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Boss Lady Chapter 77-78

Chapter 77

Zhong Zhiyan lifted her head.

She also wanted to know what kind of attitude Elder Zhong had towards Ying Zidian.

Master Zhong put down his mobile phone and said slowly, “Let’s talk about this matter when D**key comes back after cla*s.”

Zhong Zhiyan’s expression changed, revealing a bit of disbelief, and her face turned even paler.

Mrs. Zhong almost suspected she had heard wrongly, “Master?”

Could it be that they would still wrongly accuse an adopted daughter?

“Take Evening to take a hot bath.” Master Zhong instructed, “Have the kitchen put the medicine on the stew.”

Zhong Zhiyan’s lips were bitten white as she sullenly answered, water misting in her eyes.

“Old Master, what do you mean by that?” Mrs. Zhong could not hold back, “Evening is your own granddaughter, how can you still be partial to an outsider?”

Old Master Zhong was too close and too distant, wasn’t he?

“We need to ask for clarification before we can come to a conclusion.” Master Zhong gave her a faint look, “Why don’t you send the evening upstairs to rest?”

Although Elder Zhong was old now, he still had the power of speech as he held the equity in his hands.

Even if Mrs. Zhong was reluctant, she had no choice but to do as she was told.

Zhong Zhiyan went upstairs in a daze, so aggrieved that she wanted to cry.

“Evening, your grandfather has been quite confused these past two months.” Mrs. Zhong comforted her. Mrs. Zhong rea*sured her, “I guess he just felt compa*sion for his adopted daughter, but when your grandfather finds out what she really is, will he still spoil her?”

“Mom, I know, I just ……” Zhong Zhiyan wiped her tears, “I just can’t accept that grandpa treats her so well.”

On what grounds?

A foster daughter, the Ying family didn’t even take her seriously, how could Master Zhong still treat her like a treasure?

“Don’t worry, Evening.” Your grandfather still loves you the most, so he’s probably waiting for her to come back and teach her a lesson.”

Zhong Zhiyan didn’t think so, her nails pinching into her palm.

She once again remembered the day she heard the words “she is the rightful owner”, pursed her lips, but still did not say anything to Mrs. Zhong.

** Principal’s Office

The headmaster’s office.

The headmaster was answering the phone and hung up before asking, “Teacher He, is there something wrong at this time?”

He Xun briefly recounted the matter: “Principal, I think it’s necessary to take disciplinary action.”

“Oh, this matter.” The headmaster was not surprised, “The phone call just now was about this, Mr. He, you should have only heard one side of the story, right?”

He Xun looked up, his eyes under his gold-rimmed gla*ses were cold: “What does the headmaster mean?”

“What happened was like this ……,” the headmaster finished, “It was Zhong who did wrong first, and although Ying also pa*sed, it wasn’t to the point of disciplinary action.”

He Xun frowned slightly.

He was unaware of the inside story.

But how could the life of a pet pig be compared to that of a human being?

“Teacher He.” The headmaster deliberated for a moment before adding, “In fact, you should know that Cla*s 19 was originally a cla*s of three, so there’s really no need for you to pay too much attention to Ying’s cla*smates.”

He said in a polite tone, “After all, Ying didn’t go to the international cla*s either.”

The implication was that you only need to take care of the students in the international cla*s.

He Xun’s expression froze, and he was embarra*sed for a moment, but quickly returned to normal.

He raised his hand and pressed his brow, “Sorry, Headmaster.”

There were many students who didn’t learn well that he didn’t like, and Jiang Yan and Xiu Yu in cla*s 19 were no different, but it was Ying Zigui who gave him the worst impression.

Both academically and in terms of character, and with a tendency to violence.

And still, he had committed many offences and repeatedly failed to reform.

He Xun didn’t say anything else and left the headmaster’s office.


Ying Zidian walked out of the psychological counselling room, holding a psychological diagnosis in her hand.

There were six words written on it.

Bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder is different from ordinary depression in that, in addition to depression, it is accompanied by manic episodes.

Most of the people who develop it are teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19, and can suffer from bipolar disorder due to genetic predisposition, family of origin, school violence and other factors.

