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Boss Lady Chapter 81-82

Chapter 81

His dad had just walked away from a life and death situation, what if something happened to him?

The middle-aged man also stopped looking at the girl and frowned, “Dad, can you not let everyone into the house?”

Sheng Qingtang did not respond, he looked at the pills that had fallen to the ground and was frozen.

It was only after a few seconds that he finally reacted, so angry that he slapped the middle-aged man on his bald head.

“Stupid b*****d! Do you know that this is the immortality pill that Miss Ying gave to your old man?”

“Is it because your old man doesn’t stay up late and eat vegetables and has better habits than you that you are afraid your old man will live past you and send you away?”

The middle-aged man was dumbfounded by the slap, “What immortality pill? Dad, I’ve told you, you should read less ……”

“Shut up!” Sheng Qingtang slapped up again, “This is the divine doctor Ying, without her, your old man would have met the King of Hell.”

The middle-aged man was confused again, “Dad, you said this little girl is Dr. Ying? You’re not lying to me?”

“Nonsense.” Sheng Qingtang said, “Hurry up and pick up the medicine for me.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the middle-aged man fell to his knees with a thud.

“You are my new parent, I really don’t know what I would do without you.”

Old Mr Sheng: “……”

I think he, his real father, was still present, right?

“This man, my father, is cheated by health care sellers every day, and the more he cheats, the braver he gets, I thought you were too.” The middle-aged man wiped his tears, “I’m really sorry, I apologize to you.”

Ying couldn’t stand the enthusiasm and took a step back, “It’s alright, get up.”

Sheng Qingtang put away his own pill, wiped it painfully and swallowed it in one gulp, still angry, “Let him kneel.”

“Divine Doctor Ying, it’s also my negligence that I haven’t been able to see you.” The middle-aged man was ashamed, “It’s almost evening, why don’t you stay for dinner?”

“No need.” Ying shook his head slightly, “I have to go back to school.”

“That’s fine then.” The middle-aged man got up, “I’ll see Miss Ying off.”

Ying Ziji picked up the scroll she had placed on the coffee table and was about to leave.

Sheng Qingtang was sharp-eyed and blurted out, “Miss Ying, wait!”

Ying Zidian turned around.

“I can smell ink.” Sheng Qingtang rubbed his hands together, “May I ask if Miss Ying is holding any fine ink treasures?”

Ying Zidian nodded, “I’m just writing for fun.”

“Can I see it?” Sheng Qingtang coughed lightly, “This unfilial son hasn’t let me touch the pen for a long time.”

The middle-aged man was speechless, “Dad, show some shame, you’re obviously the one who climbs trees and picks fruit every day and goes into the water to fish.”

Ignoring him, Sheng Qingtang carefully took the scroll from the girl’s hand and unfolded it.

Then, there was a long silence.

The middle-aged man was quite surprised and also came over to take a look, shocked: “Dad, this word ……”

“Get out of the way.” Sheng Qingtang looked up, his expression solemn, “Miss Ying, do you think I can offer a million dollars to buy this piece of writing you have written?”


Ying Ziji was silent for a moment, “How much did you say?”

Sheng Qingtang thought she didn’t think it was enough: “Two million is fine.”

The middle-aged man was not happy now, “Dad, why have you become stingy in your old age? I can see that Miss Ying’s writing is much better than yours when you were young, you sold a pair of dog-crawling characters for eight million.”

“Look at it, it’s flowing, it’s very well written, it has the style of Wei and Jin, even if you have more than thirty years of skills, you may not be able to write it.”

Old Mr Sheng: “……”

Unfilial son!!!

“Ms. Ying, don’t be so mean to my father, I’ll buy this piece of writing from you.” The middle-aged man was bold, “Ten million, absolutely no loss for you.”

Ying Ziji pondered for a moment, “Sorry, I took this to the school art festival, if you really want it, I can write another one.”

“Take it to the art festival?” Sheng Qingtang sighed in pain, “What a waste, what a waste!”

At the end, he was reluctant to give up, “Then I’ll ask Miss Ying to write another one, shall I take a picture with this one?”

In the end, when Ying Ziji took the ten million dollars and left, she felt that something was wrong.

She let out a soft sigh and pressed her head.

If she could earn so much money just by writing a piece of writing, why would she still refine medicine.


Three days later.


Ying Zidian received a call from Elder Zhong.

“D**key, tomorrow is your birthday, Grandpa is going to give you a birthday party, do you have time to go and see the dress?”

Hearing this, Ying Zigui then remembered that her birthday was March 24th.

