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Boss Lady Chapter 75-76

Chapter 75

Although the voice was the usual cold one, the tone of voice was calm.

Such a natural “Miss Ying” startled the secretary, who didn’t look back in place for half a day.

Jiang Moyuan’s movements also froze.

His indifferent face broke apart in an instant, revealing a rare look of disbelief.

Ying Ziyang stopped walking and turned back.

She lifted the brim of her hat a little higher, her phoenix eyes collecting a hazy mist: “Mr. Nie.”

“You’re welcome.” Nie Yi slowed down, “Miss Ying helped my brother, I haven’t said thank you yet.”

Ying Ziyi was not surprised, she nodded, “I know a little about it, not that I saved it.”

She had said that she had met him for the first time as a casual remark, to fool Nie Chao, a silly white girl.

But it was impossible to fool Fu Yunshen or Nie Yi.

Although trigonometric calculators have faded from the public eye since we entered the twenty-first century, it is not true that there are not any, only that very few are proficient.

The big families, basically, have regular feng shui masters.

“No matter what, Miss Ying has also reminded her brother.” Nie Yi paused, “If you’re free, I’ll treat you guys to dinner.”

“Good.” Ying Ziji nodded slightly, “If Mr. Nie doesn’t have anything to do, I’ll leave first.”

“There is a matter.” Nie Yi was silent for a moment and asked a question that had been left unanswered, “What does Miss Ying like?”


Jiang Mo Yuan’s jaw tensed, his face ugly.

The secretary was stunned, his brain buzzing, and once again Nie Yi’s words were blown out of proportion.

At the beginning, he had followed Jiang Moyuan to pick up Ying Zidian from Qing Shui County, so how could he not know exactly how much she weighed?

She was a poor student and wanted to climb up the ladder with a man, which made people dislike her.

But now?

The eldest grandson of the Imperial Nie family asks what Ying Zidian likes?

Wasn’t that a clear slap in their face?

Ying Zidian raised his eyebrows: “Something delicious.”

“I see.” Nie Yi thought for a moment and knew how to reply to Fu Yunshen, “I’ll take Miss Ying back.”

“Don’t bother.” Ying Ziyi yawned, “Thank you, Mr. Nie, for what happened today.”

Nie Yi didn’t force the issue, “See you again.”

He glanced at the watch on his wrist and was leaving as well.

As he walked away, he still didn’t even glance at the two people next to him, as if it wasn’t even worth looking at.

The secretary did not know what Jiang Moyuan was thinking inside, he was both embarra*sed and embarra*sed.

Especially at the entrance of the King’s Club, people were coming and going, and there were eyes drifting over at all times.

After all, no one in Shanghai knew Jiang Moyuan.

The first grandson of the Nie family ignored them and instead called out to an adopted daughter.

The secretary bowed her head, her face burning with pain: “Third master, we ……”

“Cancel today’s social gathering.” The air pressure on Jiang Mo Yuan’s body was extremely low, and his face was frighteningly cold, “Push other matters to three days later as well, and say I’m taking a break.”

The secretary froze for a moment.

Jiang Moyuan was extremely serious at work, often going overnight, and basically resting 365 days a year.

How did this ……

The secretary didn’t dare ask more questions, “Okay, Third Master.”

He bent over, pulled open the car door again, and smiled, “Third master, this Second Miss Ying is really good, seeing that your path won’t work, she has changed again.”

“A month ago, she was still with Young Master Fu Qi, not too soon.”

Jiang Moyuan didn’t say anything, pursing his lips tightly, knowing that these were merely words of comfort.

A relationship with the first grandson of the Nie family?

Not to mention the four major gentry in Shanghai, even some medium-sized gentry in the imperial capital were not qualified.

As for Ying Zidian ……

The first time I saw you, I was in the middle of a car.



Just as netizens were joyfully retweeting Master Zhong’s lottery, they saw another big fresh melon.

[@TheBestBreakingNewsJournalv: It turns out that a certain pianist entered the hospital late at night not with, but with a disfigured face.]

The accompanying picture was very intently pasted with a nine-panel grid, or a different angle, to ensure that netizens could see clearly.

[Crap, a ghost!

[Mom asked why I was so scared that I closed my eyes.]

[Is this …… Yingluwei’s idea of a beautiful pianist?

[Wow, how much powder does she put on her face, no wonder she’s so thick-skinned.]

Ying Luwei’s fans were already furious with Master Zhong, but when they saw this Weibo post, they were even more furious.

[Here comes the black press release again, right? Lu Wei is not from the entertainment industry, can you stop it?

The picture is so blurred, who can you recognize? Please don’t be so nonsensical, please pay attention to Lu Wei’s recital on May 16.

[Luvvie will play Vera Hall’s “Sun and Moon” at the recital, please come and see.

However, because Ying Lu Wei’s persona has collapsed quite a bit, the fans couldn’t suppress the real comments with their own strength.

