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Boss Lady Chapter 89-90

Chapter 89

Soon someone brought up all the four literary treasures and set up a table right on the high platform, in front of the guest table.

Lin Xi looked at the girl, displeased: “Since you said so, I’ll give you a chance to come up and write.”

Xiu Yu was instantly fired up.

“It’s alright.” Ying Ziyi’s hand pressed on her shoulder, gesturing for her not to move.

He himself got up and walked up.

Seeing this scene, the students on the stage stirred.

They all stood up, eager to go on stage and watch, and were quite excited, with the words “get something done” written on their heads.

Jiang Yan calmed down the internal energy that was raging in her body and suppressed her dryness: “Her hand hurts so much, how can she write?”

The hand that writes should be protected, right?

“I haven’t seen it either, but Ying Dad must know everything.”


Jiang Yan felt that he couldn’t refute this statement.

It was because he had been in a state of self-imposed isolation for a while.

He just had to be patient and look towards the stage.

On the other side, Zhong Zhiwei furrowed her no-brow, confused.

She couldn’t understand at all that Ying Ziji had the courage to go up despite admitting to cheating.

She was from the same school as Lin Xi, so she naturally knew Lin Xi’s temper.

Lin Xi was usually gentle with people, but when it came to academic matters, she was very harsh and even she had been admonished several times.

Even she has been reprimanded several times. This time, Ying Zidian has run straight into Lin Xi and will never be able to take a step into the art world again.

The gentry are connected to the art world, and after what happened, will Master Zhong still favour an adopted daughter who offended the art world?

Ying Ziji glanced at the inkstone and found that the ink had been sharpened for her, which saved her the trouble.

She lifted her jaw and pointed at the scroll: “How much is this writing worth?”

Lin Xi restrained her anger: “At least five million, to write your words.”

Ying Ziyi nodded, “Well, you mark it down.”

She bowed her head and picked a wolf-hair brush from the brush barrel.

The viewers in front of the live broadcast were puzzled.

[What does she mean? What did she want Lin Xi to remember?]

[Didn’t understand, but she was really daring, just that courage, deserves applause.]

[What courage? If she can’t write in big letters later, it’ll be a real shame.

Lin Xie looked on coldly.

Behind him, the headmaster looked at the art group leader: “When was the disciplinary action of expulsion discussed? Why didn’t I, as the headmaster, know about it?”

“How can I bother you with such a trivial matter?” The head of the art team smiled, “Cheating, and even cheating on Master Wei Hou’s head, how could it not be expelled?”

The headmaster frowned, “There must be a hidden agenda in this matter.”

“Isn’t she writing it?” The head of the art group was unconcerned, “You’ll know when you look at it later, headmaster, she originally came from the county, how else could ……”

The voice instantly came to a screeching halt.

The pop-ups of the live broadcast also suddenly stopped.

Because at this time, but anyone who was paying attention to the stage saw the girl raise her left hand again and hold another wolf-hair brush.

She pressed the rice paper down with the paperweight and took a step backwards, as if she was observing something, before leaning down.

In the next second, both brushes moved at the same time.


[Crap, left and right? She’s crazy, right? Something that Lin Xi couldn’t even do, how old is she this year?

[Claptrap! Art is insulted by people like this!

Don’t film her, film her writing. Let’s see how badly she writes.

[Everyone take it easy, we’ll see what it’s like later when she’s done writing.]

Zhong Zhiwei shook her head again, even more disappointed.

The left hand is connected to the right brain, and the right hand is connected to the left brain.

It is very difficult to write with both hands and write well.

The brain has limited nerves after all, and it is impossible to do so without training.

The masters of the art world at the guest table were also shocked, but they were too far away to see what the girl had written.

It was only fifty or sixty seconds before Ying put down her pen.

“Finished writing?” Lin Xi didn’t even know what to say, his anger mixed with cold sarcasm, “Writing is the most important thing to avoid being in a hurry, what can you write if you write so quickly?”

