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Boss Lady Chapter 91-92

Chapter 91

[F*ck, I’m dumb, so she wrote this one too?

[Then she said the writing was rubbish? I don’t understand.

I studied painting in art school, and every time I look back at my old paintings, I think they’re rubbish.

I can’t stand to look at them, and I wonder how I could have done such ugly paintings.

I love this student. You said I didn’t write the words. Then I’ll say that the words you think are good are rubbish and write another one on the spot to hit you in the face, does it hurt?

[Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Lin Xi’s face is all blue.]

Lin Xi became famous at a young age and was full of pride.

His teacher was a great calligrapher of the same generation as Sheng Qingtang.

This was the first time he had been lectured by Sheng Qingtang and spoken to like this.

It was only because of such a “cheating” incident.

Lin Xi was not a fool, he naturally thought of something.

With a sweep of his eyes, he saw Zhong Zhiyan sitting on the stage.

His eyes were extremely cold.

Zhong Zhiyan hastily avoided Lin Xi’s gaze, her face turned even paler and her body trembled.

The Minister of Arts and Culture noticed that she was not right and asked with concern, “Zhiyan, are you alright?”

Zhong Zhiyan forced a smile, “I’m fine.”

She pinched her palm and looked towards the stage.

Sheng Qingtang has a very high status in the art world and even Master Zhong could not invite her.

How could a person like Ying Zidian know Sheng Qingtang?

And she asked Sheng Qingtang to read her words?

What a joke.

She has been studying calligraphy for 14 years, but she is only a beginner in the eyes of calligraphers.

Ying Ziji lived in Qing Shui County since she was a child and didn’t even have a teacher, yet she could write so well.

It was unfair.

Zhong Zhiyan let go of her hand and squeezed her school uniform again, unable to sit still.

But she was the head of the student council, and she couldn’t leave.

She could only stay here with her head in the sand, suffering from the jealousy inside her, which was torturous.

Wei Hou was no better than Zhong Zhiwei.

Sheng Qingtang’s series of questioning had caught him off guard and there was no room to even save him.

Especially when he also admitted in public that it was his writing, the evidence came in and it was simply a fatal slash.

“Wei Hou, Wei Hou, I didn’t expect that you would steal Ying’s painting from your little cla*smate.” Sheng Qingtang was even angrier, “And put your own seal on it, who do you think you are?”

“I didn’t steal it!” Wei Hou’s face turned red as he argued, “It was given to me by someone else.”

The pop-ups scolded Sheng Qingtang for him.

[Convinced, someone else gave it to you and you took it, you’re the one with the big face?

The actual fact is that you’ll be able to find out more about this particular student.

By the way, where are the ones who blew off Wei Hou? Why don’t they have the face to come out? The first thing you need to do is to find out who Wei Hou is, he’s a shameless piece of sh*t.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing. Did the keyboard warrior read the words she wrote?

“Get lost!” Sheng Qingtang didn’t even want to hear another word from Wei Hou, “Don’t affect the city’s appearance here.”

The two staff members helped Wei Hou down again.

“You guys continue.” Sheng Qingtang was still angry, “I’m going to have a melon to cool down.”

The president of the Shanghai Art a*sociation said busily, “I’ll take you to the resting place.”

As it turned out, Sheng Qingtang had just taken a few steps when he came back in a fury: “I’ll take this painting, and none of you will touch it.”

The crowd: “……”

They didn’t dare to touch it either.

Ying Ziji yawned and also turned around to get off the stage and went back to her seat.

She had only just sat down and looked up when she saw Xiu Yu and a group of minions moving away with awe.


Ying Zidian raised her eyebrows slightly, her voice shallow and dense with laughter, “Don’t be afraid.”

“Afraid, too afraid.” Xiu Yu wrapped his school uniform tighter, “Ying Dad, you really are too tough, I have to admire.”

I had to say, this mental quality was really strong.

Moreover, she even suspected that it was their Ying Dad who had specially laid a trap, waiting for whoever was going to dig into it.

