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Boss Lady Chapter 9-10

Chapter 9

Laughter erupted and people around the room looked over.

Those eyes scanned over the girl unscrupulously, unsuspectingly.

The girl didn’t give a single look, her expression indifferent.

She put away the ancient coins and prepared to leave.

Behind her, the sarcastic laughter was still unrelenting.

“Look, I said give some face, what if you P*ssed off the little girl and ran back to cry to the adults?”

“I’m doing it for her own good, so she can sharpen her heart, and it seems she …… is too.”

Before the words were finished, a slightly eager voice rang out.

“This young lady, my master wants to offer six million to buy this Qin silver half tael coin in your hands, I wonder if I can cut it off?”


The smile on the youth’s face froze, unable to believe what he was hearing.


Six million for a coin that can be found everywhere?

Are you kidding?

The other people watching were also a bit confused, not coming back to their senses for half a day.

Ying Zidian raised his eyebrows slightly and turned his head to look at the direction from which the voice came.

There was an old man in a Tang suit, his hair and beard were silvery white, but his pace was steady and strong, and his aura was still strong.

The one who spoke earlier was a young man who was following the old man, and he stepped forward, in a consultative tone: “If the price is not enough, you can add more.”

With one word, there was a stir.

“What kind of coin is that, that six million is not enough?”

“I think I just heard that it said it was some kind of Qin silver half tael large coin?”

“It’s unlikely ……”

“If it really is a Qin silver half tael large coin, it’s really worth that price.”

At an international auction a few years ago, the same Qin silver half taels large coin ended up fetching a high price of $7.6 million.

“What Qin silver half taels large coin?” The youth thundered, “This is what I picked up by the river, do you think the Qin silver half tael coin is a cabbage?”

If it really was a Qin silver half tael coin, wouldn’t he be a joke?

The old man had his hands behind his back and was not angry: “Mu Cheng.”

Mu Cheng understood and took out a document, which was a certificate, clearly written in red letters on white paper –

National cultural relics appraisal valuer.

Grade 8.

The highest level.


This certificate blocked all the doubts and was like a loud slap in the face of the young stall owner.

Ying Ziji did look at this certificate seriously and pondered, indeed, there were many new professions in the 21st century.

She nodded: “No need, the price is just right.”

“Good, thank you for your kindness.” Mu Cheng nodded and took out a black card, “Here is six million, international.”

On the top right corner of this black card, there was a golden iris flower.

Ying Zigui’s eyes paused, and the tips of her eyes lifted slightly.

Well, it was good that the bank where she used to deposit her gold hadn’t gone out of business.

“No, I won’t sell it!” Seeing the black card, how could the youth still hold back, he jerked forward and was about to grab the ancient coin in the girl’s hand, moving fiercely, “Bring it!”

He had picked it up, and the money was rightfully his.

The girl had no expression, she just lifted her right leg.

It was a very casual movement, a little careless.

But it was such a kick that directly kicked the youth out a few metres.


The people around looked dumbfounded: “……”

Only then did Ying Ziji hand over the ancient coins and take the black card, “Thank you.”

Mu Cheng froze, and the person dreamed: “…… No thanks.”

Not to mention Mu Cheng, even the old man in the Tang suit was a little surprised, his gaze was more than a little inquisitive.

And let others more surprised is, basically do not venture to the manager actually came, sullen face spoke.

“There are rules for underground bazaars, too… you want to take back what you’ve sold? Take away this man’s permit and you can’t even enter the underground bazaar in the future.”

After saying that, he turned around again and bowed to the girl, “I’m sorry to have frightened you.”

Ying put the black card into his pocket, “It’s alright.”

Six million, enough to last for a while.

The manager breathed a sigh of relief as he turned around, directing the security guards to rack the young stall owner out.

Not far away, the bartender, who had caught the scene in full view, was silent for a moment and said heartily, “This little friend you know seems a bit fierce.”

It was amazing that such a weak little girl could kick such a big man out.

“What nonsense is that?” Fu Yunshen’s peach blossom eyes curved, “Obviously, she’s nice and cute.”

Bartender: “……”

The filter was a little too heavy.

But he still didn’t understand, “Why don’t you go yourself? Isn’t it good to be a hero and save the day?”

It had to be an extra effort to get the management to do it?

Fu Yunshen’s eyelashes twitched and he smiled lightly, “I can’t go.”

The bartender was stunned: “Why?”

“Well…” Fu Yunshen pondered for a moment and smiled, “I have to take care of the children’s emotions, after all, we said goodnight to each other only two hours ago.”

Wouldn’t it be awkward to end up meeting again at the Underground Bazaar?

Although he had guessed that she would come to the Underground Bazaar after hearing those words from Nie Chao, he had waited just in time.

“……” the bartender was even more speechless, “I see you’ve spent all your time pleasing women since you came back.”

He could not have been more attentive to this little mood.

He wondered what this master was doing by giving himself the image of a fop.

“What are you talking about again?” Fu Yunshen lowered his head, “I need to?”

The bartender looked at the man’s upside-down face: “……”


On the other side, in an alleyway.

“Master, if only we had come earlier.” Mu Cheng said, “Six million wasted for nothing.”

Although six million was nothing to them, it was always a good idea to save what they could.

“It’s not a waste.” The old man waved his hand, a smile surfacing on his face, “At least it allowed me to meet such an interesting little girl.”

Mu Cheng quickly understood, “You are referring to her kick just now?”

“Not bad.” The old man said lightly, “And this ancient coin, she wasn’t just picking up a lucky break.”

Mu Cheng hesitated, “It can’t be ……”

Even he had observed it for a full ten days at the underground bazaar before finally confirming that it was the Qin silver half tael coin.

