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Boss Lady Chapter 177-178

Chapter 177

The young man’s pupils contracted fiercely, staring at the last line of numbers with dead eyes, forgetting that he was still floating on the Atlantic Ocean.

His user level was S, so he knew full well that this registration time, referring not to the nok forum, but to the Hidden Alliance Society.

After all, the Internet had been born less than a hundred years ago.

Even if something supernatural happened again, there was absolutely no way that the year 1496 could have occurred.

As we all know, entering the hidden section of the nok forum also means joining the Hidden Alliance.

So the full name of nok, noonekonws, actually refers to the Hidden Alliance Society.

Hidden from the world, no one knows about it.

It is true that the Internet only came into existence in 1969, but the nok forum is only one of the vehicles of the Hidden Alliance.

Long before the Internet was invented, the Hidden Alliance already existed.

That is why the earliest traces of the nok Forum can be traced back to the 15th century.

Only at that time it was still called the Hidden Alliance.

Times have moved on and the nok has also used the internet.

The reason why there are so many people who registered before 1969 is that they were already members of the Hidden Alliance.

But 1496?

That’s five hundred years ago, and the owner of the account is still alive?

“The Divine Reckoner ……” the young man muttered as he looked at the posters id again.

Suddenly, as if remembering something, he lunged at his bedpan and pulled out a box from under it.

Inside was a book with withered yellow paper that was clearly dated.

The young man’s fingers trembled as he flipped through one of the pages and his eyes widened once more.

He skimmed up quickly, picking out only the highlights.

In 1609, the Abbot predicted that the Lough dynasty would fall on the 25th of July.

At the time, no one believed it, treating it as a joke because the Lough Dynasty was the strongest dynasty on the O Continent at the time and no one could shake it.

However, on the 25th of July, the Emperor stabbed himself to death while practising with his sword.

The emperor’s daughter rebelled and attacked, killing the emperor’s son.

In one night, the entire royal family of the Lough Dynasty died.

This was the end of the Lough dynasty].

In 1765, the fortune-teller predicted that Cesar Laurent, the ruler of the Laurent family, would die in an a*sa*sination attempt.

The Laurent family was on guard and protected, but the a*sa*sination was not prevented.

After Cesar Laurent’s death, the Laurent family entered a period of great depression, which lasted until its demise.

In 1780, the last of the magical warlocks on the O Continent was predicted to die by the Abbot.

That same year, on 31 October, the last witch trials were concluded.

Since then, there have been no more magicians on the Continent, the soothsayers have completely disappeared and only the Tarot has survived.

This is the end of the record.

This means that no new prophecies have been issued by the Diviners since 1780.

Perhaps they disappeared, or perhaps they went into hiding.

So even now, no one knows the gender of the Divine Reckoner, and no one knows his age.

The only thing that is certain is that the Divine Reckoner is supposed to have a long life span, otherwise the prophecies could not have spanned several centuries in a row.

But no one is concerned with this, only with finding the Divine Reckoner.

If only one divination from the diviner could be sought, then life would be qualitatively changed.

The young people are obsessed with finding the ruins of Atlantis because that is what their ancestors told their descendants.

The Laurent family started out with just a few people.

It was the Abbot who led them to this lost continent, bringing back untold riches and more gold than they could count.

The young man’s emotions could no longer be described as excited, and he put the book down before flinging himself back in front of the computer.

In less than a minute, the replies to the reward post instantly reached 10,000, making it a top post!

But the young man suddenly noticed that the registration time he had just seen had turned into a string of asterisks at this time, obviously encrypted.

But even so, this id was already enough to make people crack.

[F*cking hell, someone pinch me, what do I see? Number one on the bounty list???]

[In my lifetime, I’m actually able to see the number one bounty list posting bounty posts in the forum?

[God, I really want to know what you’ve done and why your bounty is so high?

[My grandfather was a member of the Hidden Alliance, but he had never seen you posting either, so I’m sorry to ask, how old are you?

It’s been too long since the days of the Hidden Alliance, and nowadays the forum is full of new members.

The old members have turned their bones to dust, not to mention the water posts.

Not all members have an ancient book that has been in their family for generations, like the young people do, which contains some prophecies about the Divine Reckoner.

All most people knew was that the Divine Reckoner had been on the bounty list since the nok forum was established and had left everyone else behind, and not a single hunter had dared to pick it up yet.

