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Boss Lady Chapter 169-170

Chapter 169

There are several types of haemophilia. Ying Luwei has the intermediate type of haemophilia A. It is not as severe and frequent as the heavy type.

It’s not as serious and not as frequent as the heavy type, but occasionally it does bleed.

“Mum, this ……” Ying Luwei looked embarra*sed, “It was like that, and D**ky wouldn’t want to.”

“If you don’t want to, just kidnap her and bring her here.” Old Lady Ying coughed heavily and snapped, “Do you really think the Ying family is doing a good deed by adopting her?!”

The Ying family has many illegitimate sons and daughters and many factions, if it wasn’t profitable, why would they adopt a daughter?

If not, they would have adopted a son, who would have been able to help out in the company when he was older.

In the beginning, Mrs Ying did not want Ying Zhending and Zhong Manhua to adopt a person from a small county.

It was fine to adopt a baby, as the child had no memory anyway.

But how could she raise an almost-adult one?

What happened afterwards really confirmed all this.

“Mum, don’t be angry.” This is what Ying Luwei wanted, and she soothed her softly, “It’s night now, and we can’t find Little D**key, so we should wait until the morning and look for my sister-in-law first.”

“This sister-in-law of yours is really confused.” Mrs Ying’s chest rose and fell with anger, “Is it just an adopted daughter? Why are you so torn?”

“It’s good that Xiao Xuan is still over in O Chau, if she came back and saw another person in the house, wouldn’t she feel bad?”

Elder Ying also had illegitimate children, but none of them managed to make it to the top.

Old Lady Ying hated illegitimate children, not to mention those who were not related by blood.

“Mum, it’s all my fault.” Ying Lu Wei was guilty, “I should have known better than to talk to you, and let you get angry.”

“Mom, it’s fine.” Old Madam Ying pressed her temples as if she remembered something, “Wei’er, that friend of yours hasn’t come to see you recently?”

This was talking about Lu Zhi.

Ying Lu Wei’s smile faltered, “Mom, she’s out of the country recently.”

She would never tell Old Lady Ying that Lu Zhi had broken up with her.

“Ugh.” Old Lady Ying sighed, “This headache of mine really seems to be incurable.”

“Mum, don’t say such discouraging things.” Ying Luwei pouted, “Isn’t there a miracle doctor at Shao Ren Hospital? But this doctor only sees one patient a week, I’m still in the queue, I should be able to get in during the summer holidays.”

“It’s still my daughter who is thoughtful.” Old Lady Ying turned sadness into joy, “You should also go to Moyuan more often and get in touch.”


Outside the sick bay.

“Hey, old man Fu, it seems you really are well.” Master Zhong was waiting for Ying to finish his operation, when he saw Old Master Fu walking towards him, he said, “This walk has got my style, walking like the wind.”

“Get lost.” Master Fu was furious, “Not as tough as you are, right?”

Ever since he was young, Master Zhong had always been at odds with him.

When playing poker, he never let him win either.

And he blamed him for taking away the snacks?

He had taken them away, so what.

“Alas, now that you’re well, I’m relieved.” Master Zhong did not dislike him this time and sighed, “We used to be able to get up in the morning and go play Tai Chi together, but since your illness twenty years ago ……”

At these words, Elder Fu fell silent, “Let’s not mention the past anymore.”

Master Zhong knew that what happened twenty years ago was a taboo for Elder Fu.

He didn’t actually know what had happened, he only remembered that that year, Shanghai City was in turmoil for a whole month.

There were all sorts of strange people coming to Shanghai City, going to the Fu family and leaving again.

But Elder Fu wouldn’t say anything, and even if Elder Zhong was curious, he couldn’t press the issue.

“Yes, we’re getting old too.” Elder Zhong patted Elder Fu’s shoulder, “It’s always time to retire and leave it to the young.”

The two were saying this when a nurse came out of the operating theatre.