Multiple depression and occasional mania.

Ying Zidian leans against the wall with her legs bent, looking detached.

She is a healer and a poisoner.

But hadn’t paid much attention to the psychological side of things; after all, it hadn’t happened before.

The psychologist said that originally she was supposed to have only depressed moods, but there had been more times of rising moods over the past month.

So it was bipolar disorder, only it was still very mild.

Ying knew what was going on.

Because she’s fully awake, she’s no longer under the control of the Ying family in every way as she was before.

But it is also true that the Ying family’s oppression of her had caused irreparable psychological damage.

No wonder she couldn’t control her emotions after she came to Earth again.

It was also no wonder her body was so weak.

It turned out to be an illness.

When depression strikes, there is no appetite, and interest in things fades.

She is like a puppet all day long, as if she had died.

This caused the karma between her and the Ying family to be removed very slowly.

At this moment, her mobile phone rings.

Ying Ziji looked down and saw a weibo message from Fu Yunshen.

What’s up?

Fu Yunshen knew that she had made an appointment with a heart counselor today, so she didn’t hide it.

The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

After this sentence was sent, there was a long silence.

Ying Zidian slightly wrinkled her brow.

She could calculate the past and the future.

However, because she had not recovered her divine calculation ability, she could only see things within ten days, and anything further away was a blur.

Therefore, she could not see Fu Yunshen’s past.

But she had also heard that, apart from Master Fu, everyone else in the Fu family did not treat him well.

A minute later, the phone rang again.

[Ah, it’s okay, you’ll be happy every day from now on.

Ying Ziji’s eyelashes drooped.

She sent an emoji of a long gra*s face dumpling over.

This time, Fu Yunshen replied in seconds, just like before.

[Hmm? You’ve become cute lately.


She really didn’t want to talk to him sometimes.

After folding the heart diagnosis book and putting it away, Ying returned to the cla*sroom of cla*s 19 and took out her newly bought iPad.

Xiu Yu helped feed corn kernels to Dudu and came over, “Ying Dad, you want to play games?”

“No.” Ying Zidian opened the Shark anchor platform, “Live streaming, earning money.”


On the other side.

He Xun returned to his office and saw a young boy lying in front of his computer looking at something, with a loud voice.

“Teacher He, sorry sorry, the child is too naughty.” The female teacher at the side hastily picked the little boy up and apologised, “I’m really sorry for moving your computer.”

“It’s alright.” He Xun pressed his temples and couldn’t say anything.

He sat down and only then did he realise that the little boy was using his computer to watch a live game.

He Xun disliked this kind of entertainment the most, and he moved his mouse to turn it off, but accidentally clicked on the screen streamer that had just popped up.

It was triggered by a large bounty.

As soon as the page turned, it changed to a live stream.

It was an academic live stream.

It wasn’t as fancy as a live game, and it was quiet.

There was just a piece of paper with a nice overly visible hand.


Chapter 78

The fingers of that hand are long and slender, and the tips of the fingers are white.

Like transparent gelatin, it seemed to be covered with a pale light.

But what caught He Xun’s attention was not this hand, but a problem on that piece of paper.

One of the seven most difficult mathematical problems in the world.

The Riemann Conjecture.

Proposed in 1859, it was only in 2016, more than a hundred years later, that a mathematician proved this conjecture.

This kind of top-notch puzzle is a compulsory project at Norton University.

But He Xun noticed that the owner of the hand proved the Riemann Conjecture in a way that was not the same as that mathematician in 2016.

His complexion changed and he finally got serious.

He Xun’s first exposure to live streaming did not turn off the pop-ups.

Words of various colours floated around.

[Da Shen, can we talk about university physics today?

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

He Xun looked closely at the piece of paper, quickly registered an account and began typing.

[Can you prove the Navier-Stokes equation?

The Navier-Stokoe equation, is also one of the world’s seven most difficult mathematical problems.

When this pop-up came out, the other users watching the live stream were not happy.