[Laughable, don’t you all recognise Ying Lu Wei by her legs? This picture doesn’t look too confusing to me, so why can’t you recognise her?

[Fans are selectively blind, but then again, Jiang Moyuan is still …… impressed by this face.]

In the end, this Weibo only existed for three hours before it was deleted.

The netizens also know what the reason is, and after sighing a sentence of “the luxury family just can’t afford to mess with”, they went on to retweet the lottery.

** Three days later

Three days later.

Almost a month after the start of the school year, the atmosphere in cla*s 19 was much better than before.

Surprisingly, a lot of people have started studying and asking each other questions after cla*s.

It’s not that they really want to learn, it’s just that they’ve heard Ying Ziji talk about biology for several lessons, so they really don’t want to let her down.

Their father is such a god of learning, do they want to drag their feet?

“Ying Dad, we’ve bought a barbecue and beer.” The little brothers came in with some bags in a joyful manner, “A treat for you.”

Ying Zidian put down his pen, “I’m not hungry yet, you guys eat first.”

“It’s alright, buy more when you’re hungry.” A little brother looked over, “Where’s Sister Yu?”

Ying Ziji lowered her head again, “She’s gone to help me slip the pigs.”

The minions: “……”

God forbid!

They wanted to skate the pigs too.

“No, we can’t let Sister Yu have the doo-doo all to herself.” Little brother was indignant as he headed out the door and called, “Sister Feather, where are you? Oh, near the East Lake, well well well!”

He hadn’t even stepped outside when Ying suddenly got up, his voice wrapped in ice, “I’ll go with you.”


The East Lake was a big part of Qingzhi’s landscape, and the school also kept a few black swans, and the students liked to walk around the lake.

Only now it was noon meal time, and there were still relatively few people.

A girl was walking with Zhong Zhiyan on her arm and suddenly pointed ahead, “Zhiyan, what do you think that is?”

Zhong Zhiyan looked over indifferently and found what appeared to be a very small pig.

“Ah, I remember now!” The girl slapped her head, “It’s Ying Ziji’s pet, and that group of uneducated people in cla*s 19 are showing it off every day.”

Zhong Zhiwei frowned, “Pet?”

“A small county town is a small county town.” The girl snorted, “And raising pigs, I don’t know what her preference is, I’m really convinced of her.”

“You can’t have pets in school.” Zhong Zhiyan looked at the lake, faintly, “You go pick it up and throw it away.”


Chapter 76

The girl was stunned: “Throw it in the lake?”

Zhong Zhiwei made light of the situation: “Throw it in the dustbin, maybe it will even crawl out on its own.”

“That’s cruel, isn’t it?” The girl hesitated, “Just return the pig to cla*s 19 or hand it in to the moral education director, wouldn’t that be fine?”

“You think the students of Cla*s 19 will follow the school rules?” Zhong Zhiwei looked even lighter, “What would they know without a lesson?”

The girl thought that made sense, but she still hesitated, “But ……”

When Zhong Zhiyan saw that she was not moving, she also lost her patience, so she simply went forward herself and lifted up the teacup pig that was crawling on the ground.

When he was suddenly in the air, Dudu was a bit startled and struggled with his four little hooves stomping around.

Zhong Zhiwei didn’t care about this, she walked to the edge of the lake and threw him down.

The teacup pig was so small that it didn’t even make a splash and was lost in a flash.

Zhong Zhiwei took out a wet towel and wiped her hands to make sure they were free from the dirty smell before she was ready to leave.

But before she could turn around, a strong force came from behind her and kicked her straight down into the lake.

“It was so quick that none of the girls with her reacted.

Two seconds later, she turned around in shock.

She saw the girl standing at the edge of the East Lake, holding the teacup pig that Zhong Zhiyan had just thrown down in her arms.

The hazel phoenix eyes were fogged over, as if the lake was frozen.

At this moment, this layer of ice broke apart with a click.

The cold air shot out in all directions, and it was cold.

The girl couldn’t help but shiver.

She even saw a killing chance in it.

“Help …… Goudou, help!” Zhong Zhiwei was confused and even more panicked, “I don’t know how to swim, help!”

But no one moved.

“F*ck, Zhong Zhiwei, you’re too vicious, aren’t you?” The little brother running after her was panting and furious, “What’s the difference between you and killing someone?!”

Is the life of a pet pig not a life?

Zhong Zhiwei couldn’t even hear it, she was so panicked that she was on the verge of collapse, “Help! Help!”

The girl finally came back to her senses, a little dumb: “Zhi, Zhiyan, I don’t know how to swim either.”

“Help me!” Survival instinct made Zhong Zhiwei send a plea for help to the girl, “Cousin, help me ……”

However, Ying Ziyang didn’t even look at her and lowered her head to save Dudu in her arms.

Zhong Zhiyan flopped around a few more times, seeing that she was about to sink to the bottom.

