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Boss Lady Chapter 69-70

Chapter 69

“Get in the car with brother?” Nie Chao was wolfing down his dinner dough, when he heard this, he subconsciously came up with, “Seventh youngster, how can you say dirty words in front of the big brother? It’s too immodest.”


Fu Yunshen turned his head sideways, his peach blossom eyes slightly narrowed.

A second later, he lifted his leg and kicked up towards Nie Chao’s butt.

“Cough cough cough!” Nie Chao managed to choke, almost falling on his face, and was busy begging for forgiveness, “I was wrong, brother, spare my life and spare my life.”

It was his fault for thinking wrong.

Fu Yunshen glanced at him, reached out and took out a paper bag from the car, handing it to the girl, his voice gentle, “Yaoyao, freshly baked xiaolongbao, and yogurt, the journey to the court is a bit long, eat something to pacify your stomach.”

“Thanks.” Ying Ziji took it and bit into the yoghurt bag.

Pulling open the door with one hand, she sat down in the pa*senger seat and fastened her seat belt.

Nie Chao rolled to the back, tsking out of surprise.

If this was known by the other celebrities in Shanghai that this dude, whose twenty-second birthday was only a few months ago, already had the heart of an old father, there was no telling how hurt his heart would have to be, and his heart would have to break into eight pieces.

The car started up and drove away.

When waiting for the red light midway, Fu Yunshen looked ahead and spoke: “How is your health?”

Nie Chao grinned broadly: “It’s great, I’m good at healing myself, the scars are gone.”

He thought to himself, “Seventh young man cares about him now, this is something that would never happen before.

Before he could be touched for a second, the next moment –

“Didn’t ask you.”


Nie Chao felt his heart ache.

“Much better.” Ying Zigui paused, “I’m fine.”

Her body she understood.

When she woke up, it was indeed riddled with holes, but it had gradually mended now.

Fu Yunshen was still looking straight ahead, his free hand gently patting the girl’s head and smiling lightly, “That’s good.”

He knew there was the saying that healers did not heal themselves.

Besides, he also felt that their little friend was quite unconscious.

They obviously had to fight even though they were physically weak, and probably didn’t care much about their bodies.

So he contacted a specialist specifically to make some food to help her recover her qi and blood.

Well, their little friend is indeed a foodie and is partial to sweets.

But that’s quite good for nourishment.

The red light changed to green and the Maserati was extremely conspicuous in the crowd of cars.

Nie Chao was bored counting the eggs he had brought with him, when he suddenly seemed to remember something and slapped his thighs: “Seventh young man, but I’m so angry, do you know who tried to kill me?”

Fu Yunshen’s eyelashes twitched, indifferent: “Hmm?”

“It was actually my ex-girlfriend!” Nie Chao was indignant, “I clearly broke up with her peacefully, and even gave her a million breakup fee, but she turned around and hired a murderer to kill me, what a person.”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting into.

Nie Chao didn’t know about the nok forum, so he didn’t know that there was such a thing as a bounty list, let alone that only people with nok accounts could place bounties on targets.

He didn’t remember much about Nie Chao’s ex-girlfriends, but he vaguely remembered that they were either some of the imperial family’s young girls who wanted to climb up the ranks of the Nie family, or stars in the entertainment industry.

But whether it was the former or the latter, there was no way they would have access to the nok forum, much less be able to put a bounty on Nie Chao and invite hunters on the Divine Gun List.

But any of these hunters on the list, even if they are on the list of 100, will not put up a bounty of less than one million dollars.

The so-called ex-girlfriend is just being pushed out to block the knife.

After all, the first grandson of the Imperial Nie family met with this kind of thing in Shanghai, so he must give an explanation.

Fu Yunshen didn’t say much and went along with the question, “Which ex-girlfriend?”

“This ……” Nie Chao scratched his head, “too many, I forgot.”

There was a moment of silence in the car.

“Well, I understand.” Ying finished the small dumplings and spoke unhurriedly, “Weibo says that it’s called scumming and you have to be beaten up.”

Nie Chao: “……”

Bullsh*t, he still has his virginity.

So many people were greedy for his body and he had fought to the death to protect it.

Who let his family’s old man say that you can’t just make any children before you get married.

Fu Yunshen suddenly smiled and raised his eyebrows: “Yao Yao, don’t worry, brother is definitely not a slag and doesn’t get involved with some people.”