Then Wei Hou got into it.

“So that pair of characters is also yours?” Jiang Yan turned her head, “How did it still come into Wei Hou’s hands?”

Ying Zidian put his baseball cap back on, covering half of his face and revealing only a chin: “Who knows.”

“We’ll have to find out.” Jiang Yan sneered, “I’d like to see-”

Xiu Yu interjected, “Who’s moving dirt on our dad’s head.”

Jiang Yan: “……”

God D*mn our father.

It’s as if he’s in the family.


After a good show, the opening ceremony was then drawn to a close.

Outside the school gate, Zhong Manhua also arrived.

She got out of the car, still dizzy with anger, and almost crashed into a tree.

It was the butler who was quick to see and blocked it in time, “Madam, be careful.”

Zhong Manhua calmed down: “When is the opening ceremony over?”

She wouldn’t go in at this time and let people know she was Ying Zigui’s mother.

“If it starts at nine, it should be over by half past ten.” The butler glanced at his watch, “It’s half past nine, madam, would you like to go to the coffee shop next door and sit down first?”

“Go ahead.” Zhong Manhua nodded.

She was going to wait for the opening ceremony to end in the coffee shop, then go in and get Ying Zigui out.


Zhong Manhua looked ugly.

Her own daughter, Zhong Manhua, had done something so underhanded.

What would all the noblewomen in the celebrity circle think of her?

“Madam Ying.”

A voice came from the front and was calling her.

Zhong Manhua’s footsteps lurched and her first reaction was to dodge.

But it was already too late.

A noblewoman greeted her, surprised: “Madam Ying, it’s really you.”

Zhong Manhua’s body stiffened for a moment and she could only respond, “What a coincidence.”

“I don’t think you remember me, Madam Ying.” The noblewoman didn’t care and was very cordial, “I’ve seen you at the New Year’s party.”

Zhong Manhua looked cold.

The ones she didn’t remember were the families she couldn’t see.

She lost interest in communicating with the noblewoman and wanted to leave.

“Madam Ying, you are really something.” But the noblewoman said at that moment, “I didn’t expect that your adopted daughter was also so outstanding, it is because you have taught her well.”

Zhong Manhua froze violently, suspecting that she had heard wrong: “What did you say?”

She had heard this kind of words a lot.

After all, Xiao Xuan had given her a good fight, and anyone who knew her would praise her.

But Ying Zidian?

It was good that she didn’t cause her any trouble, and outstanding?

“You don’t know, Madam Ying?” The noblewoman was surprised, “Isn’t Miss Ying Zidian your adopted daughter? Just now, I was watching the live broadcast and she ……”

“Sorry, I’m in a hurry.” Zhong Manhua interrupted her, “I’ll leave first.”

After saying that, she hurried away and didn’t enter the cafe, but got into the car.

She also closed the car door, with a do-not-enter attitude.

The noblewoman offered her hospitality, but ended up offering a lonely one, and her face didn’t look too good.

“A little courtesy to say that you taught it, you really think you taught it, proud of what ……”

The noblewoman snorted coldly and also walked away.


Inside the lounge.

The winners will be posted on the notice board at 4pm.

The next day, the trophies and prizes would then be awarded to the whole school.

“Chief Fest, since you’re here, why don’t you start this award ceremony tomorrow?” The president of the Shanghai Art a*sociation was respectful, “This time, apart from quite a few talented students, you can also see if there are any that you like.”

“No, I don’t have time.” Sheng Qingtang refused without even thinking, “I have to go back to planting vegetables.”


The president of the Shanghai Art a*sociation didn’t know what to say, so he could only say, “Well then, you see that matter of Master Wei Hou ……”

“This matter is not over!” Sheng Qingtang’s anger rose again, “I will not show mercy, if you dare to do it, you must dare to bear the corresponding consequences.”

The president of the Shanghai City Art a*sociation understood.

