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Boss Lady Chapter 175-176

Chapter 175

Although the Mu family is the descendant of a general’s family, it has long since leapt into the strongest business empire in the imperial capital by engaging in business over the years.

Not to mention the four powerful families in Shanghai City, all those families in business in the imperial capital also had to have a good relationship with the Mu family in a rare way.

“You mean Shenzhou? Today he followed Evening to Qingzhi, saying he was going to take a look at the campus here.” Mrs. Mu smiled, “As you know, these young people are very active, we can’t control them.”

“So.” Zhong Manhua’s heart was a little uncomfortable, “Sister-in-law, I’m also troubling you these days, I’m planning to take Shenzhou back to the Ying family.”

It was true that the Zhong family was her mother’s family, but she had married into the Ying family and had to think about it.

“Take her back?” Madam Zhong’s face instantly turned ugly, “Why do you suddenly want to take her back? Didn’t you say that you were afraid that your adopted daughter would bump into Shenzhou, so you sent her to the Zhong family?”

Zhong Manhua was embarra*sed and embarra*sed at the same time, “Ziji has already moved out, there is no such thing as bumping into her.”

“Moved out?” Mrs. Zhong was surprised, “Didn’t you bring her from the county? How dare you move out?”

Zhong Manhua didn’t answer, she just said, “Mrs. Mu handed her over to me personally, so it’s better for her to stay with the Ying family.”

“Manhua, that’s not right.” Mrs. Zhong was also very firm, “Xiao Xuan is abroad and there is no one in the Ying family who is the same age as Shenzhou, will you let him be bored alone?”

“I think it’s better to let Evening take her first, and then let Shenzhou go to the Ying family when Xiao Xuan returns.”

To be able to marry into the Zhong family, Madam Zhong was no good either.

Such a good opportunity to contact the Mu family, since Zhong Manhua had sent it over, how could she let it go again?

Zhong Manhua opened her mouth but couldn’t come up with a good reason, so she could only agree: “Then so be it, Xiao Xuan will be back in the middle of June, there aren’t many days left.”

Madam Zhong frowned slightly.

So soon?

It was already the thirty-first of May.

Madam Zhong’s thoughts turned a hundred times, her heart had already made up her mind and she smiled again, “Good, let’s do that.”



When it was time to eat, Wen heard Lan kept eating only rice, not even touching the vegetables.

He seemed to have reverted back to his protective shell, refusing all communication with the outside world.

Even though he had tried his best to hide it, it was impossible for Ying Zigui not to see that Wen Huilan’s mood was not quite right these two days.

She had learnt micro-expressions, and even if they flashed for just a fifth of a second, she could catch them.

“I’m fine.” When Wen heard her ask him, he just squeezed his chopsticks tightly, “I’m about to take the college entrance exams and I’m under some pressure.”

Ying Ziji was slightly silent.

Even though Wen Huilan had basically recovered, he still habitually isolated his emotions and was unwilling to say anything.

The time she was bitten by a snake, Wen heard Lan half carried, half supported her to the hospital, and when he himself sprained his foot badly, he didn’t say a word.

“If you have anything to say, just give it to sister.” Ying put an apple in his mouth, “It’s not good for your condition if you hide it inside.”

“I’m really fine.” Wen Huilan bowed his head, “Sister, go and rest, you had a car accident just a while ago, I’m fine.”

Ying Zigui didn’t ask any more questions, she knew that asking further questions would be counterproductive.

She picked up her chopsticks and gave him some food.

It was Wen Hanlan who broke the silence after finishing a mouthful of rice: “Sister, do you really have nothing to do with the Ying family anymore?”

“Well, no more.” Ying Ziji leaned back lazily in his chair, “Feel free to fight.”

The teenager’s expression shattered slightly.

“Remind me.” Ying Zidian was thoughtful, “Starting tomorrow, you and I will run five kilometres every day to strengthen your body.”

The teenager’s expression shattered completely.

He shouldn’t have talked to his sister.

Bad luck in blood.


Wen heard Lan went back to cla*s in a depressed state, took out the pillow and earplugs that Ying Zidian had prepared for him and started to study.

Ying Zidian stood at the entrance of the senior cla*s and called out to the cla*s president.

The cla*s leader, also a boy, was a bit formal: “Hello, sister.”

Although the senior students were all older than Ying Zidian, they were used to following Wen Hailan and calling her sister.

Moreover, they knew that in the midterm exam of the second year, the paper of the Talented Cla*s had scored a full mark for a pervert.

They were willing to call her grandma, not to mention sister.

As long as they could learn something.