With that, he stepped forward and picked up the piece of rice paper.

When he looked down at it, his expression stiffened in an instant.

The camera had been following Lin Xi, clearly zooming in on his facial expression, and one could even see every inch of muscle twitching.

[Lin Xi seemed shocked, what did he see?

[It’s not written too badly, is it?

[Too curious, let’s see what’s written.]

Lin Xi looked at the words on the rice paper, his pupils contracting violently, his fingers trembling in disbelief.

A piece of rice paper was divided into two columns.

On one side was the seal script, and on the other was the regular script.

Two different brushstrokes and completely opposite styles.

The strokes move in a flowing manner.

The strokes are so clear that they enter the wood.

If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, Lin Xi really wouldn’t have believed that it was written by a seventeen-year-old high school student.

It was still left and right, both hands at the same time.

How was this possible?

Not to mention that the character was so atmospheric that it seemed to have thunderbolts pouring down from it, and the aura was shocking.

It caused Lin Xi to feel a great pressure and he almost dared not look straight at it for too long.

A dozen seconds pa*sed, and he remained frozen in place.

The photographer stepped forward, quite surprised, and reminded in a whisper, “Mr. Lin, please raise it up and point it at the camera.”

Lin Xi, still in a daze, did unfold the rice paper.

The two characters were printed on the big screen, and were thoroughly exposed to everyone’s eyes.

Zhong Zhiyan was smiling and talking to the Minister of Arts and Culture, when she looked up to see.

Her smile stalled and her brain buzzed for a moment: “……”

It was as if all the sounds in her ears had all disappeared at this moment as well

The entire venue, once again, fell into dead silence.

The pop-ups stopped for a few seconds, and then suddenly skyrocketed.

[Crap, this word ……]

To be honest, with this comparison, Wei Hou’s pair has indeed become rubbish.

[Left and right, all in one go, and even wrote in two fonts, that’s what I call awesome, right?

[He has such good handwriting, does he need to cheat?

I don’t mean to be conspiratorial, but why do I suspect that someone stole her handwriting? To deliberately label her as a cheat again?

How hard the mockery was earlier, how hard the backlash was now, especially from viewers who had been waiting for the reversal.

[I’m sorry, your so-called Kailash Lin Xi I really …… can’t like, and even hate.]]

[Just that look he just had, wasn’t he quite arrogant? The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a couple of days. The other 17 are already using two hands, he should add two feet, right?

[Hands and feet? You’re so high on Lin Xi, you’re saying that he sold a half million dollars worth of calligraphy at the age of 12, but I heard that the buyer was his grandfather.

[Wow, that’s the dark side, isn’t it? I just heard Ying Zidian ask Lin Xi how much the “rubbish” calligraphy was worth, and Lin Xi said 5 million, so the one she’s writing now is worth 10 million, right?

[Lin Xi is just slapping himself in the face. He could have talked to the students in private first, and if they didn’t repent, then he could have informed them of the expulsion.

Because there were many students in the middle and high school combined, and there were staff members, there were two large screens on either side of the stage.

The big screens were projecting live images, and the participants were teenagers, so the school kept up with the times and naturally didn’t turn off the pop-ups.

The pop-ups that had previously mocked Ying had long since disappeared, and they were all sarcastic about Lin Xi being too arrogant.

Zhong Zhiyan’s mind was still buzzing and she couldn’t hear what the people around her were saying.

The blood on her lips faded little by little, and her face turned pale.

How could it be?

Can Ying Zidian really write?

It wasn’t a lie?

“Mr. Lin, I don’t know why you are so sure that student Ying cheated with Master Wei Hou’s writing.” The headmaster glanced coldly at the art team leader, “But now that the matter is clear, you have insulted her reputation, shouldn’t you apologise to student Ying?”

[Oh oh oh, this headmaster I like, not the kind who only values face and doesn’t climb up the ladder.]