At this moment, the international bigwigs, whether it was a few plutocrats from o-continent, or ibi’s detectives, and all the hunters on the list, all paid attention to the post.

Fu Yunshen was no exception.

He was using a minimal a-rank account.

After all, his other accounts were not good, and when he used them, they would automatically float over the pop-ups and alert other users.

He looked at the three words Divine Reckoner, his eyes gradually darkening.

The phone rang.

Fu Yunshen glanced at it and picked it up.

“Have you looked at the nok forum? The number one bounty list has appeared!” On the other end of the phone was the bartender, his voice was excited, “Quick, you have higher authority than me, I’m only level A, I can’t see other information, check when exactly did he join the Hidden Alliance Society.”

“Hmm.” Fu Yunshen looked at the year 1496 and faintly, “I can’t see it either.”

“You can’t see it either?” The bartender froze, “How can you not see it, you are not ……”

The words came to his mouth and then he held them back.

He knew that Fu Yunshen did not fail to see, but did not want to talk to him.

The friendship between them wasn’t to the point where they had to tell each other all their secrets.

“Forget it.” The bartender sighed, “But now that the Divine Reckoner has reappeared, can’t you find ‘him’?”

He had never believed in the word ‘divine calculator’, he had always felt it was exaggerated.

But he had to admit that there was no one on the whole planet who could hide more than the Divine Reckoner.

He had originally suspected that the Divine Reckoner was just a random fake person listed on the nok forum to bring motivation to the hunters.

But now, it seemed that the Divine Reckoner really existed.

So, even the most elite agents in the ibi were no match for the Abracadabra.

It was too easy to find the Abracadabra if you wanted to investigate something.

A casual calculation, and it comes out.

The bartender got excited again: “Don’t you have an invitation to Norton University’s SS level in your hands? Quickly take this bounty and you’ll be able to meet the Divine Reckoner.”

“No need.” Fu Yunshen put down his cup and gave a low laugh, “I don’t want to check anymore, and I have the invitation for my little friend.”

The bartender froze, “Why?”

“Nothing.” Fu Yunshen turned off the nok forum and slouched, “Probably ready to be a dude for the rest of my life and stay in Shanghai City.”

The two people he cared about the most were also both in Shanghai City.

There was no need for him to go anywhere else now that Master Fu had recovered from his illness.

“You’re crazy?” The bartender was shocked to the point of losing his breath, “You’re retiring? Then what are you letting that group of people do? And there’s that side, they’ll go crazy if they find out you’re doing this!”

“Well, retire, retire.” Fu Yunshen pressed the phone, “Hang up, don’t bother me.”

He didn’t put the phone down, but opened WeChat.

Fu Yunshen looked lazy and tapped on a small biscuit avatar.

[Yoyo, go to bed early and remember to drink a gla*s of hot milk.

The other party’s message was returned in seconds.

The other person’s message was returned in seconds. [I know, you remember to take your medicine.

The first thing you need to do is to take the pills that are on the table.

He called her a child, and then she really treated him like an old man.


Ying Ziji slept until she woke up naturally the next day.

It was Monday, June 1, and she was supposed to go to school.

But she was going to go to Norton University, so she took a month-long leave.

The headmaster didn’t even think twice about it and granted it.

She was even generous enough to let her take it off until next year’s entrance exams, as long as she could come for them.

Ying turned on her computer, logged on to the nok forum and ……

It died for the first time.

After waiting for more than ten seconds, Ying Zidian finally got in and saw 100,000 replies.



She had thought that after more than two hundred years had pa*sed, the three words Divine Reckoner should not have been so influential anymore.

Of course, originally, it would not have been so influential.

Blame it on the fact that the Hidden Alliance had to put her name on the bounty list after they had established the nok forum.

She pulled up to the last reply post.

[@NortonUniversity: Invitation to ss-level academy has arrived, ready for you.


Chapter 178

It is clear that the account belongs to the Norton University side.

But whether or not it is the president of Norton University, no one knows.

Just like the Laurent family, the rector of Norton University is also very secretive, hardly ever appearing and only having people under his command to help out.

The rector of Norton University is of more interest to the people of the nok forum than the head of the Laurent family.

It was said that this rector had a high level of attainment in alchemy, and although the man was not in the o-continent alchemy world, there was basically no one in the alchemy world who could compare to him.

There was even a rumour that the number one in the Poison Master list, which had never appeared, was the principal of Norton University.

As soon as this reply was sent, the thread was automatically locked, so there were no new follow-up posts afterwards.

