’s go, go home and sleep.”

Ying Ziyi’s eyes were hazy and her voice was soft: “Well, you can put me…”

Fu Yunshen’s eyes fluttered, and when he looked up, his expression was already at ease: “There are too many people.”

Ying Ziji pressed her head.

Not good, having to walk on my own again.

“Walk walk walk.” Master Zhong felt nothing but relief, and looked at the pigs in his eyes, “Tomorrow is my treat.”

“Ziggy!” Only then did Zhong Manhua finally come back to her senses, she panicked for a few moments, “D**key, wait for mum.”

But under the crowd of people, the girl quickly disappeared around the corner.

Not even a single back was left behind.

The regret in Zhong Manhua’s heart intensified, and her heart and lungs still hurt like pins and needles.

She pursed her lips, called her driver and returned to the old Ying family residence.


The next day.

Early in the morning, Zhong Manhua got up from the villa where she was the only owner, her head still in a daze.

The shock of that scene yesterday had been huge for her.

Both Ying Ziyang and Sheng Qingtang were masters within the realm, the kind that could not even be invited if they were not willing to do so themselves.

But now, they had almost come to blows over Ying Zigui.

Zhong Manhua could not calm down at all until the butler knocked on the door with a letter in his hand.

“Madam, someone has sent a letter saying it has something to do with ……” he paused before saying, “Second Miss.”

Zhong Manhua’s spirits lifted, “Bring it.”

The butler froze for a moment before he handed it over.

He had thought that when Madame heard Second Miss’s name, she would not even look at it.

This time how ……

But it was no good for the housekeeper to meddle in his master’s affairs, so he waited by the side.

Zhong Manhua couldn’t wait to open the letter.

She decided that it must be written by one of them, Sheng Qingtang.

In any case, the Ying family was Ying Zidian’s home.

Zhong Manhua took the letterhead out of the envelope and read just one sentence.

[About Miss Ying Luwei stealing Miss Ying Zigui out and throwing her away back then -]