Sheng Qingtang’s attitude directly determined the attitude of the Chinese Calligraphy Artists’ a*sociation.

Wei Hou’s future was considered gone.

The president of the Shanghai City Art a*sociation thought for a moment and said tentatively, “Grand Master Sheng, that student Ying Zigui, do you want to take her as your disciple?”

“What?” Sheng Qingtang was shocked, “You actually think that I am worthy of being her teacher?”

President of the Shanghai City Arts a*sociation: “……”

It’s not necessary.

“Hurry up and go hurry up and go.” Sheng Qingtang impatiently kicked him out, “I haven’t finished this melon yet.”

The president of the Shanghai Art a*sociation rolled away nimbly.


The other side.

Several masters of the art world and teachers from the art group were divided into several groups and were judging the awards in each category.

The calligraphy group didn’t even need to look at it. Even Sheng Qingtang praised the handwriting, so who else could the first prize go to if not Ying Zidian?

“It’s a pity.” One of the art teachers picked up one of the calligraphies, “Zhong Zhiyan’s writing is not bad either, if it wasn’t for Ying Zidian this time, the first prize would definitely have gone to her.”

“How can this be compared?” Another art teacher said, “Zhong Zhiyan’s handwriting is not bad, but it’s only beginner level.

I didn’t expect that Ying Zidian would be able to write well at such a young age.

Even Sheng Qingtang was shocked, she is really gifted.

After a while, the head of the art team pushed the door open and came in.

He greeted the masters politely before asking, “Has the list of winners come out?”

“It’s out.” Several teachers hesitated for a moment, “It’s just that this year’s list of winners is a bit special.”

“What’s so special about it?” The art team leader took it over and started looking at the first one.

The eyes froze for a moment.

Calligraphy, first prize (1): Ying Zidian, Senior 19

Chinese painting, 1st prize (1): Ying Zidian, Year 2, Cla*s 19

Printmaking, 1st prize (1): Ying Zidian, Upper Secondary 19

Oil painting, 1st prize (1): Ying Zidian, Upper Secondary 19


Chapter 92

Sketch ……

The head of the art group looked on and fell into silence, so shocked that he couldn’t speak.

“That is, in all the events of this competition, the first place went to student Ying Ziyi.” One of the teachers in charge of the selection coughed, “So it’s quite special.”

In previous years, there had been many good students, but at most, they had only bagged three prizes in the competition.

It was rare enough to have a first prize.

Taking first place in all of them is almost impossible.

After all, there is a speciality in the art, and no one is all-rounded.

But this time, there was actually a student who came first in all of them.

Is this still a human being?

The teachers and masters of the art world have seen each other and there is really nothing to say.

To give a first prize, that’s still giving it low.

The head of the art team was still silent for a long time before he said in a trance, “Ah, post it on the bulletin board later.”


Once the opening ceremony was over, the festival became irrelevant to most students.

Many students picked up their school bags and left the school with a cheer.

Before they left, they didn’t forget to run to the senior’s building to show off a bit.

They were so angry that the senior students wanted to put their pens down, but they had no choice but to continue writing their papers as the entrance exams were approaching.

Wen heard Lan was not in the cla*s.

He was a special student of Qingzhi, so he had a lot of privileges.

Because of him, Qingzhi had made a special trip to Qing Shui County to get him into the cla*s of excellence.

As long as Wen heard Lan could take the college entrance exam, nothing else mattered.

So even if it was the midterm and final exams, it was fine if Wen heard Lan didn’t want to take them.

It’s not that there were no students in the Talented Cla*s who complained about this.

However, it was not the case that even Wen heard Lan could score full marks on a paper that was recognized as difficult by the entire network.

They were the bully, and Wen heard Lan was a pervert.

They could only choose to shut up.

So while the other students were doing the questions, Wen heard Lan was resting with Elder Zhong in the Scholar’s Gallery.

Master Zhong had arrived at the school at half past eight, but before he could watch the opening ceremony, he was taken away by Ying Zigui and Wen Huilan.

