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Boss Lady Chapter 83-84

Chapter 83

The force is light, almost non-existent.

But as a sharpshooter who has travelled the world, his senses are extremely sensitive.

He could pick up even the slightest movement of the wind and gra*s.

The marksman’s back tensed up in an instant, a cold sweat percolated on his forehead and his heart beat faster.

But in the end, he turned his head.

The moon was high in the sky, and the stars were scattered.

The cold, faint light reflected the girl’s face, adding to the coldness.

She was even wearing slippers, and her long hair was loose around her shoulders.

Her eyes are hazy and lightly misted.

She looked like she had just woken up.

But the marksman’s heart stuttered abruptly as he saw what the girl was holding in her right hand.

The Desert Eagle.

A hunting rifle.

He didn’t normally use it, only kept it in his rucksack.

On realising that his backpack was no longer at his feet, the marksman finally realised that the girl in front of him was anything but ordinary.

He was appalled, “You ……”


Ying pulled the trigger, without even a backlash from his wrist.

The reason why the Desert Eagle didn’t circulate was because it had a strong recoil.

It was likely that with one shot, the bones of the entire arm would shatter.

Even if the person using the gun was a big man of seventy kilograms.

Having finished a sharpshooter, Ying Ziji looked indifferent and unmoved.

She wiped the Desert Eagle and put it away.

She also put the as50 used by the marksman into her backpack and lifted it.

Ying Zidian’s ears twitched and she heard footsteps.

She didn’t turn around either.

With her hands braced on the steps, her body slid downwards, her long black hair fluttering up in the air.

As soon as the majestic internal energy belonging to the ancient martial artists in her body came out, she just leapt straight down from the 18th floor.

By the time the people behind him came up, the top of the building was already gone.

The bartender was rarely confused and was dumbfounded: “This …… who did this?”

Fu Yunshen also fell into silence when he received the message coming up.

His information was encrypted through layers, otherwise it wouldn’t have been impossible for even ibi to find him.

This time, they were luring the snake out of the hole, releasing the message on purpose.

Of course, it wasn’t released to every hunter.

What Fu Yunshen didn’t expect was that this seventh on the Gun God list had chosen today to make his move.

He really didn’t know how to pick the right time.

But what’s more, he didn’t expect that the target would already be dead before they could do anything.

Just a few seconds too late.

“It’s not your date, is it?” The bartender denied himself just as soon as he asked, “Nope, if you had a date, there’s no way I wouldn’t know about it.”

After a pause, he asked, “Is that someone who has a crush on you?”

Only then did Fu Yunshen look up and raise his peach blossom eyes: “There are many people who have a crush on me, which one are you talking about?”

Bartender: “……”

But that’s enough, narcissist.

Although there is a capital of narcissism.

The bartender couldn’t understand: “You have so many enemies, who will help you? It’s good not to kill you.”

Fu Yunshen didn’t answer, faintly: “This is a warning.”

The bartender’s expression was awe-inspiring.

A warning to the other hunters not to take it lightly.

Otherwise this was the consequence.

But who exactly was it?

Apart from them, who would know that there was a marksman hiding here?

And even if they knew, who had the power to do so?

And help them?

The marksmen on the Gun God List all attacked from a distance, and their ears were so good that it was really difficult to approach them without moving.

Unless they practiced ancient martial arts and had internal energy in their bodies, they could conceal their breath.

Fu Yunshen didn’t say any more: “Pack up.”

“Oh.” The bartender called out towards the man’s back, “What are you doing there?”

“Delivering gifts to the kids.”


The bartender had little expression left.

He’d seen the little kid, of course, and had even observed him, but he didn’t find anything special beyond that

Apart from his good looks, he was just an ordinary person, and really didn’t know what was so spoiled about this young master.

The bartender put on his gloves and started to clean up.


Shanghai was still calm, the night was still long and nothing was going to change because of such a minor hiccup.

However, the nok forum blew up straight away.

It was not even three minutes before the seventh death on the Gun God list and someone got the news.

Of course, it was the hidden section that blew up, not the front page.

The front page was still full of gods and goddesses discussing feng shui and today talking about what to do when they came back at night and ran into a black cat.

The hidden section is not enough to have a nok account, you need 5,000 growth value to access it.

The growth value can be increased by taking bounties.

An a-rank bounty has a growth value of 10,000.

So the users who are active in the hidden section are the real big boys.

At that time, a certain hacker was so relieved to send the nok login program to Ying Ziji, because he knew that even if she wandered around, she wouldn’t be able to wander into the secret section.

The hidden section was usually clear of bounties, of all levels.

But this evening, new posts were popping up in a frenzy.

[What’s going on what’s going on? That guy at number seven on the Gun God list is dead???]

[That can’t be right, the marksmen ahead of him in the ranking are the top three apart from those with missions, who is it?

[How long has it been since the top ten of every hunter list has changed, this is about to change.

[D*mn, I just went to wash my trousers and this big news came out, let’s not have a good sleep.

[The only people who can kill the top 10 on the Gun God list should be hypnotists or puppet masters, right? But how could they do it?

Usually hunters on the list don’t fight each other, unless there are interests involved.