[Lin Xi should apologise, luckily the little girl has a strong mental capacity, the news about that student jumping off the building the other day took my breath away.]

Lin Xi’s body stiffened and was embarra*sed.

But he didn’t apologise, instead he said, “But this pair of characters is really Master Wei Hou’s.”

Even if Ying Ziji had written well, it did not prove that she had not stolen it.

Before the headmaster could say anything more, to the side, the president of the Shanghai City Art a*sociation suddenly got up, startled: “Grand Master Fest?”

Ying Zidian turned her head sideways.

Just a few metres away, she saw Sheng Qingtang with a straw hat on, wearing slippers and walking towards the guest stand.

The chairman of the Shanghai Art a*sociation was busy greeting him: “Grand Master, what brings you here?”

In terms of his status in the art world, Sheng Qingtang was definitely one of the best.

Although he had retired from the Chinese Calligraphy Art a*sociation, others would still address him respectfully as the Grand Master of the event.

“Come and have a look.” Sheng Qingtang waved his hand, “I happen to have nothing to do today.”

He wouldn’t say that he wanted to use his old face to bring back that pair of calligraphy by the Divine Doctor Ying.

What kind of art festival is such a nice piece of writing for?

He should let him frame it and hang it on the wall to look at it every day.

Do these people understand the essence of the words?

He pooh-poohed it.

But what did he just hear?

Old Mr Sheng was furious.

Lin Xi was also taken aback: “Senior Sheng.”

But Sheng Qingtang ignored him, instead pointing at the scroll and saying, word by word, “You said that this piece of writing was written by Wei Hou?”


Chapter 90

Lin Xi was stunned.

He didn’t know why Sheng Qingtang would ask that, but he answered anyway, “Yes, Chief Event, on Saturday, I just sent this piece of calligraphy to Master Wei Hou, and he said it was his practice brush.”

“Practice brushwork?” Sheng Qingtang held back, remembering that this was not his own son, and did not slap him on the face.

He laughed back in anger, “Just his Wei Hou’s broken handwriting, how dare he say that this is his practice brush? Is he worthy?!”

At these words, the other masters of the art world around him all turned pale.

Although Sheng Qingtang focused on calligraphy, he was also accomplished in Chinese painting and sculpture, and had a high status in the art world, almost at a unique level.

He had an eccentric temper and no apprentices under his tutelage.

But this did not stop other masters of the art from respecting him.

Since Sheng Qingtang had said this, he must have seen something.

Lin Xi was stunned.

“Now, immediately, call this fool Wei Hou over to me!” Sheng Qingtang bellowed angrily at the president of the Shanghai City Art a*sociation, “Within ten minutes, I want to see his person.”

“Sheng Qingtang, calm your anger, calm your anger.” The president of the Shanghai City Art a*sociation was busy apologizing, “I’m on my way, you just got out of the hospital not long ago, you can’t be angry.”

“What do you care about me ……” Sheng Qingtang was in a temper again, and was just about to throw a fit when he saw the girl in front of him on his right glance at him.

It was light, very light.

Sheng Qingtang immediately silenced.

Oh no.

He had forgotten that Dr. Ying was here.

In case he accidentally fell on his head next time, there would be no one to heal him.

“Ahem.” Sheng Qingtang was a bit vain, he waved his hand and his face was slack, “Hurry up.”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

The president of the Shanghai City Art a*sociation hurried away.

The pop-up screen exploded again.

[Crap, who is this old man? How come even the president of the Shanghai Art a*sociation is so respectful of him?

[And he also said Wei Hou didn’t deserve to write this word, although I don’t know why, but it was somehow convincing.]

[Ahhhhhhh, this is Sheng Qingtang!!!]

Who is Sheng Qingtang?

He was the last president of the Chinese Calligraphy Art a*sociation, specialising in calligraphy, regular script, cursive script, large seal script and small seal script.