After getting the exact news, Ying Ziji raised her hand and deleted the reward post.

She lowered her eyes and thought about what had happened long ago.

After she had returned to Earth, she had already gone through all the history of the two hundred years she had been away.

As recorded in the history books, the strongest ruler of the Laurent family, Cesar Laurent, had died in an a*sa*sination attempt, when he was only thirty-three years old.

It was only then that the House of Laurent fell from grace and ceased to be the ruler of the Villefranche.

It was not so much a decline as a retreat.

She helped Cesar change his death point, but because he was not an ordinary person like Shang Yaozhi, he was subject to even more restrictions.

One of them was that it would be a long time before Cesar Laurent could wake up again.

That’s why she iced him before she left Earth.

Otherwise, even if Cesar Laurent’s body had been modified by the alchemical world, it would not have been possible to sustain him alive until now.

Like the ancient martial artists who developed the human life span to its limit, the life span after being transformed in the alchemical realm was long.

Depending on the strength of the body, one could live for two hundred years, but definitely not more than three hundred and twenty years.

In the normal world, three hundred years is a fantasy.

But there are already normal people who live past 130 years of age, so it’s not a big deal.

There are, of course, other supernatural aspects of the world that cannot be made public.

For example, there is a group of people who, for some reason, do live for a very, very long time.

Unfortunately, she knew quite a few of these people, which is why she didn’t want to show herself.

The freeze was lifted and Cesar Laurent woke up and regained control of the Villefranche.

So it would be almost a hundred years before the Laurent family would reappear in the limelight.

The only thing she didn’t expect was that he, such a stingy man, had instead improved his ability to do business after such a sleep.

Before, it was just enriching money in o continent, now it has become the whole world.

As for a certain alchemy madman ……

Ying Ziji thought about it.

She was going to meet up.

She picked up the calendar next to her and looked at the date.

After accompanying Wen Huilan in his entrance exams, she would then go to o continent.

Her brother’s psychology was more important, and she couldn’t let his emotions fluctuate too much again

Suddenly, a chat box popped up automatically in the user centre.

Ying Ziji glanced at it and was quite tempted to close it.

The id on the other side was just a number ten, and the avatar was blank.

[10]: Back?

[Divine Reckoner]: Consider me dead.

[10]: ……

[10]; Very well, this tone is you.

[The Divine Reckoner]: Don’t look for me if there’s nothing wrong, and not if there is.

[10]: Looks like I was right to hang you at number one on the bounty list, I’ll be able to force you out one day.

The hunters are unaware that the number one bounty list is indeed hung from within the nok forum.

The Hidden Alliance was established on October 22nd 1496, the same time Ying Zigui registered as it was established.

At the very beginning, there were only four people in the Hidden Alliance Society.

It was a good coincidence that the other three people, were the kind that could really live for a long time.

When she logged into this number, Ying Ziji knew she would be found.

For this number, her login name was actually the code name she had used when she registered with the Hidden Alliance, and her pa*sword was the number.

She was the only one whose number was like this, because the other three knew she could count it out to make it easier for her to log in.

[Divine Reckoner]: Oh, you can find me, count me out.

[10]: …… I was wrong.

[10]: Never mind, just know you’re still around, but then again, where have you been for the last two hundred years?

[The Divine Reckoner]: The other party is no longer your friend, please add it before replying first.

[10]: ……


The Fu family.

After finishing breakfast, Master Fu left the others to go out for a stroll.

Previously, Fu Mingcheng and several of Elder Fu’s other children were able to excuse that he was not well and had to send someone to follow.

But now that Old Master Fu’s health is looking sharper than even Fu Mingcheng’s, their excuse is useless.

They said they were following to protect him from accidents, but in reality they were spying.

The majority of the Fu Group’s shares are still in Master Fu’s hands.

He was so good to Fu Yunshen that Fu Mingcheng was afraid that Master Fu would lose his head one day and give all his shares to a dude who couldn’t do anything.

The company’s main goal was to get the company’s shares to be sold to the company.

He turned his head and said to Mrs. Fu, “What do you think that group of people are really from? If they were capable, why didn’t they cure Old Master three years ago and delayed until three years later?”

They had let them wait for three years for nothing, and they hadn’t even waited for Master Fu to leave.

Mrs Fu knew that Fu Mingcheng did not want her to answer, but just to express the pent-up anger in her heart.