Ying Zigui gave his hand a beat and raised his eyebrows as well.

“Crap, Seventh Younger, how much more shameless are you?” Nie Chao was shocked, “Have you forgotten that you’re known as the number one flirtatious dude in Shanghai City?”

Fu Yunshen gently raised his eyes, “I haven’t even held hands with a woman, besides, to remind you-”

“The term ‘flirtatious’ means outstanding. Have you ever heard of the phrase, ‘The man of the hour is still looking at the present day’?”

Nie Chao shut up.

He couldn’t say anything to this gentleman who knew everything about astronomy and geography.

But ……

Nie Chao scratched his head again, he really didn’t seem to have seen Seventh Younger get close to any woman.

He got it.

This young master turned out to like raising daughters.


The court hearing started at two o’clock in the afternoon.

At one o’clock, there were already quite a few people waiting.

Some of them had come from other cities to see how strong Westwind Law Firm was, that it could advance the trial, which took at least a few months, to just a few days.

However, not everyone was able to enter the courtroom and most people were watching from outside with their mobile phones in their hands.

Meanwhile, the live webcast was underway.

As the number of viewers increased, so did the number of pop-ups.

[I heard that this trial was of a few of the worst fans and rumour mongers, no way, all so young?]

I know, I know, I’m a student at Qingzhi. One of the defendants is from our school, and the day they were taken away by the police, they were crying and begging the plaintiff.

Have you seen that girl? I don’t know what’s so great about Ying Luwei, she buried her future for a vase pianist.

I’ve been fed up with keyboard warriors on the internet for a long time.

[Eh, have you seen Ying Luwei? I haven’t. It seems she really doesn’t have the face to come.

Ying Luwei was actually here, but she wrapped herself up tightly to prevent herself from being recognised.

Plus she couldn’t even take off her mask because the rash on her face hadn’t healed yet.

However, contrary to the speculation of the netizens, Ying Luwei is not panicking at all, but is extremely calm.

She knew that it was impossible for the trial to go on today.

The West Wind Law Firm, too, would definitely not send a lawyer.

Lu Zhi had already lifted her confinement, and her voice was lowered: “Lu Wei, don’t worry, I begged my teacher to get a family in the imperial capital to come forward.

Her tutor had saved the old lady of that family, and this point was still a matter of request.

“Thanks to you.” Ying Lu Wei patted her hand and smiled, “I’ll help you buy that Hermes crocodile bag later.”

Lu Zhi was flattered, “Lu Wei, you’re too kind.”

“It’s nothing.” Ying Lu Wei pulled up her hair around her ear and smiled warmly, “Sit here and wait for me for a while.”

She stood up and went out through the door.

Outside the courthouse.

The sun was shining warmly, cascading through the leaves.

Fu Yunshen stopped the car and rested his small arm on the window, “I’ll park the car and go in later.”

Nie Chao was busy nodding, “Don’t worry, Younger Seven, I’ll take good care of my sister.”

Only after saying that did he realise that Ying Zigui didn’t need a finger to hit him.


This is too heartbreaking.

Ying Ziyi nodded, “Well, I’ll wait for you.”

She took out a baseball cap from her backpack and put it on her head to protect herself from the sun.

It was at this time that Ying Luwei walked over.

Immediately, Nie Chao was alert and lifted the basket of eggs that was on the bench.

Naturally, Ying Luwei saw Nie Chao, but she didn’t care.

He was carrying eggs and dressed in fancy clothes, and he didn’t know where he was from.

It was not worth her time to make friends with him.

Ying Luwei walked straight towards the girl and smiled haughtily, “Little Belt, are you waiting for a lawyer?”

“Unfortunately, your lawyer probably won’t be coming, I’ve asked the Imperial family to step in and put pressure on the Westwind Law Firm specifically.”

Nie Chao looked over strangely.

This woman couldn’t be a fool, could she?

Just what big family in the Imperial Capital could she invite?

Get in the door?

“Without a lawyer, your lawsuit will lose 100%.” Ying Luwei sighed and felt sorry for her, “Look, why did it have to come to this? If you admit your mistake with your little aunt, she won’t bother with you about anything.”

“After all, we are family.”

She smiled gently, like a loving elder lecturing a young child who had made a mistake.

