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Boss Lady Chapter 71-72

Chapter 71


The entire courtroom was silent.

Ying Lu Wei jerked back and looked incredulously at the plaintiff’s stand.

The pop-ups of the live broadcast stalled for a few seconds and exploded in an instant.

[woc! Did you guys just hear it clearly? Did I mishear?]

【Front, you heard me right, although I’ve never heard the name, but I can conclude that the one sister invited is from the Imperial City Nie family aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

【[Kneeling][Kneeling], so it’s not that he’s not coming, he’s holding back a big move.]

[Hahahahaha, those few just now, do you guys hit your faces? Not only is the West Wind Law Firm here, but the Nie family is here, is there any suspense in this lawsuit?

[I’m laughing my a*s off, I thought the big families from the imperial capital had come out, and this? That’s it? A family even bigger than the Nie family?

“There’s been an incident, the previous legal representative is in hospital.” The young lawyer nodded his head and explained, “He also bothered Mr. Nie Yi to save the day on the spot.”

He was also quite scared in his heart.

Since its establishment, the cases that Westwind Law Firm had taken on were mostly criminal disputes and other difficult cases.

This was the first time they had taken on a case like online violence or disinformation.

Even though it was easy to win the case, it had attracted a lot of attention.

That is why Westwind Law Firm not only sent a team of top lawyers, but also provided a legal representative specifically for the case.

By definition, the legal representative should be Ying Zidian’s guardian or relative, but the Ying family is not a good one.

What they never expected was that there would be too many twists and turns along the way.

First, the flight was delayed and they were forced to be stuck on the plane for two hours.

Then, when they arrived in Shanghai, they were involved in a car accident.

If the Nie family hadn’t learned of the news and picked them up directly, I’m afraid this trial would not have been able to proceed normally today.

Luckily, not more than thirty minutes had pa*sed.

But even if it had been longer than that, there were ways for them to salvage it.

The young lawyer secretly wiped a sweat.

Even he hadn’t expected that Nie’s grandchildren would come to take the legal representation’s place.

This was too ……

Nie Yi took his seat at the plaintiff’s table and moved his respectful mouth, “Begin.”

The low, magnetic voice was not the least bit warm, causing a sudden chill in the courtroom.

It was only then that the people under the seat came back to their senses one by one, but they were still in a bit of a trance.

Nie Chao shivered.

He grabbed Fu Yunshen’s clothes and cried out, “Seven, Seventh Younger, in the future for the Qingming Festival, you burn more paper money for me.”

He’s dead he’s dead he’s dead.

Fu Yunshen slowly and methodically took his claws down: “Don’t touch me, and scum granting.”


Nie Chao heard the sound of his heart breaking.

Fu Yunshen looked up and met Nie Yi’s eyes.

His peach blossom eyes curved and his index finger pressed lightly on his lips.

Then he withdrew his gaze and looked sideways.

The black baseball cap covered half of the girl’s face, revealing a chin.

Her hair fell, revealing the almost transparent whiteness of her skin, and the green veins were clearly visible.

She was too thin, and needed to be toned up.

And perhaps sensing his movement, Ying Ziji moved and was about to straighten up.

“It will be a while yet.” Fu Yunshen glanced at the defendant’s seat, took off his coat and covered her with it, “Go back to sleep.”

His voice was low and strong, like a lullaby.

Ying Ziji’s eyes opened and closed again, and she soon fell into sleep again.

Nie Chao suddenly felt that he was a bit redundant.

He could only look at Nie Yi, who was sitting at the plaintiff’s table, with trepidation, and swallowed his saliva.

On the other side, Ying Luwei stood in the aisle, unable to sit or leave.

Her face was red under the mask, and she was blue for a while.

How could Ying Zidian ask someone from the Nie family in the capital to be his legal representative?

Are you kidding?

The Nie family was different from the Mu family in that the Nie family did not engage in business, which led to the four major giants in Shanghai not even being qualified to contact the Nie family.

This in the end ……

The netizens watching the live stream were in a state of jubilation.

[Ahhhhhh do you guys think this Nie family looks so handsome? This body, this aura, kills many stars in the entertainment industry.]

[This is the real son of a big family, right? That white lotus, Ying Luwei, is so petty.

[Ying Luwei is now completely humiliated.

The netizens were all excited to watch the trial, but it ended very quickly.

The defence lawyer didn’t even have a chance to argue, and was overwhelmed by the young lawyer from Westwind Law Firm from start to finish.