Ying Zigui glanced at Wen Huilan and whispered, “Please, let’s go over there and talk.”

The cla*s leader scratched his head and followed him over.

“Has something happened in the past few days?” Ying asked, “Xiao Lan is not in the right mood.”

“Sister, don’t tell Listen Lan that it was ours to tell.” The cla*s monitor hesitated for a moment before speaking, “Sister, you know that the school has three auditions for Norton University, right?”

Ying nodded, “You go on.”

“The interview qualifications were agreed upon a long time ago, two for the international cla*s and one for the top of the year, which is Listen Lan.” The cla*s leader said, “After all, he scored full marks in all three schools’ joint examination papers.”

The three-school joint examination is when the top three high schools in China rank together.

The difficulty of the papers was naturally high, but it was far worse than the papers of the Talented Cla*s.

“Norton University’s interview is just a few days after the entrance exams, and it’s not long now, and I heard Lan has been preparing for this for a long time.” The cla*s leader was indignant, “As a result, just the day before yesterday, the teacher from the international cla*s who was fired came and said that this interview qualification would not be given to Listen Lan because, because ……”

Ying finished what he hadn’t said, “Because I’m his sister.”

“Sister, you can’t be blamed for this.” The cla*s monitor was anxious, “It’s that He who has a personal vendetta and is too small-minded, it’s just a pity that Hearlan ……”

With Wen Listen Lan’s intelligence, getting into Norton University is a sure thing.

But without the interview qualification, it’s useless to be talented.

Just yesterday, the entire senior excellence cla*s had a protest, He Xun remained unmoved.

Although Norton University’s interview qualification is handed out by the headmaster, but to go to Norton University, but still have to He Xun lead the team.

If he didn’t want to go, Wen Xinlan couldn’t even go.

The most important thing was not that the interview was taken away from him, but that Harmony said in front of him that he would not be given the interview because he was Ying’s brother, and that he would be psychologically devastated by this.

The senior elite cla*s also knew about his illness and were usually careful with him.

Wen Listen Lan was also two years younger than them, so he was sort of taking care of his younger brother.

“I understand.” Ying Zigui didn’t have much of an expression, “You guys don’t let him know either, this matter, I will handle it.”

“Don’t worry sister, we will all comfort Listen Lan.” The cla*s monitor hesitated for a moment, “Sister, don’t go to that He, Listen Lan must not have told you because he didn’t want you to get into trouble with him.”

“Well, I know.” Ying Ziyi faintly, “Thank you for telling me, you go back and do well in your entrance exams.”

Hearing these words, the cla*s monitor suddenly took three steps back.

He took out another pen from his school bag, clamped his hands together and paid three obeisances to the girl.

Ying was thinking about something, and when he noticed this action, he had already finished his worship.

The cla*s monitor took a deep breath and ran off wildly, “Hahahahaha, you fools are finished, I’ve worshipped Ying Zigui today, I’ll definitely do better than you in the college entrance exams!”

The whole building echoed with his magical laugh.

Ying Zidian: “……”

No wonder, Wen Listen Lan would say that all the students in the cla*s were stupid.

She looked the same.


After He Xun was dismissed by Qingzhi, he rented a single flat next to Qingzhi.

It’s just that the conditions of this flat are far worse than the school house allocation. He Xun is used to living in the school house, and this place makes him very uncomfortable, and there is not even someone responsible for cooking.

But there was no way out, he couldn’t leave here yet until the interview at Norton University was over.

The lift in this flat is broken and the property hasn’t sent a worker to fix it.

He had to go to the supermarket to buy groceries today and still had to climb the eighteenth floor.

He Xun’s mood was as low as it could be when he was checking out at the supermarket.

He carried his shopping bags and walked out, looking icy cold.

As soon as he stepped out of the supermarket door, the man received a kick.

The kick went straight to the abdomen, striking precisely at the point that hurt the most.

It was merciless, with great force.

“With a bang, He Xun fell backwards and collapsed against the gla*s door of the supermarket.

When he was suddenly attacked, even if he had a good temper, a thin layer of anger rose up under his eyes.

He stood up holding the gla*s door, and when he looked up, he saw the girl standing against the light.

The silhouette was hazy and her face was cold.

Not having seen her for more than half a month, He Xun was stunned for a moment.

“You knew that Wen Listen Lan was my brother, so you took away his interview qualification? And gave him that?”

Apart from that public questioning, this was the first time Ying Ziyang had said so much to him.

But her eyes did not fall on him, as if she regarded him as air, cold and clear.

