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Boss Lady Chapter 171-172

Chapter 171

With a certain hacker’s hacking skills, it was a matter of minutes before he hacked Twitter.

After all, as the leader of the Anonymous hacker alliance, he had also hacked into the systems of Norton University and the Laurent family.

Although he was eventually kicked out, he has always represented the top level of hacking in this world.

So this tweet would appear on the first page of all Weibo users, and it would be hard not to see it.

The three pictures directly shook the whole Weibo.

Even without the title of Shanghai’s number one woman, just the things written in any one of these three pictures had already shattered the netizens’ three outlooks.

The first woman in Shanghai is also called the first woman in Shanghai? Is it really not the number one evil spirit in the underworld?

[No wonder the Jiang family backed out of her marriage. If they marry her, what if they don’t like any of the babies and throw them away?

I thought Ying Luwei was just jealous, that’s why she cut the wires, but she’s been so vicious since she was a child.

[Wait, so Ying Luwei has been trying to get @Ageing Out to death since she was a kid?

[Upstairs, you misunderstood, the picture says Ying Luwei lost her own niece, the car accident killing was the adopted niece, the two are not the same person.

[This …… this when her niece is also really bad enough.]

After a certain hacker took a big bite of bubble noodles, he picked up his phone and sent two messages over.

[Done! But then again, brother, can you not ask me to do this kind of thing in the future? It’s a big deal, right?

Do you know how much it costs for a bounty on nok?

The man who was still nestled in the hospital bed took a look and then typed with one hand.

I’ll send you new flavours of noodles.

I’ll take care of it from now on!

The phone was taken away from his hand just as Fu Yunshen replied.

“Don’t use your phone if you’re not well enough.”

Fu Yun Shen watched as the girl placed his phone on the bedside table next to him, glanced at him again, and then shoved the phone straight into his pocket again.


He leaned back and raised an eyebrow, “No way, little friend, why do I get the feeling that you’re here for revenge?”

He could heal himself from gunshot wounds, and these internal wounds healed quickly.

As soon as he said that, there was a plate of pork liver in front of him.

Ying Ziji was very concise: “It’s for the blood.”

Fu Yunshen coughed, and his peach blossom eyes curved: “It’s alright, I’m good at making blood, Yao Yao, you should save this for-”

The words that followed stalled as he was forced to stuff a piece of pork liver.

“It’s good for the body.” Ying Ziyi slowly and methodically continued to clip it, “You shouldn’t waste it.”

Fu Yunshen: “……”


At least it’s a child who doesn’t even bother to walk who is kind enough to feed him personally, so he has to finish it.

“Mm, yao yao.” After Fu Yunshen finished the last bite of pork liver, his voice slowed down, “I’ll ask Mu Lao to help you move your household registration out of the Ying family and completely break off the relationship between you.”

Hearing this, Ying Ziji’s hand paused, she thought for a moment, “Is this still necessary?”

“If not, I’m afraid they’ll morally kidnap you again in the future.” Fu Yunshen was faint, “Once the legal relationship is broken, you still have the One Word Team behind you, they won’t dare to do anything.”

The One Word Team was also an accident.

In fact, it wasn’t because of Nie Yi’s order that the One Word Team went out.

It was because the last time Nie Yi came to Shanghai, a few captains from the One Word Team came with him.

After hearing Nie Chao say that Ying Ziji couldn’t even use one hand to beat them, these captains ran to her for a sparring session.

Finally ……

They experienced the heaviest blow since they entered the One Word Team, which was even bigger than what Nie Yi had given them.

The strength of the members of the One Word Team was also important because they had to maintain the security of the border.

To be able to be a captain, the force value was not low.

So in the end, Ying Ziyi took up a name in the One Word Team.

It was still an idle position, not doing any work.

Ying Ziyi took a sip of cola: “What a nuisance.”

The karma had almost dissipated, and when the last bit had completely dissipated, the Ying family would no longer have anything to do with her at all.

It wasn’t legal, it was fate.

Fu Yunshen nodded: “Do we need to take the Ying family-”

“No.” Ying Zidian knew what he was going to say and said indifferently, “Just disengage.”

If there was any more involvement with the Ying family, there would be cause and effect between them again.

By then, it would be impossible to break it off.

Karma is a mysterious thing, but it exists.

Others could not see it, but she could see it.

“Good.” Fu Yunshen raised his hand and rubbed her head, his voice gentle, “Leave it to brother.”


The Weibo post sent out by a certain hacker kept hanging at the top of the hot search list, and the heat was getting higher and higher.