It was a complete crushing.

The verdict was handed down on the spot and the defendants were taken by surprise when the verdict was handed down in court.

When she heard that she had been sentenced to one year’s imprisonment, Ying Fei Fei’s face turned white with a swish.

She collapsed in her chair, sweating coldly and trembling.

How could this happen?

She had only said a few random words on the internet.

All around her, people were pointing and pointing.

Ying Fei Fei’s spirit didn’t hold up, her eyes rolled over and she directly fainted.

“Fei Fei!” Mrs. Ying at the defendant’s table also broke down and cried out, “Fifi, what’s going to happen to mum when you go in.”

The girl who was in charge of Ying Luwei’s official backing group, the one who led this online riot, was sentenced to three years straight away.

What’s more, she would be expelled from the university, her degree cancelled and her future completely ruined.

The girl was scared and confused at the same time.

Was it really worth it for her to do this for a stranger?

If she hadn’t fought for Ying Luwei, she wouldn’t be in this situation at all.

The girl suddenly lost her voice in pain.

The young lawyer got up and smiled gently, “If the defendant has any objections to the verdict, he can appeal again.”

[Hahahaha guess I don’t dare to appeal, another appeal will take another three years.]

[The West Wind Law Firm is too powerful, love it.

[It’s a pity that Ying Luwei wasn’t there, I couldn’t see how green her face was.

She gritted her teeth: “Didn’t you say that your teacher had greeted the Di Du Wu family?”

The result of the court trial had simply left her with no face.

The words she had given to Ying Zigui earlier had instead become something sarcastic, and there was no telling how many people were laughing at her.

Lu Zhi was also so shocked that her hands and feet were cold: “I, I don’t know either, why would the Nie family come?”

No matter how powerful the Wu family was, it couldn’t possibly compare to the Nie family.

“Sorry, I got too excited.” Ying Lu Wei tried to restrain her inner anger, easing her tone down and returning to her usual gentle tone, “I don’t blame you, it’s because I wasn’t thoughtful.”

But what was going on with the Nie family?

Ying Lu Wei’s fingers trembled as she took out her mobile phone and sent a message to a celebrity girl she had met in the imperial capital a while ago.



Imperial City.

The Wu family.

The head of the Wu family was hosting a banquet for his guests when the mobile phone placed on the table suddenly rang.

“Hold on, gentlemen, I’ll take a call.”

The Wu family head glanced at it and found that it was an unfamiliar number.

He didn’t care and simply pressed the speakerphone button.


Chapter 72

However, when it was answered, there was little sound on the other end of the line.

The guests all looked over in some surprise.

The head of the Wu family pressed his impatience, “Hello? Don’t you know I’m busy at this hour?”

“If there’s anything, you can call back when you’re three hours old.”

A few days ago, he had just participated in a new energy development project, which was now in the preparation stage.

If the Wu family could successfully take this project, their position in the imperial capital’s gentry circle would definitely rise.

It might even be possible to take this opportunity to hook up with the Mu family and a few other big business families.

In this way, the Wu family would be able to leave the other medium-sized families far behind.

Who would be so ungrateful as to come and bother?

The Wu family head snorted and was about to hang up the phone.

A voice finally rang out from the receiver, icy cold.

“In one hour, all Wu family properties will be seized and supervised by the One Word Team.”

With the speakerphone on, the guests were a little confused as they heard everything clearly.

The head of the Wu family was so shocked that he couldn’t even sit still.

The words “One Word Team” were like a thunderstorm that exploded into his mind.

What was the One Word Team?

It was a long time ago that the One Word Team existed in order to restrain themselves and prevent their offspring from taking the wrong path.

The One Word Team supervised the large and small families in the imperial capital and strictly investigated all illegal acts.

Even the strongest families, such as the Nie and Mu families, are subject to the constraints of the One Word Team.

The first time they break the rules, the One Word Team will first issue a warning.

If the situation is serious, only then will the whole family be seized.

The last time something like this happened was five years ago.

Over the years, the gentry circle has been so peaceful that they have forgotten the existence of the One Word Team.

“Misunderstanding, it must be a misunderstanding.” Cold sweat broke out on the forehead of the Wu family’s head as he lowered his voice and lost his smile, “The Wu family has always acted cautiously, how come they have to seize the property?”

“Your Wu family has embezzled 300 million in bribes and illegally employed child labour, and you still say there is no misunderstanding? Just wait.”