Abruptly, He Xun had a feeling of wretchedness.

But with it, there were a few moments of unrest.

“You’re angry?” He Xun didn’t feel anything wrong, “Yes, you should be angry because I took what your brother deserved, but that’s the law of survival in society.”

“What doesn’t belong to you is what will be taken away.”

He Xun even smiled faintly, using his height advantage to stand tall.

At this moment, he also finally had the capital to be condescending again, “If you really have the ability, then give your brother an interview for Norton University’s D-level college.”

“But you don’t, you don’t even know where Norton University is.”

Ying finally looked at him, “Who told you that I was going to give him a d-grade college?”


Chapter 176

“You can’t even find Norton University, how do you ……” He Xun’s pupils contracted violently, stunned, “What did you say?”

Like hearing the funniest joke, his eyes under his gold-rimmed gla*ses floated with mockery: “Are you really qualified for the interview? Did you get into Norton?”

Apart from the current students of Norton University, no one outside the university knew the exact location of Norton University, let alone get in.

But even students need a pa*s to get to Norton.

He only had one last pa*s left, just enough for him to take three students to the interview this time and to complete his own a*sessment in the process.

It could be said that as long as he didn’t stay in school, he would never be able to return after leaving Norton University.

But staying in school, that was much more difficult than pa*sing the test.

Among the students of the A-level college, at most one out of a hundred would be qualified to stay in school.

He Xun only thought that Ying Zidian was too presumptuous.

Did she really think that she could win the favour of Norton University just because she had dumbfounded them in the open quiz?

That was ridiculous to the extreme.

“Do you know the status of Norton University in the academic world?” He Xun’s sarcasm intensified, “You’re not even a student of Norton University, how can you get an interview qualification? You run Norton University?”

“And please remember what you said, Mr. He.” Ying Zidian didn’t answer him, nodding slightly with indifferent brows, “What doesn’t belong to you, will be taken away.”

He Xun frowned.

He didn’t wait to understand what the words meant, but the girl was already gone.

He let out a slow breath for a moment before limping towards his rented flat.


Old Lady Ying only woke up this afternoon, and when she did, she grabbed Zhong Manhua and asked her about Ying Luwei.

When she woke up, she grabbed Zhong Manhua and asked her about Ying Luwei’s condition. Zhong Manhua knew there was no way to hide it anymore, so she had to tell her.

Old Lady Ying was so furious that she almost fainted again.

She covered her heart and her fingers trembled: “I don’t believe you! It must be that group of people who slandered Wei’er!”

Zhong Manhua smiled bitterly.

The One Word Team was directly under the top and strictly enforced the law, even the imperial families had to be respectful to them, so how could they specifically target Ying Lu Wei?

Even if Ying Luwei hadn’t gone in, what had happened sixteen years ago had made it impossible for her to live with her anymore.

After Ying Luwei was taken away, Zhong Manhua was relieved.

This way, even less people would know who the baby that was thrown away back then really was.

“Telephone!” Old Lady Ying trembled, “Zhong Manhua, give me your phone, I need to call the Jiang family’s side.”

“Such a big deal, why is there no movement from their side at all? Just stand by and watch Wei’er being taken away?”

Zhong Manhua handed the phone over and opened her mouth, wanting to say that the Jiang family’s side had gotten rid of the relationship in the first place.

But Old Lady Ying had already dialled the number, her tone accusatory and angry: “Ye Suhe, what do you mean? Why don’t you leave Wei’er alone? What was the deal in the first place?”

Ye Suhe was the first name of the current Mrs Jiang.

She was only a few years older than Ying Zhending.

When she received the call from Old Lady Ying, Ye Suhe was neither annoyed nor angry, she just smiled lightly: “Control? Is it hard to let her drag Moyuan into it?”

“As for the beginning? To be honest with you, it’s been how many years, I’m not afraid of you exposing the matter, let’s see if it’s your bad luck or mine when the time comes.”

Old Lady Ying was so angry that she couldn’t catch her breath: “Ye Suhe, you, you ……”

“The Jiang family has already withdrawn from the marriage, please don’t hold on to it.” Ye Su-He laughed again, “Our Mo Yuan’s condition is so good, I have to choose a famous daughter for him again, how can I marry that inferior daughter of yours?”

“However, your daughter follows you, quite underhanded.”

After saying these words, Ye Su He hung up the phone.

She turned her head, “Madam Fu, let’s continue.”

Mrs. Fu naturally heard the phone call made by Ye Suhe and pretended not to notice, “That was?”