Three years ago, Sheng Qingtang stepped down as the president of the Chinese Calligraphy Art a*sociation and went into seclusion, even his colleagues could not find him, but I never thought I would see him here today.

[Even the rest of the o-continent is capable of oppressing, how strong is this sculpture?

[D*mn, Qingzhi has even invited Sheng Qingtang, the headmaster is too powerful, I’ve skipped work to watch the live broadcast today.

The pop-up screen was full of praise for the headmaster’s brilliance.

Principal: “……”

He wasn’t he didn’t.

Where was he that big of a stand, he was also confused.



Zhong Zhiyan’s nails pinched her palm and the tips of her eyes were red with anger.

Sheng Qingtang actually knew that the pair of characters were not Wei Hou’s?

But how could Sheng Qingtang have condescended to come here?

Could it be that Sheng Qingtang had written these words?

Zhong Zhiyan frowned.


Sheng Qingtang’s personal style was too obvious, and his calligraphy was not this kind of script.

As long as Wei Hou did not admit it, Sheng Qingtang would have no proof.

Even if something happened, she would not be involved, after all, it was Wei Hou himself who wanted to be greedy.

Zhong Zhiyan settled down and breathed a little sigh of relief.


Ten minutes had not yet arrived when the president of the Shanghai City Art a*sociation went and returned.

Behind him, there were two staff members holding Wei Hou as he walked this way.

Wei Hou’s face was blue and white, he was dizzy from motion sickness and had vomited several times earlier.

Lin Xi shouted, “Master Wei Hou.”

Wei Hou was even more arrogant, how could he care about a junior?

He didn’t even look at Lin Xi, coughed a few times and stepped forward, very respectfully, “Grand Master, I didn’t know you were here, please forgive me if Wei Hou has missed out on welcoming you.”

“Sorry to welcome you?” Sheng Qingtang’s eyes were cold, “If you had come to welcome me, I would have been short-lived!”

Wei Hou’s face sank, “What do you mean, Chief Executive Sheng?”

Wasn’t Sheng Qingtang just relying on the fact that he was twenty years older than him to get the position of President of the Chinese Calligraphy Art a*sociation?

If they were of the same generation, could Sheng Qingtang be better than him?

“What do I mean?” Sheng Qingtang snorted and picked up the scroll, “He said that you wrote this piece of calligraphy, so you come and say it.”

Wei Hou looked over and his eyelids jumped.

He was very impressed with this piece of writing.

It was a height that he could not reach in another ten years of practice.

Wei Hou had been famous in the art world for a long time and knew many people, so he was able to tell at a glance that this writing did not belong to any famous calligrapher.

Those of lower status than him did not dare to contradict him and could only give him the painting.

So when Lin Xi brought it, Wei Hou recognized it straight away.

He had not come out for a long time, also because he had encountered a bottleneck.

This pair of characters could just help him to stand more firmly in the art world.

“Not bad.” Wei Hou still didn’t deny it, “This character is indeed my practice brush, what did the fest chief want to say?”

He didn’t see that as he was saying this, the word ‘rubbish’ covered the big screen behind him.

[Wei Hou is fifty years old, right? His writing is not as good as that of a 17-year-old high school student, no wonder he was called rubbish.

[Hahahahaha, he even admitted it in public, he probably doesn’t know what happened earlier.

[I remember Wei Hou is also a member of the Chinese Calligraphy Art a*sociation, right? It seems that the position is not low, this ……]

Sheng Qingtang’s gaze became even colder: “So, you also know that a student took your calligraphy and cheated to participate in the competition?”

Wei Hou frowned, remembering what Zhong Zhiyan had said that day, and remained calm: “I lent out my characters for students to copy, why, who stole them?”

“Chief Fest, this is really Master Wei Hou ……”

Lin Xi wanted to argue, but was blocked back by an eye slash from Sheng Qingtang: “You can interrupt even when I’m talking?”

Being reprimanded to his face, Lin Xi’s face turned red, but he did not dare to say anything.

