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Boss Lady Chapter 161-162

Chapter 161

The fans sitting in the synagogue, once again, booed.

With Zhuo Lan Han’s connotation, she was also completely unwilling to stay any longer.

She got up with a cold face and was about to walk out, regardless of whether the recital was over or not.

A heavyweight piano master like Zhuo Lan Han was followed by a special camera.

After she made this move, the online live feed was immediately given to her.

[Still not going down, can’t she see that she’s P*ssed off Grandma Zhuo, who was already a top pianist in China in my grandmother’s time].

[Lu Wei was so miserable, she had to invite Grandma Zhuo and the others here, only to be P*ssed off by a country bumpkin who didn’t know anything about piano.

[P*ssed off at me, P*ssed off at me, P*ssed off at me.

But she hadn’t quite left the stage when her footsteps suddenly stopped and she looked towards the stage.

There was a light golden glow coming from behind a crimson curtain, and four waiters in tuxedos, carrying a piano, came up.

Cha Yu had been half asleep, watching occasionally, but in this instant he gave a complete awakening and almost jumped up.

“Oh, my God.” Bart’s eyes were dead wide open, “Berg, pinch me, pinch me.”

It was a rococo style grand piano.

It was gold in colour throughout, but not vulgar, rather dignified and elegant, understated and luxurious.

The piano’s circumference was beautifully carved and painted, and the body was gilded all over with gold leaf.

Every inch of it has been carefully carved out, with smooth lines.

In contrast to this gold piano, Ying Luwei’s piano instantly became an unsightly piece of wood.

Even if few people could recognise this piano, it was impossible for even an amateur not to see that it was worth a fortune.

“It’s a Louis XV!” Bart went mad, “I’ve seen it just once in a museum!”

Louis XV is the name of a piano that was once specially made for the O Continent royal family by Bechstein, the top luxury brand in the piano world.

It took 140 professionals in various fields, including master luthiers, oil painters and sculptors, three years to finally create this piano.

More than three kilograms of gold leaf alone were used.

To this day, it is still the most expensive piano in the world.

The price is in the region of $20 million.

The whole hall was dead silent, and Ying Luwei’s fans could not make any noise.

But the biggest shock was to Ying Luwei herself.

She couldn’t believe it.

Of course Ying Luwei knew the Louis XV, she had visited it when she went to O China.

But how could such an antique piano be lent out so easily?

“Excuse me, please.” A waiter spoke politely to her, “This piano is very expensive, you can’t afford to pay for it if you break it.”

The voice was not loud, but in the silence of the hall, it was loud enough for the people in the first few rows to hear.

In full view of everyone, Ying Luwei’s face was so red that it was about to explode.

Unable to hold back her shame and anger, she retreated to the side, unable to lift her head in embarra*sment, her fingers trembling.

[Ouch, brain-dead people hitting their faces? I don’t even care about your $3 million piano, I have it myself. Do you know how much this piano costs? Oh, you certainly don’t know.]

Then I’ll be merciful and tell you, it’s the world’s number one piano, a Louis XV, $20 million!

But your 3 million dollar piano is only 400,000 in US dollars, what’s the big deal?

These three pop-ups were all sent by Nie Chao alone.

There were eight computers in front of him.

On each computer’s screen was Ying Luwei’s live online concert, so he bought eight tickets.

It wasn’t just Ying Luwei’s fans who watched the live online broadcast, there were also some who had been attracted by the name Vera Hall and were real piano lovers.

The fans have now shut up, these people are happy.

[Well, well, it was a lonely listen up front, I was going to complain about the refund money, it was worth the ticket money to meet Louis XV].

I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard of that player before, but I can smell the scent of tea on her through the screen.

I think the two players are aunts and nephews, so this? I don’t get it.

[Oh, so what if it’s a $20 million piano? So what if someone who doesn’t know how to play the piano is still blind on such an expensive piano, and really thinks she’s Vera Hall? I think she’d better be smart and give this piano to Luvvie.]

Nie Chao was on fire, crackling and tapping words.

[Where’s that internet beggar from? Get away!

The appearance of Louis XV made Zhuo Lan Han sit back in her seat.

She asked for a microphone from the staff and a smile appeared on her face, “This time it’s my honour to see Louis XV, the piano, here.”

After a pause, she spoke in a stern tone, “Anyone else who is making a lot of noise in a moment might as well not sit here.”

These words were a clear rebuke to Ying Luwei’s fans.

The fans shrank back, holding their breath and lowering their voices in mockery.