Elder Zhong was busy welcoming him, “Nurse, how is it going?”

“The patient’s fracture is not serious and the operation went well.” The nurse said, “Just be sure to rest for the next few days, the little girl is asleep.”

Only then did Elder Zhong breathe a sigh of relief and turned his head to look at Elder Fu again, “Old man Fu, I have to thank your grandson this time, if it wasn’t for him, D**ky might have ……”

Old man Fu coughed a few times, smugly, “My family’s Little Seven is already kind.”

There was one more thing that he didn’t say, saying it for fear that Elder Zhong would roll up his sleeves and fight him.

If he didn’t save his own daughter-in-law, who would he save?

Elder Zhong didn’t know the petty thoughts in Elder Fu’s heart: “I’m going to see your grandson.”


Because things were too big, the two old men didn’t go back, so they shacked up in the ward next to them and slept overnight.

The next day, the First Hospital welcomed another party of people.

When he saw the visitor, Master Fu was really surprised: “He Qing?”

“Yichang?” Seeing Elder Fu, Mu Heqing was also stunned, “You’ve recovered?”

“By a fluke.” Old Master Fu nodded, “The King of Hell didn’t see eye to eye with me and sent me back.”

Master Zhong had never had contact with Mu Heqing, but he wouldn’t have been unaware of him as a person, and greeted him as well, “Old Mr. Mu, what are you?”

He had been in the imperial capital for so long, but he had met the Mu family.

But there were only a handful of Mu family members who had seen Mu Heqing.

Mu Heqing had waited for many medals and was protected by the state.

It would be difficult to meet him.

How could he still come to Shanghai personally?

“I am friends with Xiao Fu and Xiao Ying.” Mu Heqing didn’t have a stance and smiled, “I heard that they had a car accident and came over to take a look.”

Master Fu didn’t react much, but Master Zhong almost pulled his beard off.

Mu Heqing, who was admired by everyone in the Imperial Capital, and his granddaughter were friends?

To be able to say the word “friend”, Mu Heqing was clearly treating Ying Zigui as a person of equal status.

Mu Heqing nodded towards the two old men and walked into the ward.

At this hour, Ying Zidian was still sleeping, so he didn’t disturb her.

Fu Yunshen was awake.

Mu Heqing sat down next to him: “Do you know who did it?”

“Yes, I know.” Fu Yunshen said, “We’ve already gone to arrest them.”

“Leave this to me.” Mu Heqing sneered, “If they dare to touch you and Xiao Ying, they don’t know how many lives they have.”

“Then you can take it easy.” Fu Yunshen raised his eyebrows, “I’m afraid that if you get angry, the whole city of Shanghai will suffer.”

“Brat.” Mu Heqing resisted the urge to slap him on the face, “I still have the points in my heart.”

After a pause, she asked, “How did I hear that you suffered internal injuries because you were saving Xiao Ying? So you only came for Xiao Ying?”

“Mm.” Fu Yunshen was lazy, “We’re not like your old Mu family, with you as a deterrent, no one dares to move.”

“It seems that the Ying family has a restless person.” Mu Heqing frowned, “I thought it was the Fu family at first.”

“This matter is easy to solve.” Fu Yunshen’s peach blossom eyes narrowed, “But there is something that I need a favour from you, Elder Mu.”

Mu Heqing’s expression straightened and said solemnly, “You say.”

“Yoyao’s account is still with the Ying family, and it’s legal for the Ying family to adopt her, so it’s very difficult for her to move out now that she’s not an adult.” Fu Yunshen smiled, “Please help her to break off her relationship with the Ying family legally.”

Mu Heqing knew he shouldn’t be too flamboyant in Shanghai, otherwise it would lead to trouble, so he nodded, “Yes, don’t worry, leave it to me.”


The Winning Family.

Also early in the morning, a middle-aged man was welcomed back to the old mansion.

The butler respectfully opened the door for him, “Master.”