At the same time, Ying Group’s stock began a breakneck plunge, not even half a day, and it dropped straight to a halt.

After the live blood bank story broke out once again, everyone started boycotting Ying Group.

The entire company’s management had their hands full, yet they contacted many of the principals.

Because of Old Lady Ying’s coma, both Ying Zhending and Zhong Manhua had no time to worry about other matters.

By the time they learnt about the incident, it was already 4pm.

By this time, the whole group had already lost several hundred million dollars and many of the core technical staff had resigned.

They said they didn’t dare to stay in the company any longer, in case Ying Luwei came to the company that day, looked at them and hired a murderer.

Ying Zhending never uses Weibo, and for this reason, he even downloaded one specifically.

After opening it, he got up with a start: “This morning the One Word team said Lu Wei deliberately killed someone, was it the car accident last night?”

Ying Luwei is crazy, even the seventh young master of the Fu family dares to touch her?

The Ying family couldn’t even protect her if they wanted to.

But the picture clearly shows that it was Ying Luwei who bought the murder to kill Ying Zidian, how come it was Fu Yunshen who was injured instead?

Ying Zhending had been away from Shanghai and was not aware of this.

Zhong Manhua was chilled, but also inexplicably relieved: “They didn’t say that the person who was thrown away was D**ky.”

The group was of unknown origin, but they were still quite trustworthy.

But Zhong Manhua scoffed at what they said about how she and Ying Zidian would have nothing to do with each other afterwards.

She was Ying Zidian’s biological mother, how could she not be related?

What a joke.

“Then there is still room for manoeuvre.” Ying Zhending frowned, “The One Word Team is not keeping their word, they won’t care about such matters in other people’s homes.”

It was obvious why the One Word Team had come.

Amongst the four powerful families in Shanghai, the only one that had deep ties with the Imperial family was the Fu family.

When something happened to Fu Yunshen, of course, Master Fu could not let it go easily, and it made sense that the One Word Team could be invited here.

Zhong Manhua’s heart was inexplicably uneasy: “Zhen Ting, then, then what should we do now?”

“Have the company’s PR department get ready.” Ying Zhending ordered calmly, “Make the Ying family look like the victims, after all, it was you and I who were stolen from our daughter.”

Zhong Manhua nodded.

Ying Zhending frowned, “When will Xiao Xuan return?”

Qingzhi that exchange programme to o continent, he remembered it was just a year.

Mentioning his daughter, who made him look good, Zhong Manhua’s heart didn’t feel so tight and smiled, “Yes, she’ll be back soon, they’ll be on holiday at the end of May, but Xiao Xuan told me that she’s taking part in a scientific research project and will be back later.”

“A scientific research project?” Ying Zhending was also surprised, “That’s really something.”

After a pause, he said, “You tell Xiao Xuan to prepare a microblog.”


Ying Luwei didn’t know what was happening online, she was taken to a sealed room.

For two days and two nights, no one came.

She had no food to eat, no water to drink, and she couldn’t even see a single ray of light.

Ying Luwei was terrified to the core.

At first she would tap on the door and shout, but now she doesn’t even have the strength to stand up, and she is dizzy.

Because she was the youngest of her generation, she had been spoilt by the elders of the four great families since she was a child.

She had never suffered this kind of pain and no one dared to touch her for fear of her having a haemophilia attack.

Just when Ying Luwei’s spirit couldn’t take it anymore, the door was finally opened.

The same two men in uniform as before dragged her out again.

First she was given a bowl of porridge to regain some strength before she was taken to the interrogation room.

Ying Luwei’s hands were shackled and her face was ashen.

She struggled to look up, and when she saw the person sitting opposite her, her expression rose in horror and she screamed again.

Ying Ziyi rubbed her ears, her face expressionless.

What a noise.

Naturally, the captain next to her saw this action.

The captain stepped forward and put a shackle on Ying Luwei’s neck as well, coldly: “No loud noises from prisoners.”

“What do you want?” Ying Luwei screamed, but suddenly calmed down, she sneered, “I have haemophilia, you dare to touch me?”

Dare you?


Chapter 172

If something really happened to her, could the Ying family not take it into account?

Ying Luwei didn’t notice that after hearing her harsh words, the captain was looking at her with a look of retardation.

Her gaze was back on the girl, then she sneered, “You’re lucky to have survived like that, I really regret that I should have thrown you into the river and drowned you!”

That would be the way to cut off the root of the problem.

“Miss D**key, or don’t talk nonsense to her.” The captain was furious, “Brothers take her straight away and put her in the heavy prison.”