Until she saw Jiang Yan walking towards her, she rekindled her hope: “Jiang Yan! Jiang Yan help me!”

Jiang Yan naturally heard her and looked up at the lake.

His expression was indifferent, and on his lips was a sneer, cold and icy.

It was like a pot of cold water being poured over his head, and Zhong Zhiwei’s heart went cold.

Her heart throbbed with angina.

Only after Ying Ziji confirmed that Dudu was fine did he look up: “Pull it out.”

Two youngsters stepped forward and dragged Zhong Zhiyan, who was floundering in the lake, out.

Without any semblance of mercy, they threw her straight to the ground.

Zhong Zhiyan’s face was suffocating red and she coughed painfully, “Cough cough ……”

She was drenched and in a wretched state.

Gradually, more and more students by the East Lake saw the scene and were astonished.

The girl also just dared to come forward and helped Zhong Zhiyan up, whispering, “Zhiyan, let me take you to the hospital.”

Zhong Zhiyan could not easily catch her breath, her body shivering with cold.

She took another glance at the indifferent Jiang Yan, her heart was even harder to bear, and she was quickly helped away by the girls.

“Bah!” Little brother spat, “Just like that she is still called a goddess, blind.”

“Ying Dad, I’m sorry, you hit me.” Xiu Yu was guilty, “It was me who didn’t keep an eye on Dudu and let it run away.”

In the past few days, Dududu had learned to walk.

Sometimes da-da-da ran so fast that it was gone in the blink of an eye.

“I don’t blame you.” Ying Ziji took out a small pill and slowly fed it to Dudu, “No one expected that.”

The pill worked quickly, and in ten seconds or so, Dudu woke up.

He rubbed his little pink nose against her palm and made a happy humming sound.

Ying Ziji stroked its head and her eyes eased slightly.

“Luckily, Ying Dad was there just in time.” Little Brother also had a moment of fear, “If this had been a few seconds later, Dudu would have been gone.”

But he remembered that their father was still busy, wasn’t he?

Why was he suddenly going to the East Lake?

It was as if he had known about it all along.

Little brother scratched his head and didn’t think much about it.

Ying Ziji put Duodu on his shoulder and casually rolled up the sleeve of his school uniform, “You guys go back, I’ll go to the counseling room.”


The road ahead.

“Zhiyan, you shouldn’t have messed with Ying Zidian.” The girl was still scared, “Have you forgotten how she threw Ying Fei Fei into the bin in the first place?”

Zhong Zhiyan pursed her lips, so angry that her hands were shaking.

How did she know that someone would see it?

She hadn’t expected that Ying Ziji would even dare to do something cruel to her.

If word got out, wasn’t she afraid of being called vicious?

And Jiang Yan.

Zhong Zhiyan’s eyes reddened.

When the two of them were leaving the school, they bumped into He Xun who was coming back from outside.

He Xun frowned: “What’s wrong with you?”

“Teacher He, I’m fine.” Zhong Zhiyan forced a smile, “I just have to go to the hospital.”

“Teacher He, you don’t know, ever since Ying Zidian left the Talent cla*s, it’s really getting worse and worse.” The girl was still quite angry, “She just kicked Zhiyan into the East Lake.”

He Xun’s expression changed instantly.

The East Lake was deep, and there had been drownings before, and the school authorities took it all very seriously.

This was already an attempted murder.

“You go to the hospital first.” He Xun beckoned a taxi for Zhong Zhiyan, “I’ll give the headmaster a word on this matter.”

“I don’t want to bother Teacher He.” Zhong Zhiyan lowered her head, “How can I say, she and I are cousins, she has a temper, I should also suffer.”

He Xun’s brow furrowed even more, and he became even more displeased with Ying Zidian.

He said indifferently, “It’s no trouble.”

Zhong Zhiyan coughed a few times, “Then thank you, Mr. He.”


At this time, Master Zhong was surfing on Weibo and chatting with his netizens.

After hearing the door ring, he raised his head.

Seeing Zhong Zhiyan, whose face was covered in tears, Elder Zhong froze for a moment, “What happened, why is Wandi crying?”

Zhong Zhiyan bit her lips and didn’t answer, her eyes were filled with watery mist and she was pitiful.

“Old master, do you know what that adopted daughter of the Ying family has done?” She kicked Evening into the lake for a pet.”

“Evening can’t swim, and it’s quite cold in March, what if something happens to her?”

She really didn’t think that an adopted daughter would have the guts to do that.

Zhong Zhiyan was the daughter she had brought up, so she had never experienced such an indignity.

Mrs. Zhong spoke again, her voice very cold: “Master, I can’t just let this matter go.”

Zhong Zhiyan was Master Zhong’s own granddaughter, and even the Ying family’s real Miss was not as favoured as Zhong Zhiyan in the Zhong family.

Even if Master Zhong was confused, he wouldn’t not know who was surnamed Zhong, would he?