“Zhen Ting.” Zhong Manhua was busy walking up, her eyes still red at the corners, “Zhen Ting, you’re finally back.”

This middle-aged man was the current head of the Ying family, Ying Zhenting.

He is forty-eight years old and still very fit.

It was only under his leadership that the Ying Family was able to overpower the Zhong Family.

“What’s going on?” Ying Zhending frowned, “Manhua, don’t be in a hurry, speak slowly.”

Having been married to Zhong Manhua for so many years, Ying Zhending also knew her nature.

She was strong.

She would never ask for help easily.

This was the first time Zhong Manhua had called him and begged him to come back.

Then something really big must have happened.

Zhong Manhua opened her mouth, “It’s just-”

Before she could finish the rest of her sentence, she was interrupted by Old Lady Ying, who came right after her.

Her cane hit the ground hard: “This is not the time to listen to your nonsense, Wei’er’s haemophilia has struck again, call that adopted daughter and tell her to go to the hospital and get ready.”

At these words, both Zhong Manhua and Ying Zhending were stunned.

Ying Zhending spoke up, “Mom.”

“It’s useless for you to speak up.” Old Madam Ying said, “Do you want to watch your sister die?”

With one sentence, Ying Zhending was speechless.

He also saw how pale and bloodless Ying Luwei’s face was.

Ying Zhending pinched his brow and sighed, “Manhua, make the call.”

Zhong Manhua’s hands were shaking.

On the one hand, she couldn’t contact Ying Zidian at all.

On the other hand, she didn’t want Ying Ziji to give Ying Luwei blood.

But with Old Lady Ying here, there was no way she could tell her what was going on.

If she had a sudden cerebral haemorrhage, she would be a sinner.

Zhong Manhua pursed her lips and didn’t move.

“Manhua?” Ying Zhending frowned again.

He took out his mobile phone, found Ying Ziji’s number and was about to dial it.

The door was kicked open at that moment.

It was a group of men in uniform, all looking cold.

The man at the head of the group looked at Ying Luwei: “Arrest her.”


Chapter 170

With a single word, the four people from the Ying family did not react.

Two men in uniform took one big step forward and held Ying Luwei in place.

They did not show any mercy and were very rough.

Ying Luwei was still waiting for Ying Zhenting to kidnap Ying Zidian and give her blood.

She knew very well that Zhong Manhua did not dare to talk about it in front of Old Lady Ying for her health.

Anyway, she asked for Ying Zidian’s blood first.

Then she would bribe some nurses to make an accident during the blood transfusion.

When Ying Zidian is dead, how can she threaten her about what happened 16 years ago?

Besides, in the minds of Ying Zhenting and Zhong Manhua, there is already a substitute for Ying D**key, a substitute that is a thousand times better than Ying D**key.

Time can erase everything.

But Ying Luwei didn’t expect that she would be the one to be tied up before she could act on her idea.

“What are you doing?” Ying Luwei panicked and struggled desperately, screaming out loud, “Breaking into people’s homes, is that illegal?

The two young men in uniform were tall and strong, so it was impossible for Ying Luwei to break free.

“Behave yourself.” The captain had a cigarette in his mouth and sneered, “Don’t think that just because you’re the daughter of the Ying family, you can get away with it.

Ying Luwei’s heart thumped and she screamed even harder, “What did you say? I don’t understand anything, let go of me!”

The professionals she had found said that the driver would take all the blame for her, she just needed the money to be paid.

Even if someone suspected her, then she would be fine.

Besides, how long had it only been?

Not even twelve hours!

Who was so powerful that they could track her down?

“Let go of my daughter!” Old Lady Ying finally came back to her senses, her blood pressure shot up and she angrily rebuked, “Do you know that this is the Ying family? How dare you be so reckless!”