The phone hung up and there was dead silence in the hall.

The guests glanced at each other, all knowing what was probably going on, and got up to say goodbye.

“Old Wu, I have things to do, I’ll leave first.”

“Me too, this head hurts a bit, I need to go to a hospital ……”

With the One Word Team out, who would dare to get involved with the Wu family again?

The Wu family head slumped on the stool, his body was drenched in sweat.

At that moment, another number came on the phone.

“Big brother! Big brother help me!” There was panic on the other side, “The One Word team is saying something about me maliciously obstructing the court proceedings and they want to arrest me!”

“Big brother, you must have a way right? Quickly let the family fish me out ah, the One Word Team group ……”

The latter words were no longer audible to the Wu family head as his ears perked up.

There were only two words left in his blank mind.

It’s over.

The Wu family is finished.


In the corridor.

Nie Yi stood in front of the window, a cigarette in his fingers, but didn’t smoke.

“Chief, we’ve found out clearly, the airport and the car accident, it’s all the Wu family’s doing, the brothers are out in force.”

“Really don’t know if you don’t check, once you check, it’s a shock, that Wu family still has the nerve to say there’s no misunderstanding, don’t worry chief, we’re fast, make sure you’re satisfied.”

“Hmm.” Nie Yi looked indifferent and his voice was cold, “Follow the rules.”

The call was cut off and he flicked the ashes of his cigarette and put the butt in the ashtray before turning to leave.

Inside the courtroom, those listening to the trial finally recovered from their shock and exchanged pleasantries.

Ying Luwei also learnt about what had happened in the imperial capital from the mouth of that thousand-year-old celebrity.

“Lu Wei, you’re overthinking it, what kind of person in Shanghai is worth a special trip for the Nie family? It’s just a coincidence.”

“You are unaware that the Wu family has committed something that has alerted the One Word Team, and even the entire family estate has been seized.”

“It’s said that this trial you mentioned, they seem to have moved too, the Nie family only came for the sake of the One Word Team, and it really doesn’t have much to do with that adopted daughter you’re talking about.”

“Let me just say it plainly, is she worthy of having the Nie family come for her?”

The Nie family was a top-tier family in the imperial capital, far inferior to the four big giants in Shanghai.

Not to mention an adopted daughter, the other thousand-year-old gentry weren’t worthy either.

Ying Luwei breathed a sigh of relief, but at the same time laughed at her for being too much of a cupcake.

Come to think of it, Ying Zidian had no power or influence in Shanghai, let alone being involved with people in the imperial capital.

It was only because the Wu family happened to have kicked the iron plate.

But this time, she had really lost all her face.

Ying Lu Wei hung up the phone and looked at Lu Zhi: “Is there no news from your teacher?”

“No.” Lu Zhi shook her head, “Teacher will be coming to Shanghai in a few days to consult with the old lady.”

Ying Lu Wei smiled, “It’s hard for you.”

It was true that she had thought too much.

Ying Lu Wei’s expression went cold as she stood up and walked straight towards the girl.

Now that the live broadcast had been withdrawn, she didn’t need to worry about being recognised.

The trial had gone on for thirty minutes, and Ying Ziji had slept for that long.

She wiped her hands with a tissue and prepared to leave and go to Shao Ren Hospital.

Seeing this, Ying Luwei took a quick step forward and stepped in front of the road.

Ying Ziji raised her eyes, her brows light.

“Little D**key, you are lucky to have the Imperial Nie family give you a handout.” Ying Lu Wei smiled, “But I don’t know if you’ll have such good luck in the future.”

She pressed her voice and threatened with intent, “It’s not too late for you to make amends to your little aunt, or else you’ll still be able to get along in Shanghai City?”

However, the girl’s expression did not waver.

Ying Lu Wei raised her hand to pull her hair behind her ear and smiled again, “Little belt, don’t blame little aunt for not reminding you, Fu Yun Shen is a fop, his situation in the Fu family is not much better than yours in the Ying family.”

As she said that, she tightened her mask.

The wound on her face had not yet healed, and she was quite afraid that the mask would fall off.

Ying Ziji glanced at her, put her hands in her pockets and spoke, “Three seconds.”

Ying Luwei was stunned: “What did you say?”

Seeing that the girl was not going to eat the wine, she lost interest in teaching her junior, and carried her bag to the door.

But the three seconds were up.