Because there was a change in the light and shadow, Ying Ziyi discovered Ying Luwei as a person.

She removed her headphones: “You spoke?”

Complete and utter ignorance.

Ying Luwei’s face was blue, and the feeling of her fist hitting empty space made her hold her breath.

She put away her gentleness and smiled coldly: “When the trial starts later, I’ll see how arrogant you are.”

She had already torn her face off, so there was no need for her to pretend any longer.

Ying Luwei turned her head and left.

Nie Chao was thinking of how to throw the egg at Ying Luwei, and he raised his head to pick a suitable angle.

In front of him, a Bugatti Veyron was parked in front of the courthouse.

The car’s number plate started with “京”.

It was an Imperial city number plate, and a very rare one at that.

The person who could sit inside this car had an unusual status.

Nie Chao didn’t pay much attention to it until he saw someone he knew very well get out of the Bugatti Veyron: “……”

F*ck, he cracked up.


Chapter 70

Nie Chao couldn’t believe his eyes, rubbed them and looked over again.

This time he got a good look.

Even though it was still only a sideways glance, it was scary enough.


How had he come to Shanghai City?

“Big, big brother.” Nie Chao took a step back, carrying his eggs and hiding behind the girl as his throat rolled, “One, if someone beats me up later, can you, can you block for me?”

“Who?” Ying Zidian raised his hand and pressed the brim of his hat, faintly, “Your big brother?”

Nie Chao was stunned, “Big brother, how do you know?”

Didn’t she have her back to him?



Making fun of him again.

Nie Chao was sad.

“It’s my big brother.” He moved back carefully again to make sure he wasn’t spotted before he sighed in relief, “Sister, you don’t know that my big brother is scarier than even my old man.”

“The old man I can at least hide from, after all the old man can’t run as fast as me, my big brother is different, I’ve been f*cking beaten up by him since I was a kid!”

When he changed his girlfriend, his big brother beat him up.

But it was clear that he was the one who got kicked every time.

Ying raised his eyebrows, and only then did he look sideways.

In front of the Bugatti Veyron, the man stood straight.

He was twenty-five or twenty-six years old, tall and straight.

He was dressed in a black suit and was ascetically handsome.

There was a stern aura about him, as if he had only just emerged from a mountain of corpses and blood.

Even a son of a powerful family in the imperial capital could not possess such an aura.

Ying Zidian’s eyes narrowed slightly: “Your elder brother has only just returned from the law enforcement team.”

Nie Chao froze again, “Big brother, is this something you count too?”

His elder brother was the grandson of the Nie family, but was actually considered to be separated from the Nie family again.

This was because when his elder brother was twelve years old, he had entered the law enforcement team.

Those who entered the enforcement team had to remain impartial, even if it was their own family, they couldn’t be biased.

The old man of his family was angry and happy, angry that there was no one left to succeed the Nie family, and happy that his grandson was very promising.

He didn’t know what level his elder brother was currently in the law enforcement team, but he had once happened to bump into an agent from the General Bureau of International Investigation ibi, and this agent was very respectful of his elder brother.

It was evident that he was not an ordinary person.

But again, his elder brother’s identity was kept secret from the public, and the thousand-year-old gentry of several other powerful families in the imperial capital did not necessarily know about it.

Moreover, how could an ordinary lawsuit have alerted his elder brother?

Nie Chao was baffled.

It was strange, he always felt that this sister of the Ying family was mysterious, just like the Seventh Younger, one could not see through her.


Ying Luwei didn’t see the Bugatti Veyron and went back to her seat.

Halfway through the meeting, Lu Zhi also called her mentor again to confirm again, looked up and smiled, “Lu Wei, don’t worry, my teacher said that the Wu family had given the West Wind Law Firm a call, there will be absolutely no mistakes.”

“Of course I’m relieved.” Ying Lu Wei looked at the girl who walked in through the door and smiled, “Do you think she’s quite naive, thinking that just because she found a law firm, she can really win her case?”

This kind of case was already very difficult to win, let alone without the support of the West Wind Law Firm.

Lu Zhi didn’t think so: “Young people haven’t experienced the cruelty of society yet, so they are quite naive.”

“But she does have some tricks up her sleeve.” The smile on Ying Lu Wei’s lips tightened, and she lifted her chin in contempt, “No, she’s even hooked up with Fu Yunshen.”