Trafficking in babies and intentional murder, the death penalty was enough.

“And heavy prison? Do you think it’s that easy to get into a heavy prison?” Ying Luwei snorted, “Ying Ziyi, don’t think you think you’re so powerful just because you tied me up here with a few thugs.”

“If you were really capable of that, I could still draw your blood?”

The captain took out an iron gag and put it on Ying Luwei.

“Oooh!” Ying Luwei’s eyes widened and her face turned white.

“There’s no rush.” Fu Yunshen raised his hand, lazy dude look, “There are some things, how can I get them back.”

He smiled, his eyes cold: “How about this year, how much blood did you take from Yoyo, give it back tenfold.”

Ying Lu Wei looked at him with a deadly look, her eyes full of blood.

“But Yoyao said, the blood will be dirty once it reaches your body, she doesn’t want it either.” Fu Yun Shen faintly, “So to let you drink it back again, one mouthful at a time.”

After saying that, he turned his head, “Still want to see?”

“No more.” Ying stood up and put his baseball cap back on, “It stains your eyes.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll take care of this.” The captain pumped his fist, “We’ve dealt with international criminals, she’ll be even easier.”

She tried to scream at Ying Ziji to stop, but her voice was blocked by the iron gag and not a word came out.

The two uniformed men from before came up again and dragged her into the next room.

Then Ying Luwei felt a stinging pain in her wrist and blood flowed down, faster and faster.

Ying Luwei couldn’t believe it.

She had haemophilia, and once she was injured, it would be difficult to heal her wounds.

But what happened after that made her even more devastated.

After the blood had flowed all over the cup, someone administered medicine to her.

I don’t know what kind of medicine it was, but it was able to heal her wounds in just ten seconds or so.

“Drink it down.”

A strong force came and Ying Luwei was forced to raise her head and was forced to swallow another mouthful of her blood.

After she finished drinking, she was not allowed to say a word either, and was given another iron gag.

A few seconds later, another stabbing pain came from her right arm.


Drink the blood.

So on and so forth.

Ying Luwei went completely mad.

She now believed that what Fu Yunshen had said was true, and even more vicious.

The people who had done this to her were clearly directed towards Ying Zidian.

Ying Luwei could not accept this fact at all.

She had already investigated Ying Zidian, who was just a country bumpkin with no one to depend on.

How could there be so many people around her?

When she was forced to drink her own blood for the fourth time, Ying Luwei couldn’t stand it any longer and screamed like a broken person: “I want to see Zhong Manhua, I want to see Zhong Manhua!

“That’s my sister-in-law, the mother-in-law of the Ying family, I have something to say to her.

However, as if they hadn’t heard, the men of the One Word Team kept moving.

The captain wrinkled his brow and walked out, making a call, “Hey, Miss Ziggy, she said she wants to see Zhong Manhua …… Okay, got it.”


It took another two days, with Ying Luwei’s mind and body suffering immensely, before she was finally let go.

Naturally, she would not be let out and let through the iron gate and meet with Zhong Manhua.

Zhong Manhua was so busy with her PR for the Ying Group that she had forgotten about her.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Ying Zhending had told her that the team that went to the Ying family last time was the One Team, an organization that even the gentry in the imperial capital could not afford to mess with, she wouldn’t have come to such a dirty and humid place.

She couldn’t bear to stay one more second.

Zhong Manhua’s expression was cold, her gaze disgusted: “I heard you wanted to see me, what’s the matter?”

“Heh heh ……” As soon as she saw this expression on her face, Ying Lu Wei knew that the Ying family had already given up on her.

That was true.

That big brother of hers only had interests in his eyes as well.

Their family had always been cold-blooded and only thought of themselves.

Ying Luwei’s face was pale, but she was smiling: “Zhong Manhua, do you know why I threw Ying Zidian away?”

Zhong Manhua froze for a moment, then her reaction was to look around first.

After confirming that there was no one next to her, she frowned and coldly rebuked, “What are you talking about, it was obviously Xiao Xuan you threw away.”

“Sister-in-law is great, Sister-in-law, in terms of cold-bloodedness, I’m still not as good as you.” Ying Lu Wei laughed so hard that tears came out of her eyes, “Using her own daughter as an adopted daughter and giving her to me as a living blood bank, at this point in time, you still have to take care of Ying Yuexuan.”

“What exactly are you trying to say?” Zhong Manhua’s face was ironic, “If you’re just saying this to me it’s not much use, your big brother also wants to fish you out, but it’s the One Word Team that’s holding you, Master Fu personally invited them, what can we do?”