“Yes oh, such an expensive piano, it’s amazing, but it’s not like she can play it.”

“It would be such a shame to play an Ode to Joy on such an expensive piano.”

Zhong Manhua was sitting right in front of these fans and naturally heard the words.

She clutched her bag, the feeling of regret that had risen earlier being squashed by embarra*sment again.

Not bad.

Ying Zidian didn’t know how to play the piano.

Zhong Manhua’s face turned blue and red, afraid that people around her would recognise her as Ying Zidian’s mother.

She just wanted to get out of here, so that at least she wouldn’t have to endure this embarra*sment.

Master Zhong looked at the golden piano with suspicion: “I didn’t prepare this.”

On the other side, Fu Yunshen’s eyelashes twitched, his expression still lazy.

His long, slender legs folded as he watched the girl take her seat under the matching piano chair.

Well, no matter what, the dress and the golden piano went well together.

Ying Luwei also finally came back from her shock and she quickly calmed down.

The piano was better than hers, but the playing level was that of a schoolboy.

In contrast, she would be even worse off in the end.

Ying Luwei ruffled her hair and smiled elegantly, “Then I’ll leave the rest of the time to you, Little Belt.”

She lifted her skirt and headed offstage.

The manager met her at the bottom: “Go backstage first to fix your make-up, and take a break, you have a few more songs to play later.”

“You won’t be able to play the whole of ‘The Sun and the Moon’, so just a little bit will be enough.”

Ying Luwei just smiled: “Maybe I won’t have time to play it, this great show is about to start.”

“I didn’t think your fake niece would have the means to borrow a Louis XV.” The agent frowned, “Is it possible that she knows members of the y royal family?”

“You’re thinking too much.” Ying Lu Wei was contemptuous, “I can even guess, it was the one from the Fu family who paid a big price to borrow it, what a loser, no wonder the Fu family doesn’t like him.”

The agent pondered for a moment and thought so, so she didn’t ask any more questions and led her to the back stage.

On stage.

Ying Ziji bowed her head and slowly stroked her fingers over the keys of the piano.

It was as if she had met a long-time partner, a perfect match.

Her eyes stared slightly, then, slowly pressed the first note.

It was good, the same feeling as before.

[No, just this???]

[Is she being funny? One tone?]

[No way, you can’t even play Ode to Joy? Shame on you, shame on you.

The fans inside the auditorium wanted to continue booing, but they didn’t dare.

They lowered their heads and started playing with their phones.

But at that moment, a low piano sound rang out in the synagogue, very slow and very slow.

It was like the gurgling of a stream and the gentle breeze swirling over the mountains.

Under the darkness of the night, the moon rose slowly, filling the ground with clear light.

Quiet and peaceful.

This is a prelude.

It’s beautiful, but it doesn’t seem to be any different from a normal piano piece.

But it was such an intro that instantly made all the guests in the VIP seats look up sharply and even hold their breath.

“The Sun and the Moon -” the brilliant light in Zhuo Lan Han’s eyes shone brightly, “The Moon God comes out!”

Inspired by Greek mythology, The Sun and the Moon is about a brother and sister, the god of the sun and the god of the moon.

The Moon God is mysterious and the Sun God is pa*sionate.

Two completely opposite genres that have been very cleverly combined.

As soon as the intro was over, the piano rose to a high pitch.

It was as if ten thousand horses were galloping and thunder was flashing.

The God of the Sun drove on, coming from afar and illuminating the whole world.

Ying’s fingers steeply accelerated, and the piano sounded higher in the next instant.

This is the charm of the sonata.

With its powerful infectious power, it was able to submerge the audience directly into the story portrayed by the sonata.

The silence in the auditorium was extreme, with only the sound of the piano pulsating.

Poor Bart was stunned: “Oh, my God!”

The Sun and the Moon!

Vera Hall’s ‘The Sun and the Moon’!

With his mastery of the piano, he could hear that what Ying was playing was different from the few pianists who had been there.

There were a few places where the tone changed.

But it was these few changes in tone that Bart could feel, and it was the world-famous song “The Sun and the Moon” that was finally perfected.

He sat upright, like a beginner, and began to listen to the girl’s playing.

‘The Sun and the Moon’ was 18 minutes long, but no one could come back to their senses until after the last note had fallen, and everyone was still in a daze.


And at that moment, Ying Ziji moved again.

She pressed another tone.

The second tune, suddenly, rose.

Unlike the prelude to Sun and Moon, the prelude to this one gave a sense of sacredness and grandeur.