Although, Wen Listen Lan didn’t know why his sister did that.

Master Zhong moved a rocking chair and lay comfortably in the shade: “Xiao Lan, you won a lot of red packets from Grandpa that day, do you have to promise Grandpa something?”

Wen Xinlan looked at him slyly.

He took out his mobile phone and opened his Weibo account: “Come on, let’s share a mutual fan with grandpa.”


Wen Huilan’s face was expressionless: “I don’t play Weibo.”

“Ugh?” Elder Zhong muttered, “You youngsters don’t play Weibo, you’re even more backward than me.”

He had one less follower.

He was not happy.

Wen Hanlan’s eyelashes drooped and he pursed his lips.

He wanted to, but was afraid to reach out to the outside world.

“Little Lan, then tell Grandpa what was so interesting about Ziggy when he was little?” Elder Zhong smiled, “Ever roll out of bed in your sleep?”

He didn’t get an answer, he got a look from the teenager at the silly old man.


Elder Zhong was a little distracted and just had to take out his phone and start surfing.

The thing he was happiest about every day was eating fresh melons with his young internet friends.

“Yo ho, what’s this Wei Hou doing.” Elder Zhong pushed his presbyopic gla*ses, “He actually got the Chinese Artists a*sociation to speak out personally.”

Wen Huilan’s eyelashes lifted and she looked over.

[@Chinese Calligraphy Artists’ a*sociation v: After reporting, our director @Wei Hou, who writes regular script, has engaged in unfair competition and impersonated students’ works, the situation is extremely bad.

Attached below is an announcement with the seal of the Chinese Calligraphy Artists’ a*sociation.

It is also signed by the President and Vice President.

The Chinese Calligraphy Artists a*sociation is the main a*sociation, and the Shanghai Art a*sociation is just a local sub-a*sociation.

The president of the Shanghai Art a*sociation is no match for a member of the Chinese Calligraphy Artists a*sociation.

Those who could enter the Chinese Calligraphy Artists a*sociation were all famous calligraphers and represented the pinnacle of Chinese calligraphy.

Geniuses such as Lin Xi are not even eligible for the test now.

Most of the older generation of calligraphers keep a low profile, and the Chinese Calligraphy Artists’ a*sociation has only sent out ten Weibo posts since it opened its doors, nine of which were retweets.

The first original tweet was an automatic greeting from Weibo.

This second one was the announcement of the punishment for Wei Hou.

Near noon, fewer people were swiping Weibo, but the heat was only too high.

Apart from calligraphy enthusiasts, pa*sers-by also clicked in.

Because of the marketing quite a few times, the name Wei Hou was even louder than Sheng Qing Tang.

[Crap, Wei Hou was expelled from the Chinese Calligraphy Artists a*sociation? How big of a crime is this? I remember he was an honorary calligrapher].

[You don’t know, do you? He said that the high school student’s calligraphy was his, and slandered him for cheating and stealing his calligraphy for the competition.

[? No, is Wei Hou out of his mind? He is a great calligrapher, but he did such a thing, he wants fame and status, what does he want?

What does he want? And when Sheng Qingtang came, Wei Hou was exposed at once.

Do you know what the funniest thing is? Wei Hou was not impersonating someone else’s student’s words? The student didn’t care, and wrote a better one to his face. I was there, I’ll show you the video


Master Zhong clicked on the video, and his brow furrowed: “This Wei Hou is actually claiming Ziji’s writing?”

He got up angrily, “What a shameless old thing, even children are bullied, I’m going to go and beat him up violently.”

Wen heard Lan’s expression pause.

He finally knew why his sister had asked him to drag Elder Zhong here.

It was because if Elder Zhong had been there, he would have directly rolled up his sleeves and gone up to kick someone.

“Little Lan, go with Grandpa.” Elder Zhong was furious, “Grandpa will take you to take out your sister’s anger.”


Wei Hou naturally saw the Weibo too.