So she rea*sured him, “The old man is our father anyway, we should be happy when he is well. In case the old man really left just like that, who knows if he left everything to Yun Shen in his will?”

“That’s good, it’ll allow Yijian to show more in front of the old man.”

The mention of his eldest son made Fu Mingcheng’s face look better: “Yijian will be back from the capital soon.

Unlike Fu Yunshen, who was useless.

Mrs. Fu was also very pleased, and added: “I went to the Jiang family a few days ago, and discussed some things with old Mrs. Jiang, she intends to set another meeting for Mo Yuan, you also help me to see, who is more suitable for the Fu family.”


On June 7, at half past seven, there were already people waiting in front of the examination room.

The test center is divided according to the district and county where the candidate is registered, but the talent cla*s is special and is unified, so they are all a*signed to one test center.

Wen heard Lan didn’t disturb Ying and Wen Fengmian, who were still resting, and went to the examination centre on his own.

At eight o’clock, Wen Fengmian arrived: “Guiya, what’s wrong, you ran off by yourself?”

“Dad, I’m so old.” The corners of Wen Weilan’s lips pressed down, “It’s not like you’re a child.”

“Not even if you’re not.” Wen Fengmian was angry and laughed, “This is a college entrance exam, it’s very important.”

Wen Huilan’s fingers clenched slightly.

Yes, it was important.

He didn’t have an interview for Norton University, so the college entrance exam was the only way out.

But he was in a good frame of mind about the exams.

He felt that the questioners of the three schools’ joint examination were also quite stupid.

Wen heard Lan look behind Wen Fengmian and saw Fu Yunshen, who had sent Wen Fengmian over, instead of Ying Ziji.

She was a bit lost.

“Looking for your sister?” Fu Yunshen bent down, “Call out brother to tell you.”

Wen heard Lan: “……”

“No more teasing you.” Fu Yunshen straightened up and lifted his jaw to the right front, “Your sister went over there to get your pa*s for you, she’ll be over later.”


At the rest kiosk.

The cla*s teacher was handing out exam pa*ses to the students.

In order to prevent students from losing their pa*ses, Qingzhi had always asked the teacher to keep a cla*s’s pa*ses and wait until the examinations were held before distributing them.

The cla*s teacher had just come too.

Ying Ziji walked over and lined up behind the other students.

She was wearing short sleeves and long trousers and a baseball cap.

A very ordinary outfit, yet very eye-catching.

Even if it was such a stressful event as the college entrance examination, it didn’t stop people around from looking back frequently.

“Hey! You are…” the cla*s teacher looked familiar with the girl and thought for a few seconds before she said happily, “You are Listen Lan’s sister, the number one in her senior year!”

Ying nodded, “I’ve come to get his pa*s.”

“I’ve heard both Teacher Xu and Teacher Deng talk about you, you’re really something.” The cla*s teacher said as she looked for the pa*s from the file bag, “Your family has such good genes, and Listen Lan is a genius too, it’s really-”

Her words suddenly cut off, and her expression changed.

Ying Zidian wrinkled his brows, “Teacher, what’s wrong?”

“Wait, wait.” The cla*s teacher was in a hurry, “I’ll look again, I’m ranked by school number.”

But after searching for a long time, the homeroom teacher couldn’t find the pa*s.

She poured out all the remaining pa*s cards and put them on the table one by one, but there was still no Wen Hailan’s.

“What’s going on?” The cla*s teacher was so anxious that she was sweating, “I obviously brought all the pa*ses with me and checked them several times, it’s impossible that Wen Huilan’s is missing.”

The college entrance exams were different from normal exams, and without the pa*s, there was no way to get in.

“What should I do?” The cla*s teacher was on the verge of tears, “I’ve lost Listen Lan’s pa*s.”

In all her years of teaching, she had never encountered such a thing before.

The commotion was not small and drew the attention of the others.

“You’ve lost your exam card, can’t you? How can I take the entrance exam then?”

“We’ll have to wait for another year, but it’s a heavy psychological blow to the students, and they may not do well in another year.”

“Who is so unlucky to have lost their exam pa*s.”

The cla*s teacher couldn’t stop the tears from falling and choked up, “I’m sorry for listening to Lan, if he can’t take the entrance exams, it’s ……”

Ying Zidian’s phoenix eyes narrowed.

She turned her head and walked over in one direction.

When she approached, she grabbed a girl’s shoulder with her right hand and her voice was cold.

“Take it out.”