Lu Zhi’s face was ugly.

Just because of a phone call from Fu Yunshen, her bank card had been stopped by Lu’s father.

“I, as an aunt, just have to lead my niece back to the right path in time.” Ying Lu Wei was playing with her nails, “Watch, how embarra*sed she’ll be at the court hearing later.”

She would never allow things to get out of her control again.

Lu Zhi pursed her lips and looked at the girl’s position again.

In front of her on her right, Nie Chao was giving Fu Yunshen a complaint, “Younger Seven, you didn’t see it, that white lotus Ying Luwei was bullying her sister just now.”

“Hmm?” Fu Yunshen’s expression did not move, but his eyes deepened a little, and his voice was low and mute.

“I’m laughing my a*s off, she actually said she had asked the Imperial Capital family to put pressure on the West Wind Law Firm.” Nie Chao was speechless, “Do you think she’s out of her mind?”

“You can pry it open and help her see.”


Without saying much, Fu Yunshen took out the prepared chocolates and placed them in the girl’s hands.

His fingertips grazed the soft palm, as if the wind had brushed against it.

Ying Ziji’s eyelashes dropped.

These days, she was used to him feeding her from time to time.

She put the chocolate away and did not eat it immediately.

Because she didn’t want to show her face, she didn’t sit at the plaintiff’s table and wore a mask too

Closer and closer to two o’clock, there were more pop-ups.

[It’s already this hour, where’s the Westwind Law Firm, haven’t they come yet?

[Could there have been an accident on the way?

[How is it possible that such a professional law firm would be stumped by such a trivial matter?

Just as the netizens were wondering, a few very eye-catching pop-ups floated past.

[Don’t even wait, Westwind Law Firm won’t be coming, there’s an emperor’s family out there don’t you know? Tsk, I told you a long time ago that Ying Ziji couldn’t be sued at all, but you still don’t believe me.

Even though she’s not suing Ying Luwei herself, suing her fans is stepping on her face. Let’s disperse.

It’s just the Ying family’s own business, but it’s no fun to take it to court.

[Remember to be a saint when you’re being cyberstormed, don’t sue.

At the defendant’s table, Ying Fei Fei and the girl who manages Ying Lu Wei’s official support group also breathed a sigh of relief.

As long as the trial couldn’t go on properly, they wouldn’t have to carry a criminal record.

At 2:20, there was still no sign of the Westwind Law Firm.

If the court did not arrive after 30 minutes and there was no valid reason, the court would decide that the plaintiff should withdraw the case.

Ying Luwei ruffled her hair and gave a look to the defence lawyer.

The defence lawyer stood up and said, “Your Honour, I think it is necessary to remind the plaintiff that we have the right to withdraw the case if the litigation lawyer is not present again.”

At these words, there were whispers from the courtroom.

The pop-ups also went haywire.

[No way, really not coming?]

[Alas, it can’t be helped, they have a backstage.

Satisfied, Ying Luwei sent a text message to her, using a new number.

[Little D**key, I told you, you’re useless on your own, remember to behave next time, or I won’t promise to do anything to you.

Ying Ziji yawned and smoothly pulled the black.

Fu Yunshen noticed that she was sleepy and tilted her shoulder sideways: “Leaning?”

Ying Zidian shook her head slightly, her phoenix eyes were misty: “It’s okay, I can still hold on.”

Fu Yunshen raised his hand and pressed her head onto his shoulder: “Your body is not well, don’t force yourself.”


Ying Ziji simply pulled her hat down and started to rest.

Ying Luwei, who was sitting in the corner, saw the scene and shook her head repeatedly.

What a time to be in the mood for flirting.

She looked at the time and saw that it was already 28 minutes, so she lost interest in staying and got up to leave.

Just as Ying Luwei stood up, the door of the courtroom suddenly opened.

In walked a young lawyer, who came to his seat with a folder in his arms without slowing down or hurrying.

“There was a car accident on the way and I’m very sorry for being late.” He pushed up his gla*ses and smiled, “Honourable Presiding Judge, before we begin, allow me to introduce Miss Ying Zigui’s legal representative.”

He took a step to his left to make way for the man following him, “Mr. Nie Yi.”

Nie Chao: “……”

F*ck, he cracked up once again.