Online live, the pop-ups that had been empty for a long time, finally appeared two more.


[This is “Holy War”!!!]


Chapter 162

The person who posted this pop-up wasn’t a fan of Ying Luwei, but one of those piano lovers.

He had come to listen to it with the intention of giving it a try, and he was not short of money for a ticket.

As a result, before he could recover from the huge shock of “Sun and Moon”, he heard “Holy War”!

Jihad, the most sublime of Vera Hall’s three piano pieces.

Day and Moon is a little weaker than Jihad, both in terms of technique and in the intention of the piece.

The Sun and the Moon is the most famous because it has been played by more than ten pianists.

The Holy War, on the other hand, has only been played once so far.

Three years ago, this piano lover happened to be over in O Chau and was able to hear it.

But anyone who has heard “Holy War” will never forget it.

So even if he had only heard such a small part of the prelude, he would be able to recognise it instantly.

At the VIP table, Che Yu’s expression was as stunned as if he had seen a ghost, not caring to be quiet while listening to the recital: “Teacher Zhuo, she she she ……”

Zhuo Lan Han slowly exhaled a mouthful up, his body relaxing down along with the gentle sound of the piano, murmuring, “What a terrible talent.”

The tone of Sun and Moon is completely different from Holy War, even though the intros to both pieces start in the ba*s.

One is at night, when the moon god leaps down a hillside with a hunting bow on his back, light and hazy.

The other is in heaven, where God created all things and angels descend slowly into this world, divine and noble.

Without taking a break, Ying Zigui started playing ‘Holy War’ straight away.

In their place, none of them would have been able to switch quickly in these few seconds.

What’s more, a 22-minute long piano sonata, or a world-famous piece as difficult as “The Sun and the Moon”, was played without even a drop of sweat, and Ying Ziji played it leisurely.

“Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong…”

The sound of the piano flows, from low to high.

A very cheerful section.

Zhuo Lan Han’s expression gradually became more serious.

This was the first time she had seen that a piano player could strip herself of her emotions, completely, from the sound of the piano.

The girl’s brow was so calm, one might even say indifferent.

Her fingers leapt so fast over the keys that stigmata could almost be seen, but her body did not sway with them.

“Knock, knock!”

The quiet, profound sound of the piano suddenly rose a key, as if there were bells in a belfry ringing in unison.

A powerful burst of energy burst from the girl’s body, all of it poured into the sound of the piano, bringing one into a new story again.

God took the holy son Adam up to heaven and the archangel Lucifer refused to kneel.

At his command, the angels rebelled outright against a third of them.

Once the Father and the Son were pitted against each other, and holy war broke out!

“Dang! Knock, knock–”

With another frantic twang, the piano piece soared straight to its climax.

“Hush, brother, cheer up.” Berg shook all but fainted Bart, “Don’t you faint, you do and I’ll have to give you artificial respiration.”

Everyone else in the synagogue was already dumbfounded.

None of Ying Luwei’s fans could say anything.

Their faces were blue and white, and they wanted to leave the auditorium.

Even those who didn’t know anything about the piano could hear who was playing better.


There was no comparison with the three piano pieces by Ying Luwei.

The pop-ups also gradually increased, and those piano lovers went crazy.

[Aaaahhhhhh I’m dying mad! What kind of divine piano music is this? It’s so shocking, I’m losing my mind.]

[I say that Vera Hall is alive, no one will argue with that, right?

I think she’s Vera Hall herself. The court recital at Filippo in the 18th century was just as good, wasn’t it?

Master Zhong was also a bit silly.

He felt that his granddaughter was, indeed, too far beyond his imagination.

Next to him, Xiu Yu explained to him, “Grandpa Zhong, what Ying Dad just played was the ‘Sun and Moon’ that her Little Aunt White Lotus had been talking about playing, and this one, ‘Holy War’, is even more difficult.”

Very good.

Now she said her goddess of music was not Vera Hall anymore, she still fancied their Ying Dad.

By this time the piano had slowed down once more and the story progressed to the point where Archangel Lucifer failed and began his descent into hell.

The heavy sound of the piano, sad, took one’s breath away.

Fu Yunshen folded his hands and propped his chin up, his eyes deep.

After a few seconds, he lifted his eyes and glanced at the top right of the synagogue.

A camera then descended, then pulled closer, giving Ying a close-up of her hand.

Her hands were so fast that they kept falling and bouncing back up, one strong sound coming out explosively.

It shook the eardrums and struck the heart.