“Old Lady Ying, right? Since you really care so much about your daughter, then please prepare her for a lawyer.” The captain removed the cigarette from his mouth and spoke coldly, “But this charge of intentional homicide, it’s useless even if you hire a lawyer.”

“Intentional homicide?” The first thing that came to Zhong Manhua’s mind was what happened 16 years ago, and she too became anxious, “Who the hell are you people? What’s going on?”

Ying Zhending frowned and suddenly said, “You are from the One Word Team.”

The One Word Team, originally, was a legitimate law enforcement agency.

But the One Word Team had never been around much, and their only area of activity was the imperial capital.

What exactly had Ying Luwei done that had alerted the One Word Team?

“Oh, you do have eyes.” But the captain didn’t even look at Ying Zhending and waved his hand, “Take it away!”

Two young men in uniform pushed Ying Luwei out of the room, letting her scream and struggle, without any mercy.

The old lady was so angry that her fingers trembled, “You, you have no law!”

Ying Luwei was her daughter, how could she not know how she was like?

She could not even trample an ant to death, not to mention intentional murder.

“By the way, there is also you, Madam Ying -” the captain walked to the door and stopped again, smiling coldly, “Since Madam Ying has made her choice, Miss Zidian will have nothing to do with you in future. ”

Zhong Manhua’s face went white, remembering the phone call she had received yesterday, her lips quivered, “Could it be you guys ……”

“Madam Ying, don’t worry, you choose to hide it, and we will respect your opinion.” The captain finished this sentence and walked away without looking back.

“Ma! Big brother!” Ying Lu Wei was truly panicked and cried out, “Save me! Save me!”

She was dragged away by force.

Old Lady Ying was so angry that she fainted.

Ying Zhending’s face changed and he didn’t even have time to ask Zhong Manhua what had happened, picking up Old Lady Ying, “Take her to the hospital.”


Old Lady Ying had a special ward and a doctor at the First Hospital.

This attack was not life-threatening as Lu Zhi’s tutor had used acupuncture to suppress her headache.

Zhong Manhua was disturbed and saw that there were many people on the other side of the floor whom she had not seen before.

The aura was restrained and they were not dressed like ordinary people.

Zhong Manhua hesitated for a moment, “Is something happening today?”

“You don’t know, do you?” The nurse hung the IV for Old Lady Ying while saying, “There was a car accident over on Textile Street last night, the injured person was the seventh young master of the Fu family, Master Fu was furious and said he would punish the murderer severely.”

“Isn’t there a family in the empire that has a good relationship with Master Fu? This is specifically coming over to offer condolences.”

These things were also known in the gentry circle, and the nurse didn’t hide it.

Zhong Manhua nodded and didn’t ask any more questions.

Since it was a matter for the Fu family, it had nothing to do with her.

She pursed her lips and spoke with difficulty, “Zhen Ting, I called you back because I found out that …… the person who threw our daughter away at that time was Lu Wei.”

Ying Zhending was tucking in the corner of Old Lady Ying’s blanket when he heard this and jerked his head up: “What did you say?”

“Ting Zhen, I know you don’t believe me.” Zhong Manhua’s eyes were red again, “I don’t believe it either, but the evidence is overwhelming.”

Ying Zhenting glanced around first and lowered his voice, “Have you told anyone else about this?”

Zhong Manhua shook his head, “I didn’t know how to solve it, so I didn’t say anything.”

“Don’t say anything out loud yet.” Ying Zhending pressed his temples, “We have to think of a countermeasure.”

Ying Luwei had stolen her own niece and thrown her out, this was undoubtedly a bigger scandal.

It would be best if it could be resolved privately.


Over here, Mu Heqing exited the hospital and got into the Maybach.

“Master, the people have already been brought over.” Mu Cheng said respectfully, “The Seventh Young Master wanted to come over, but I stopped him.”

“Good job stopping it.” Mu Heqing grunted, “Brat, he has never let anyone worry about him since he was young, he used to get a whole lot of injuries every day, causing me, an old man, to have to send him to the ancient medical community.”