But when he saw it, it was already afternoon.

Just a few minutes ago, another director of the Chinese Calligraphy Artists’ a*sociation had personally come to his door, bringing a penalty announcement and confiscating his certificate.

Wei Hou’s face was pale, completely unprepared for how things would turn out.

It was not that he had never done this before.

The qualification test for him to enter the Chinese Calligraphy Artists’ a*sociation was actually not his handwriting, but that of another examiner.

But that examiner was not as famous as he was, and had no proof, let alone any backstage.

He could only watch as his work was taken away from him, with no way to seek redress.

Afterwards, Wei Hou even took the certificate of honour from the Chinese Calligraphy Artists’ a*sociation and went to this examiner’s home to show off.

What could be done to him again?

But now, Sheng Qingtang had the Chinese Calligraphy Artists’ a*sociation investigate him thoroughly, and also found out about this incident at the beginning.

Not only had he been expelled, his reputation was also completely ruined.

He was completely and utterly disgraced.

What Wei Hou cared most about was his reputation and money, and now he was about to lose both.

It was all because of that senior sister Lin Xi.

Wei Hou’s eyes went cold, he picked up his mobile phone and asked Lin Xi for Zhong Zhiyan’s number.

He dialed it, his voice grim: “Zhong Zhiyan, you dare to set me up, I’m telling you, if I don’t have a good time, you won’t have a good time either.”

“This painting, you gave it to me, which means you stole it, you can’t get away with it!”

Zhong Zhiyan was standing in front of the announcement lan when she received the call.

Frowning at the words, she first glanced at the other students before walking to the nearby grove.

“Master Wei Hou, I don’t know what you’re babbling about.” Zhong Zhiyan laughed, “You were the one who was insatiable and wanted to take credit for my cousin’s work, so how can you blame me again?”

“My senior brother also clearly asked you if this was your writing, and you took it straight away, can’t it be that I did this too?”

Wei Hou was extremely angry: “It was you who asked me to put my seal on that pair of characters.”

But Zhong Zhiyan was calm, she said indifferently, “I asked you to, and you did so? Master Wei Hou, are you ready to offend the Zhong family by slandering me like this?”

Wei Hou’s expression changed greatly.

Of course he knew about the Zhong Family.

It was one of the four powerful families in Shanghai City and had a very high status.

If it was before, he would naturally not be afraid of the Zhong family, who still had to respect him.

But he had already been expelled from the Chinese Calligraphy Artists’ a*sociation, and with the incident of fraudulently claiming his works, everyone had already shouted at him.

“Master Wei Hou, don’t forget that it is my cousin’s writing that you have impostorily claimed.” Zhong Zhiyan smiled again, softly, “My grandfather dotes on my cousin, do you think he will listen to your explanation when he sees you?”

“Does he believe me, or you?”

Wei Hou was so angry that he dropped his phone.

Zhong Zhiyan’s expression remained unchanged as she blacked out Wei Hou’s number and was about to leave the school.

But at that moment, the crowd in front of the bulletin board was suddenly noisy

“Crap, what kind of pervert is this Ying Zigui, all first prizes?”

“We’ve seen it with our own eyes, but why did she beat Goddess Zhong in Chinese painting?”

“The judging must be fair, so Zhong Zhiyan is not as good as Ying Zidian.” “What else could it be?”

“I’m a bit disappointed. Isn’t Goddess Zhong the eldest daughter of the Zhong family? How come she’s not as good at calligraphy and painting as a country bumpkin? Her title of goddess doesn’t really live up to her name.”

“What nonsense?” Lu Fang, who is Zhong Zhiyan’s loyal admirer, angrily retorted, “Painting is just entertainment, look at Ying Ziji’s overall score, is it as high as Zhiyan’s in one subject?”

“Comparing her to Zhiyan, you’re lowering Zhiyan’s cla*s.”

Lu Fang snorted again, “If she can score more than four hundred points in her final exam next month, I’ll eat sh*t live.”