Sheng Qingtang looked at Wei Hou again, “When did you write this?”

“Four days ago, I just got the inspiration.” Wei Hou was impatient, “If the Grand Master is only asking me about such trivial matters, I, Wei Hou, can’t be bothered.”

“Fine, fine!” Sheng Qingtang angrily slapped the table, “You said you wrote this four days ago, but I saw it a week ago and even took a picture of it, did you travel back in time to write it?”

He opened his phone, pulled up the group photo from that day and disliked it in front of the camera.

“Look clearly, this was taken at Laozi’s house, this is Laozi’s bald and unfilial son, this is Laozi’s watermelon and apple.” Sheng Qingtang sneered, “Wei Hou, do you know which way the door to Laozi’s house opens?”

“How dare you say that this piece of writing is your practice?!”

The screen enlarged the photo, allowing one to clearly see that the pair of characters on the photo was exactly the same as the one Lin Xi had displayed earlier.

There was not a single point of difference.

Wei Hou looked up quite carelessly.

When he looked at it, he was “buzzed” and his mind was directly emptied.


The whole room was not expecting such a reversal, and they were all shocked.

Zhong Zhiwei’s face turned white, and her lips trembled fiercely.

Surprisingly …… there was really evidence?

Was this too much of a coincidence?

The pop-ups blew up even more.

[D*mn, so if Wei Hou didn’t write this “rubbish writing”, how rubbish should his real writing be?

[So who wrote this piece of writing? The mystery of the century?

No, no, no. The point is, why did Wei Hou claim it? What did he want?

I now have serious doubts about whether Wei Hou’s previous achievements are also fake.

[Wei Hou is the disgrace of the art world. I beg the Chinese Calligraphy Artists a*sociation to investigate him thoroughly!

“Tell me, tell me!” Sheng Qingtang pressed on step by step, sneering repeatedly, “This piece of calligraphy, is it your practice brush?”

Wei Hou was so cold and sweaty that he couldn’t even stand still.

He tried to speak but could not utter a single word.

Lin Xi, who was at the side, was also shocked.

“How dare you hoodwink me and smear a student for cheating.” Sheng Qingtang fiercely turned his head, “You, call the Chinese Calligraphy Artists a*sociation now, Wei Hou’s punishment, I want it now.”

The president of the Huacheng Art a*sociation wiped his sweat and pulled out his phone again.

“Great event president!” Wei Hou’s expression changed drastically, “The chief of the grand event has gone too far.”

If he had known that Sheng Qingtang had the photo in his hand, there was no way he would have risked claiming it.

“Joke, if I didn’t come today, wouldn’t you be forcing this student to admit that she cheated?” Sheng Qingtang didn’t even listen, “And you, Lin Xi, right?”

“To tell Qingzhi to expel a student in public without investigating clearly, I would also ask your teacher, is this how he usually teaches you?”

Lin Xi pursed his lips, his fingers clenched, and didn’t speak anymore.

How could he possibly go about doubting Wei Hou’s words?

Although this matter, what he did was a bit impulsive.

“Oh, by the way, this character was shown to me by this young student not long ago, saying that he wanted to take it to the art festival.” Sheng Qingtang’s voice was icy cold, “Wei Hou, I ask you again, why is your seal on this?”

He was about to die of anger.

Such a good piece of writing had been ruined by Wei Hou’s seal.

He was so heartbroken that he could hardly bear it.


Lin Xi jerked his head around.

Ying Ziji was leaning against a pillar, silent.

The sunlight was cut into pieces by the leaves and fell on her skin, a light golden light floating.

It was so beautiful that it was like a world away, not of this earth.

As if she sensed something, she slowly looked this way.

A pair of phoenix eyes flowing brightly, as magnificent as a haze.

The silence around her was extreme.

The photographers all forgot to move.

Only after a long time did the first pop-up finally appear on the big screen.

[emm…… so this is me being ruthless and cursing even myself?]