In the past, when she was in Qing Shui County, although the Wen family was poor, Wen Feng Mian would definitely not treat her and Wen Huilan poorly.

So every year, they would celebrate their siblings’ birthdays.

But they couldn’t afford a cake, only a baked cake.

But it was a happy occasion.

A year or so ago, she was taken back to the Ying family and never celebrated her birthday again.

Because no one in the Ying family remembered her, and Elder Zhong was not in Shanghai at that time and did not know.

“Grandpa, there’s no need to be so troublesome.” Ying Ziyi smiled lowly, “You can come to the Wen family and have a meal with my father and the others, I don’t like to make a big fuss.”

Master Zhong was silent for a long time, before he said, “That’s fine, it’s enough for the family to spend time together.”

“Grandpa will pick you up from school tomorrow and then go to the Wen family with you.”

After hanging up the phone, Ying Ziji thought about it and called Fu Yunshen again.

Fu Yunshen was at Fu’s house with Master Fu, and was quite surprised when he answered the phone.

“What did you say?” The old man’s eyes were bewildered, “What did my grandson-in-law say to you?”

“First, not your grandson-in-law, you don’t want to have a grandson-in-law in my place, I’m not getting married.”


“Second, not to me, but to you.” Fu Yunshen was lazy, “Yao Yao invited you to eat her birthday cake.”

“Really?” Master Fu was surprised, “Ziyou invited me to celebrate her birthday?”

Fu Yunshen lifted his eyes, “You can also not go.”

“Go, go, go, of course I’ll go.” Master Fu said with a straight face, “It’s been a long time since I’ve had cake, I’m so hungry.”

Fu Yunshen raised his eyebrows.

“Eh, wait.” Master Fu suddenly remembered something, “Is old man Zhong going to be there too?”

Before Fu Yunshen could answer, he said to himself, “Then I’ll have to load up the chessboard and play him a couple of games.”

And again with glee, “I’ll be sure to win him.”



March 24.

The spring equinox had just pa*sed and the night was still longer than the day.

By seven o’clock it was largely dark.

The streetlights were rising and the light was bright.

The neighbourhood where the Wen family lives is not large, but it is quiet.

It was because of this that Ying Ziji had bought Wen Fengmian a flat here.

At this moment, not far away, on top of an 18-storey building.

A figure was prostrate on the ground, looking over.

The muzzle of the pitch-black gun slowly lifted up and aimed at the building’s entrance, aiming at the man’s slender back.

“Target is locked.”


Chapter 82

“Straight line distance 534 metres.”

“Wind speed 2.7 metres per second.”

“No fog or large dust particles in the air, good visibility.”

Such a distance and weather is an unmissable opportunity for the marksman.

A black headset hangs from the outline of his right ear.

A black stretchy leotard blends in with the night.

The position was open to view, but hidden and not easily detected.

A voice came through the headset.

“Ready to make a move?”

“Not yet.” The marksman took his binoculars and frowned, “He’s also followed by an old man, I’ll act when he’s alone.”

It wasn’t for fear of hurting innocent people, but he wanted to keep the commotion to a minimum.

The voice in the headset continued.

“Really, you don’t need my help? You give me his information, I’ll move in together, and he’ll have absolutely no escape.”

“No need.” The marksman refused without even thinking, “How can I share the man I found with you?”

One billion dollars.

He could rest for a few years as long as he could complete this reward.

The information was also something he’d had a hard time finding out, so how could he possibly give it to another hunter?

“Tsk, fine.” The voice in the headset was indifferent, “But I can remind you that just a while ago, the ninety-fourth on the Gun God list missed and caused quite a splash on the NOK.”

“Missed five bullets in a row, against an ordinary man, you should be careful.”

The marksman sneered, “Mind your own business.”

He was ranked seventh on the Gun God list.

The ninety-fourth could compete with him?

What a joke.

The marksman interrupted the transmission, removed his headset and tossed it aside.

He readjusted his altitude and leaned down again.


Inside the flat.

Under Ying Ziji’s conditioning, Wen Fengmian’s health was much better.

So tonight’s table of dishes was all cooked by him insisting on doing it alone, with Wen Hailan playing second fiddle.

The food was not expensive, it was all home-cooked food, but it was full of colour and flavour.

In the middle was a large cake, with candles placed next to it.

Wen Fengmian took off his apron and wiped his hands: “It’s small at home, so I’ve made the three of you laugh.”

He had lived in Qing Shui County for more than ten years, but this was the first time he had come to Shanghai City.

Apart from Zhong Manhua, who had come to Qing Shui County in the first place, Wen Fengmian had not come into contact with the people of the four great families, and was still a little worried.