Or maybe there is a bounty directly issued by the administrator of the nok that needs to be fought over by hunters.

I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it.

The screen was full of “I don’t believe it”.

Until a minute later, a new post appeared.


Chapter 84

And, in just three seconds, this new post quickly climbed to red.


Top and red.

Only a forum administrator can do that.

[Administrator-007]: The seventh in the Gun God list has died, last positioned in Shanghai, China, for reasons unknown, the seventh position will be filled by the eighth, the rest in order forward, hereby announced.


The entire forum had ten seconds of silence, and then the whirlwind blew up even more.

[Crap crap crap, really dead and I don’t know who took him out, I’m crazy I’m crazy.]

[Or in China? When did China have such a ruthless person? Which big brother is in China?

[Big brother’s tracks are encrypted, we wouldn’t know.]

[No, aren’t you all concerned about the administrator 007 who came out this time?

I don’t know if I can get a privilege from the admins when I reach 1 million growth value.

[Don’t think about it, a million growth is probably not enough, you can just go and kill the number one on the bounty list, maybe.

I’d blow up the planet, but there’s no way I’m going to go up against the number one bounty, what am I doing with my life?

[I remembered, didn’t the seventh on the Gun God list take a bounty for hunting the seventh on the bounty list? So could the bounty have backfired on him?

[Who knows, anyway, in the hunting business, one day you’ll be dead, it’s better to be a civilian.

Come on, you think because you’re a hacker you won’t be hunted? How about trying to hack into Norton University? [Death smile]]


Because even the admins came out and announced that the seventh in the Gun God list was dead, the users accepted it even if they didn’t believe it.

It was also because this change in the list had put many hunters on alert.

This night was destined to be tumultuous for these bigwigs who roamed the international scene.


This way.

Ying returned to his room with his backpack and casually threw it on top of the wardrobe.

She also went to the bathroom and washed her hands to remove the dust that was on it.

Wen Fengmian had gone to bed early and didn’t see her go out ten minutes ago.

Wen heard Lan did see her, but she thought she had gone to take out the rubbish.

It was impossible for her to think that in such a short time, her sister had not only taken care of a sharpshooter, but had also returned with a Desert Eagle and an as50.

Ying Zidian squeezed the juice from the chopped fruit and gave a gla*s to each of Wen Huilan and Elder Zhong, and sat on the sofa to watch the TV series.

Very serious look.

As if nothing had happened.

When Fu Yunshen came back again, he saw such a scene.

He looked lazy and his voice was low: “Yao Yao.”

Ying Ziyi didn’t turn around, but lifted a gla*s of juice and offered it to him.

Fu Yunshen took it and sat down next to her: “The present is in your room, remember to open it and take a look.”

Ying Zidian nodded, still watching the TV seriously.

“No, little friend.” Fu Yunshen glanced at the drama being shown on the TV and raised an eyebrow, “This TV is even better than me?”

“That’s also-” hearing this, Ying finally looked sideways, she paused, “It’s really better than you.”

The plot was twisted and dogged enough, she liked it.


Fu Yunshen raised his hand and flicked her forehead with his finger: “Little heartless.”

Ying Zidian glanced at him and took the juice out of his hand, “Then don’t drink it.”


He once again experienced the ruthlessness of children.

“Tomorrow at noon, brother will treat you and your cla*smates to a meal.” Fu Yunshen stroked her head and smiled, “The chef from o continent, cooks very well.”

“O-continent?” Ying Ziyi looked up, “What kind of restaurant?”

Fu Yunshen leaned back on the sofa, “thegordonramsay, a pretty famous three-star Michelin restaurant, I contacted their chef’s team.”

Ying thought for a moment.

Oh, hadn’t heard of it.

The living room was silent for ten seconds or so –

Ying Zidian spoke unhurriedly: “You can ask yourself later.”

Fu Yunshen: “What?”

“Don’t be afraid.” She yawned, “I won’t laugh at you.”


The other side of the living room.

Master Zhong was still pulling the teenager to play chess, completely unaware that he had lost a few games.

Wen heard Lan silently write it down, calculating that he could have more than one big red packet, and suddenly he also felt a bit affectionate towards Old Master Zhong.

This grandfather, seems to be quite good.


Meanwhile, o continent.

It was after four o’clock in the afternoon in country y time, the sun was slanting in the west and the sun was shining brightly.

Zhong Manhua arrived at thegordonramsay restaurant, a three-star Michelin restaurant.

Reservations usually need to be made two months in advance, so before coming to O Chau, back in January, she made a reservation.

Thegordonramsay is named after its founder, a world-cla*s culinary god.

The founder was also a fiery personality and was known in the media as “the chef from hell”.

Zhong Manhua and Ying Zhen Ting both love thegordonramsay and they have taken their children here several times before.

This time, for Xiao Xuan’s birthday, they had also booked a table here.

Zhong Manhua walked up to the counter and took out her pa*sport, “It’s already booked, a seat for three tonight, chef’s menu.”

Hearing this, the lady at the counter looked up with some surprise and smiled politely and courteously, “This guest, don’t you know yet?”

Zhong Manhua frowned, “What’s wrong?”