[The one in front, are you new here? The content of the live broadcast was all set the day before, don’t you know that you have to reward the gods for talking about something else? The white whoring monster still has so many demands, why don’t you go to heaven?

[So rude, the gods will not give you a talk either.

He Xun frowned.

He paused the live broadcast, opened the account he had just registered, and directly topped up 100,000 into it.

He Xun came to Qingzhi as a teacher not because he was short of money, his family was already rich.

Compared to money and knowledge, the former was far less important than the latter.

He Xun directly smashed a hundred rockets down, triggering the screen meteor once again, and the number of people in the live stream room rose again.

After a hundred thousand went down, there was a sound in the live stream.


A very detached word.

The voice was also clear and faint, indistinguishable from male or female.

But it was nice to hear.

He Xun then saw that hand take another piece of paper and unhurriedly solved the Na Weier-Stokoe equation.

His expression turned serious again gradually into shock.

How could an online anchor prove it?

Neither he nor some of his university cla*smates could.

[Although he couldn’t understand these puzzles, he was too curious about which academic bigwig the Great God was vesting.]

He Xun was also quite curious.

Before he could send a pop-up to ask, his phone rang.

The caller did not show the number.

It was hidden.

He Xun’s expression changed and he walked outside the office before picking up, “Tutor.”

On the other end of the line was an old foreign man, but spoke Chinese unexpectedly well, interspersed only with a thick o-continental accent.

“He, how are you doing in China?”

“Everything is fine, and you take care of your health.”

“He, I have to remind you again, there are still three months to go before it’s time for your test, if you don’t pa*s this time, there’s nothing I can do.”

The old man’s tone was quite regretful.

He Xun’s lips pursed tightly and he didn’t say anything.

Outsiders did not know that entering Norton University did not mean that one would be successful enough to get a degree from Norton University.

And, unlike other universities, Norton University’s college has a hierarchy.

The sss grade is the highest and the d grade is the lowest.

He is in a college with a rating of d.

And students below the a-rated college including the a-rated college had to take an examination, three times in total.

If he couldn’t pa*s the test this time, he would have his degree revoked.

He Xun sat back in his seat and watched the live broadcast in a daze.

He thought for a long time and sent a private message to the anchor.

[Please ask the anchor, can you do me a favour?

However, there was no response to this private message until it was time to go off air.

He Xun frowned, ignored the discomfort in his heart, and took out his textbook to start preparing his lesson.


When school was over, Ying received a call from Elder Zhong.

He said that he wanted her to go to the Zhong family and had sent a driver to pick her up.

After she got into the car, she opened the Shark Live app to check her income for the day.

After a 50/50 split with the live streaming platform, she got 70,000.

Among them, 50,000 came from a new subscriber.

This user had also sent her a private message.

But she didn’t pay attention.

The user rewarded her, and she spoke about the Navier-Stokoe equation, which did not include other services.

Ying yawned and leaned against the car window to take a nap.

Twenty minutes later, the driver pulled up in front of the gate of the Zhong family’s old mansion.

It was mealtime at this hour, and the servants were busy in the kitchen.

Inside the living room.

Apart from Elder Zhong, Zhong Manhua, Madam Zhong and Zhong Zhiyan were all present.

Zhong Manhua’s face changed when she saw the girl enter.

But because Master Zhong was there, she held back and did not say anything.

On the other side, Zhong Zhiyan’s eyes were red, obviously she had cried not long ago.

Ying Ziji took a glance at her.

She noticed that Zhong Zhiyan’s lips curled as if in a provocative manner.

She ignored it and nodded towards Old Master Zhong: “Grandfather.”

Before Master Zhong could say anything, Madam Zhong slammed the table and rose angrily, “How dare you call yourself grandfather, an adopted daughter? You pushed Evening into the lake, why are you so vicious? I said ……”

Before she finished her words, Elder Zhong let out a roar, “Shut up, you!”

Mrs. Zhong was stunned.

“Ziggy, go sit by Grandpa.” Master Zhong beckoned.

Only after Ying Zidian sat down did Elder Zhong turn cold: “Zhong Zhiwei, apologise to your cousin!”