Ying Luwei wiped her tears: “That’s right, it’s the One Word Team, of course there’s nothing you can do.”

The torment of these days had made her know that she was completely finished.

But she was not willing to do so, she wanted to drag the whole Ying family down with her.

She really looked forward to the day when Zhong Manhua knew that the One Word Team was clearly here for Ying Zidian, and that the junior captains below her were all treating her with respect, would Zhong Manhua also break down?

But she would not tell Zhong Manhua now, she would make them regret it.

Zhong Manhua lost interest in talking to Ying Luwei and got up to leave.

“Do you know why I threw away Ying Zidian?” Ying Luwei sneered, “Because as soon as she was born, everyone’s attention went to her, including Mum.”

“When she turned one month old, it happened to be my birthday, and just because she had a small cold, you all went to the hospital and no one remembered me. ”

“Did you guys ever think about how I felt?”

Zhong Manhua’s eyes were crimson: “You’re simply a brute!”

“Sister-in-law, don’t talk about yourself like that.” Ying Luwei smiled, “You treat your own daughter like that, you’re worse than a beast.”

Zhong Manhua was shaking with anger, “Nonsense, that was you pretending to be aggrieved and deceiving us.”

She wrapped her coat tightly, as if she had put on a cloth of shame, and walked away in disarray, not listening to another word from Ying Luwei.

Ying Luwei’s eyes were vacant, staring at the ceiling with a blank expression.

More than ten years had pa*sed, but she still remembered the words that woman used to whisper in her ear every few days.

“Lu Wei, I pity you, you were the most favoured, but then your sister-in-law gave birth to your niece, and even the old lady doesn’t favour you so much anymore.”

“Your niece is not even a year old, if she grows up, what will you do?”

“Alas, if there is no more your niece, your elder brother and sister-in-law and the old lady will still favour you the most, poor ……”

Then, with rising malice, she found an opportunity to throw the baby away.

That woman ……

It seemed that she would never see it in her life.

Ying Lu Wei pulled the corners of her mouth and smiled ugly.

It wasn’t long before she was taken down again.

This time to the heavy prison.


After resting for a few days, Ying Ziji returned to school.

As soon as she entered cla*s 19, a pile of flowers was scattered towards her.

“Welcome to Ying Dad’s recovery!”

“Ow ow ow, Ying Dad, we missed you so much.”

Ying Ziji slowly turned her head and saw two little brothers with baskets containing flower petals, scattering them very dutifully.

“Cough cough.” Jiang Yan coughed lightly twice and walked over, “Ying Dad, how’s it going?”

This was the most to his liking out of the several welcomes he had specifically googled and found.



Xiu Yu slapped his shoulder vigorously, “I finally understand why you don’t even have a girlfriend when you obviously have a good skin, you have such an emotional quotient, tsk.”

“Get lost!” Jiang Yan was annoyed, “That’s because I don’t have any idea about it.”

Xiu Yu shrugged, “You can’t catch up even if you do.”

Jiang Yan shut himself up, he stank and went back to his seat, his school uniform covering his head, and started to sleep.

“Middle-aged teenager with a big ego.” Xiu Yu pulled the girl over, “Ying Dad, I’ve prepared some nourishing food for you.”

After sitting down, she said, “I read the blurb that Ying Luwei is all in jail, and I don’t know if it’s true or not. ”

“Hmm.” Ying Ziyi’s eyebrows were lazy, “She’s in.”

“What goes around comes around, you deserve it.” Xiu Yu sneered, “The Ying family is really decisive too, they just gave up on her.”

The Ying Group had also spoken out these days, quickly setting out the relationship between the Ying family and Ying Luwei, putting the Ying family in the position of a victim.

After another series of PR tactics, the stock finally rose back up again.

Ying Ziyi had little interest.

Just then, a little brother on the side let out an alarming cry.

Xiu Yu kicked him, “What’s with the loud voice?”

“Ying Dad, your sister …… is not right!” The youngest brother scratched his head, carefully thinking of a suitable name, “Just the eldest Miss of the Ying family, Zhong Zhiyan’s real cousin, she has tweeted.”

“Ying Yuexuan?” Xiu Yu frowned.

Naturally, they all knew Ying Yuexuan, she was also in the Talent Cla*s, and she and Zhong Zhiyan were also listed as the goddesses of Qingzhi.

But they hadn’t seen her for a year.

She went over to take a look and saw a message.

[@Ying Yuexuanv: Hello everyone, first time meeting you on Weibo, let me introduce myself, I’m the eldest young lady of the Ying family, Ying Yuexuan].