“Mr. Wen, what are you talking about.” Elder Zhong was busy getting up, “It’s my honour to be here, you’re too polite.”

On the side, Master Fu stared at the cake, his eyes straightening.

Fu Yunshen lifted his eyelids and smiled, “Grandpa.”

“Huh? Ahem!” Elder Fu coughed and said seriously, “It’s not small, I think it’s quite good, old man Zhong and I used to squeeze in a room, this is nothing.”

The older generation had experienced famine, instead they were not so precious.

Wen Fengmian was surprised at the attitude of the two old men, but his heart was relieved.

Master Fu said to the girl again, “D**key, don’t look at your grandfather as a ranting emperor in his old age, he used to be timid and afraid of the dark.”

Ying Ziji propped up her chin and raised an eyebrow at her words.

Master Zhong was furious: “Old man Fu, don’t make a fuss in front of my granddaughter, do the math, how many snacks did you steal from me when I was little?”

Ying Zidian: “……”

Fu Yunshen: “……”

Master Fu was smug: “That’s because you’re too stupid to catch me.”

Master Zhong was furious: “I pooh!”

He was furious at the mention of it.

When they were young, they had grown up as bare-a*sed brothers too.

He had been to the Fu family, and Elder Fu had also come to the Zhong family.

As a result, every time after Master Fu came to Zhong’s house, his snacks disappeared.

Only later did Elder Zhong find out that it was all Master Fu’s doing.

Stealing his malt candy.

Stealing his peas and yolks.

Or peddled away all in one bag, leaving him no crumbs.

Look at this, is this what people do?

Wen heard Lan, who had been silent, finally lifted his head, his expression wavering slightly.

He had to protect the little snacks his sister had bought for him.

Because they are all family members, this birthday is not grand, but it is cozy and enjoyable to spend.

Master Fu’s health was going to be poor and he had to go back to rest after dinner.

“Yaoyao, wait for me.” Fu Yunshen got up, “I’ll send grandpa back and come back later.”

“Hm?” Ying Ziji was clearing the plates, “The cake has been eaten, why are you still coming back?”


He was sure that the little friend wasn’t heartless, it was really just like that.

Fu Yunshen smiled helplessly, “Birthdays can’t just be spent like this. ”

Ying Zigui thought for a moment, “I think I’m satisfied.”

“Brother is still not satisfied.” Fu Yunshen tapped her forehead heart and said unhurriedly, “At nine o’clock, there’s a surprise.”

On the other side, Elder Zhong was pulling Wen Fengmian to say thank you.

“Thank you, thank you so much for taking care of D**ky all these years, if you hadn’t brought her back, I really don’t know ……”

The words didn’t go on here.

Because everyone knew what the outcome would have been.

A child over a year old lost, outside even if not picked up by traffickers, would still starve to death.

Wen Fengmian pushed the bank card back, coughing, “This is what I should do.”

Elder Zhong felt that the Wen family’s tutelage was really good, and he didn’t force it any further: “Mr. Wen, if you have any difficulties in the future, you can look for me, and those people in the Ying family, you can just pretend that they are rotten cabbages that you don’t see.”

Wen Fengmian didn’t nod or shake his head, he smiled and went to the kitchen to help Ying Zidian wash the dishes.

Master Zhong was still sitting at the table drinking when he suddenly remembered something.


He seemed to have seen Wen Fengmian somewhere, he always felt a bit familiar.

Where was it ……

Elder Zhong thought for half a day, but couldn’t figure it out, so he simply smothered another mouthful of wine.

He turned his head and pulled the teenager: “Xiao Lan ah, old man Fu he is too dish, you come with me to play two, don’t let me, grandpa is not afraid.”

Master Zhong also liked Wen Hanlan very much and let him follow Ying Zidian and call him Grandpa.

He had a new grandson.

He was so happy.

Wen Hanlan looked up and looked at him slyly: “…… don’t want it.”

“You want it, you want it.” Elder Zhong pushed Hei Zi over without a word, “If you win a hand from Grandpa, Grandpa will give you a big red envelope.”

The last sentence made Wen Huilan execute the piece decisively, “Deal.”

Master Zhong, who was still sober from his wine: “……”

Is there something wrong?



The sharpshooter was still staring at the roof of the building across the street, but it had been too long and was more than a little impatient.

And finally, after an hour of waiting, the man appeared in the sights again.

This time, it was a man.

It was nine o’clock at night and the neighbourhood was deserted.

It was quiet.

Relieved, the marksman lifted the gun again and aimed it at the man’s head.

His finger slid to the trigger, ready to pull it.

But just then, he was tapped on the shoulder.