Hearing Mu Heqing say this, Mu Cheng was a little curious, but he knew he couldn’t ask.

He turned the steering wheel, started the car, and said one more thing: “By the way, Master, when I came out from Young Master Seven’s side, I saw Miss Ying go over there.”

“Two people who share the same illness.” Mu Heqing sighed, faintly, “Sometimes they are like matches, they will cuddle for warmth.”

Mu Cheng was so confused listening that he simply shut up.

Mu Heqing thought for a moment, “Is that boy from the Nie family coming too?”

“The plane will arrive this afternoon.” Mu Cheng said, “This time the One Word Team is out, and as the chief, it’s impossible for Nie Gongzi not to come.”

The two men were talking about Nie Yi.

“Well, that’s fine.” Mu Heqing nodded, “This kid is so ruthless that the old man is ashamed of himself, with him around, the prisoners are better off alive or dead.”


In the hospital room.

Ying Ziji was holding a bowl of porridge in her right hand and a spoon in the other, feeding Fu Yunshen the medicinal porridge.

Her left arm was fractured, but it was not bone fractured.

Together with her own medicine, it had healed in one night.

Master Fu looked on with a smile on his face, overjoyed.

If he hadn’t known that Ying was not yet of legal marriageable age, he would have moved the Civil Affairs Bureau for them both now.

Look how well matched they are.

Master Fu then regretted it a little.

In the past, because he was in poor health and could leave at any time, he had thought of settling for a girl with a strong mother’s family.

The family that he had decided on had never even met Fu Yunshen before, and had married Fu Yikan, the grandson of the Fu family.

This caused Fu Yunshen to be ridiculed by the gentry in Shanghai for a long time, and until now, he is still making sarcastic remarks about this matter.

Had he known that he could still recover his health, Master Fu would not have fixed such a marriage at all.

Master Zhong was simply distressed: “Ziggy, doesn’t he have hands? You let him drink by himself.”

“Hey, old man Fu, what do you mean?” Old Master Fu was having a good time and was not happy, “How can I say that it was also Little Seven who saved D**key, what’s wrong with feeding him?”

Master Zhong couldn’t refute this comment, he could only hold his breath.

Fu Yunshen couldn’t hold back and laughed.

When he laughed, his shoulders trembled and he stirred the wound.

Ying Ziji raised her eyes.

She put down the bowl, reached out her hand, then pressed on an acupuncture point on his abdomen through his clothes.

“Cough cough cough ……” Fu Yunshen coughed unexpectedly and looked at her lazily, “Little friend, brother remembered to tell you that this man’s waist and abdomen should not be moved around.”

“No, I didn’t move around.” Ying Ziji picked up the bowl again, unhurriedly, “Help you heal.”

Fu Yunshen: “……”


In the eyes of the healer, he and Dudu were actually no different.

Elder Zhong couldn’t look at it anymore and turned around and walked away.

Master Fu also didn’t want to be a light bulb and followed him out.

Elder Zhong sat on a chair outside and took out his phone to read the news.

There was a tweet pushed on the home page.

Master Zhong took out his old-fashioned gla*ses and started reading it.

The id of the tweet was quite familiar to him, he had helped Ying Ziji to post a clarification video at that time.

[@CallMeInvincibleMan: Give everyone what Ying Luwei, the famous Shanghai woman, has done, there are too many things to say, so let’s talk about a few big ones].

There are three pictures posted below, listing the photographic and textual evidence.

The first one is how Ying Luwei found herself a living blood bank with the help of Jiang Moyuan’s school sponsorship project.

The second picture shows how Ying Luwei got someone to hit Ying Zidian with a car, and all the trivial things she did to set her up in the Ying family.

The third, 16 years ago, was when eight-year-old Ying Luwei stole her niece from her home, threw her out on the street and sold her to a trafficker.