“An old woman who is dying.” Ye Su He took a sip of tea and snorted, “Her own daughter went in and still wants to wreak havoc on my son.”

She had originally disliked Ying Lu Wei, but couldn’t resist the fact that Jiang Mo Yuan had taken a fancy to her, as well as the fact that Old Lady Ying had a handle on her in her hands.

Now, although Jiang’s was headed by Jiang Mo Yuan, many of the old shareholders wanted to welcome Jiang Ping back and were still fighting against it.

This kind of thing, she would never allow to happen.

Right now, the Fu family was a good person to work with.


When he returned home in the evening, Wen Huilan was in a much better condition.

The depression in his body had dispersed a bit, but the despondency was still there.

Wen Fengmian also saw that something was wrong with him and was very worried: “Yao Yao, has Gui Gui’s condition worsened again?”

“No, don’t worry, I’ll make the arrangements.” Ying Ziyi opened the computer, paused, then added, “Dad, I might have to go abroad.”

“Abroad?” Wen Fengmian wrinkled his brows, “Why do you suddenly have to go so far away?”

“There’s something very important to take care of.” Ying Ziji lowered his eyebrows, faintly, “To see an old friend on the way.”

“So.” Wen Fengmian just a*sumed she was someone she knew from this side of Shanghai, so he nodded, “If you go alone, dad won’t be comfortable, so it’s better to find someone to follow.”

Ying nodded and pondered for a moment, “Dad, I might take you to the Imperial City after I graduate.”

Wen Fengmian’s expression paused for a moment: “The imperial capital is too big, but it’s also really a good place to develop.”

He smiled, “Dad is old, so I won’t fool around with you youngsters, wherever you want to go, dad will support you.”

After Wen Fengmian pushed the door out, Ying Ziji was silent for a while before she logged on to the nok forum.

The account, Coke Milk Tea Fries. The growth value had already reached one hundred thousand.

But inside the hidden section where the bigwigs were gathered, it could only be considered a hanging chad.

She didn’t really want to have any contact with anyone from her past, but the retirement life she wanted had obviously been ruined.

So it wouldn’t hurt to make contact.

Except that with this new number, she obviously couldn’t get in touch.

Thinking about it, Ying looked at [Coke Milk Tea Fries] in the top right corner of the page for three seconds, clicked out and went back to the login screen.

Then she entered another account.

Once this account logged in, the forum interface changed once again.

The background was dark gold.

This was the real nok forum.

There were no more than five people in the whole nok forum who could have this kind of page, and even the administrators couldn’t see it.

Ying clicked on the bounty section, made a post, and went offline.


Late at night.

The Atlantic Ocean is stormy and rainy.

This is a ship, ostensibly a whaling ship, but in reality really probing the deep for new life, for archaeology and new scientific research.

Rumour has it that this was once the ancient land of Atlantis, an ancient continent with a glorious civilisation that sank 10,000 years ago because of a natural disaster that destroyed all civilisation along with it.

However, many people firmly believed in the true existence of Atlantis, and that if they could find the ruins of this ancient continent, they would be able to possess a fortune even greater than that of the Laurent family.

Over the years, many of the hunters on the list have raced to the sea, but have come up empty-handed.

In the cabin sat a young man who was also looking at his computer.

The screen displayed a page that was none other than the hidden section of the nok forum.

As usual, the young man was browsing through the bounty posts in the bounty section.

His account level was not the highest, only S rank, so he had little interest in many of the ordinary bounties.

The prices offered by those bounties were not enough to move him either.

Until he saw a very interesting bounty post with Norton University in the title.

The young man clicked in and took a look.


A reward for an invitation to Norton University’s ss-level academy.

The bounty will be collected in person at Norton University.

Bounty price: one divination from the bounty holder.

“Giggle.” After reading it, the young man snorted, “Another divining rod that beckons.”

One divination for an invitation to Norton University?

Or from an SS level college?

What a money-losing deal.

Moreover, invitations from ss-level colleges were not available for a few years.

Because unlike the invitations of other levels, the invitation of the ss-level college could only be issued with the signature of the president of Norton University himself.

So the only person who can accept this bounty is the president of Norton University himself.

But why would the president of Norton University need a diviner to divine?

Even if someone wanted to take it, they wouldn’t have the skills to get the invitation.

Probably some newcomer, who didn’t know anything about anything, had made such a ridiculous post.

The young man intended to close this bounty post and go and browse something else.

With a casual glance at his eyes, he saw the information of the user who posted this bounty.

id: divine calculator

rank: member’s privileges in the Hidden Alliance are too low, forbidden to view

Registration date: 22nd October 1496