“Slap, slap, slap -”

The applause, which had been sluggish for ten minutes, finally rang out in this moment.

Ying Luwei, who had just come out of the backstage to finish her make-up, heard the fierce applause.

She paused in her steps and wondered, “What happened?”

The applause wasn’t even that loud when she finished playing earlier.

The manager thought about it, “Could it be that your fake niece made a fool of herself and was kicked out by Zhuo Lan Han, and your fans are cheering?”

“That’s the only possibility.” Ying Lu Wei’s smile increased, “Come on, let’s go over and watch the fun.”

The distance from the backstage to the auditorium, Ying Luwei walked very fast, just in case she missed the good show.

So when she reached the door, the applause was still there.

Ying Luwei ruffled her hair and looked towards the stage, wondering if she should go up there.

But after looking over, as if she had seen something horrible, her blood flowed backwards in an instant!

Looking at the girl who was playing, Ying Luwei could not believe it.

The smile on her face froze, and her face turned white little by little.

She had never heard of ‘Holy War’, so naturally she didn’t know what the tune was.

But that didn’t stop her from hearing how hard the tune was, how much more shocking and explosive it was than ‘Sun and Moon’.

She only listened to it for so many seconds before her emotions were completely driven by the sound of the zither.

Ying Lu Wei’s body swayed.

What happened?

How could this happen?

She had taught Ying Zidian’s piano herself.

She taught it casually on purpose, she just didn’t want Ying Zidian to know anything about art.

Did you really think the Ying family was so easy to get into?

Returning to the Ying family would be the beginning of a nightmare for her.

But why is she playing better than her?

Ying Luwei can’t even stand up, and her eyes are black.

Her brain was starved of oxygen and her throat was dry.

In her panic, Ying Luwei saw, as if sensing her gaze, the girl lift her head from the golden piano and glance at her.

It was a light, faint glance, without any emotion.

There was no complacency, no mockery.

It was like an emperor who had already reached the top of the world and was looking indifferently at the smallest things.

But with such a glance, Ying Lu Wei was directly crushed.

She shivered and fell straight onto the door, her legs going weak.

No way!

Absolutely not!

This was her recital, how could she let Ying Zidian step on her?

Ying Luwei pushed her manager, who was also stunned, away and ran towards the tuning room.

The manager also reacted violently and rushed after her: “Lu Wei!”


Ying Ziyi withdrew her eyes, but her gaze was still not on the piano.

She was all too familiar with this section, having played it blind all the time.

It was right to say that ‘Holy War’ was musically superior to ‘The Sun and the Moon’.

‘The Sun and the Moon’ was her first piano piece and it wasn’t quite perfect.

Whereas ‘Holy War’ went up in value instantly because of the point it made with the Bible.

Ying Ziji’s eyelashes droop and her fingers brush quickly through the high register, finally landing on a single note.

It represented the end of the piece.

Zhuo Lan Han had already picked up the microphone and was about to speak.

But she was shocked to find that the girl still showed no sign of getting up.

Ying Ziji rolled up her sleeves slightly and her fingers jumped on the keys for the third time.

This time she was not playing a sonata, but a serenade.

This is a lyrical genre.

In just a few moments, the powerful force of the sonata was overpowered by the gentle and lingering nature of the serenade.


Zhuo Lan Han’s eyes shook greatly.

This one, she hadn’t heard before.

[I go!!! And!!! This can’t be the ‘Song of Fei Leng Chui’ that has never been played before, can it?!!!]

[It’s definitely the Song of Fiddlesticks, it’s never been played, but that’s the tone of the Song of Fiddlesticks.]

Bart didn’t get dizzy, and he hurriedly pulled up a minute file from his phone that he had in his collection.

It was a scrappy copy of the score, missing in many places, not simply a few notes.

“It’s The Song of Fiddlesticks! It really is The Song of Fiddlesticks!” Bart went mad, “A mutilated score, and she was able to play it down!”

Apart from Vera Hall, three hundred years have pa*sed and no second pianist has ever played the Song of Filippo down again.

Not because it really just reached the point where it was so difficult that no one could play it, but because the score was so badly mutilated that it couldn’t be mended.

He tried to mend it, too, without success.

And now –

Bart’s mind was left with one thought.

The music world, it’s going to blow up!


The tuning room.

The staff in charge of managing the equipment were also stunned by the recital, and each one was entranced.

None of them had noticed that someone would rush in at this moment.

“Turn off the live broadcast!” Ying Lu Wei was frantic, “Turn it off, turn off all the sound, you hear me?!”