He knew that Mu Heqing had no other hobbies after he retired, just that he liked to collect antiques to donate to the national museum.

Mu Heqing did not say much and coughed a few times, “Let’s go.”

Mu Cheng followed and was about to ask again when he saw the old man cover his heart, his body suddenly went into a spasm and he collapsed.

Mu Cheng was shocked and hurried up to him, “Master!”

Oh no, no one had expected Mu Heqing to fall ill at this time, they didn’t even have a doctor with them.

Mu Heqing had always been hardy, but before he retired, he had been shot off to the side of his heart, and although he had woken up, he had fallen ill and would have fits from time to time.

But he had just had an operation a while ago, so he shouldn’t have been able to get out of it so quickly.

What can we do now?

Miss Meng was far away in the imperial capital, so it would be too late.

Mu Cheng was so anxious that his head was covered in sweat. He went to get the medicine with a trembling hand, but he couldn’t feed it in.

Just as he was panicking, a voice rang out from behind him.

“Don’t support his back, it will make it more difficult for him to breathe, let him lie down flat.”

Mu Cheng looked up in some surprise.

The girl was standing just outside the alleyway, with long, straight legs.

After she took a few steps closer, she knelt down and put her hand on Mu Heqing’s pulse, her eyebrows twitching.

Mu Cheng also finally reacted, seeing this action of the girl, he was shocked and angry, he violently went to hit her hand, sternly rebuked: “Who let you touch it?”

What was Mu Heqing’s status?

If something happened, no one could be held responsible.

But his hand didn’t even get hit, it slapped directly on the ground.

Mu Cheng drew a breath backwards and became even angrier: “What the hell do you want?”

Ying Zidian was still testing his pulse: “To save someone.”

It was as if Mu Cheng had heard something funny: “Just you?”

Apart from Miss Meng, who else in the whole of China dared to say that they would save Mu Heqing?


Chapter 10

What a big mouth.

Mu Cheng held back his anger and started to call, “Yes, it’s at the underground bazaar, you guys come quickly.”

After hanging up, he coldly: “This young lady, don’t think that just because our master has just bought an ancient coin from you, you can be so ……”

Before he finished speaking, he heard the girl speak, “Cardiac arrhythmia, increased pain in the precordial region, which has spread to the left shoulder and abdomen.”

“Blood sugar blood pressure threshold is too high.”

“Smoking has caused shadows in the lungs, and there are blockages in the breathing pa*sages that have not been completely cleared.”

At the end, Ying raised his eyes: “The peak of the attack is between midnight and 8 a.m. He just had surgery a month ago, he shouldn’t be out this late.”

Mu Cheng was shaken, incredulous: “You ……”

It’s not even close!

Including the time of the surgery!

Before he could recover from the shock, he heard the girl again faintly: “Silver needles.”

Mu Cheng didn’t have time to think about how she knew he had silver needles on him, and hastily handed over the box containing the silver needles.

Ying Ziji opened the box and directly squeezed the seven silver needles inside into her hand, and was about to do something about it.

Seeing this, Mu Cheng couldn’t help but remind him, “Use up to four silver needles at a time.”

Ying Zidian smiled and finally looked at him.

There was no emotion in her black and white pupils, they were foggy and indistinguishable from happiness and anger.

This glance was a little embarra*sing for Mu Cheng, but he didn’t feel there was anything wrong.

When he had watched Miss Meng heal Mu Heqing before, she had only used four silver needles at the same time.

He had even asked about this and realised that people who could use seven silver needles at the same time basically did not exist in the ancient medical world.

Thinking about it, there was only one pair of hands, so how could he possibly control seven silver needles?

But the next second, Mu Cheng’s face was hit with pain and he couldn’t help but open his eyes wide.

He could not help but see the seven silver needles in the girl’s hands forming a streak of shadows, entering and exiting one point after another with extremely fast movements.

Mu Cheng tried hard to catch the position of the silver needles, but found that he could not see them at all, and his heart jumped.

What kind of speed was this?

After Ying Ziji had finished sticking the last acupuncture point, Mu Heqing, who had fallen to the ground, finally caught his breath and the bruises on his face slowly receded and returned to redness.

The whole treatment took less than a minute.

Ying Ziji put the silver needles away and put them back in the box.

She got up and stood lazily with one hand in her pocket, her breath not even ruffled for a moment: “It’s done.”

Mu Cheng was still in a daze, only feeling more dreamy.

Even Miss Meng would be off her feet after healing for Mu Heqing, this ……

“Cough cough cough!” Mu Heqing coughed violently and opened his eyes with quite a bit of effort.

Earlier he was in a semi-comatose state and still had a sense of the outside world.

After calming his breathing for a while, Mu Heqing slowly stood up with the help of Mu Cheng.

He coughed a few more times, his expression serious, his gaze gentle and his tone soothing: “Little girl, you saved this life of mine, if you need anything, just mention it.”

He clearly felt that his heart was much better than in the past.

This kind of medical skill ……

“No need.” Ying Zidian didn’t care much, “It’s just a casual thing.”

It had been a long time since she had healed anyone, but it seemed that her ability had not deteriorated, so if she was short of money again in the future, she could still use this profession to make a living.

Mu Heqing didn’t force himself, he thought about it and took out a jade pendant, seriously: “Then keep this, if there’s anything, as long as it’s not treacherous, I will do it.”

Mu Cheng was startled.

This was not an ordinary promise, this was the promise of the Mu family head.

Ying Zigui did not want to take it, but when she saw the word “Mu” on the jade pendant, her eyes stared for a moment, not knowing what had come back to her, but she finally took it: “Okay.”

Only then was Mu Heqing satisfied and smiled, “I wonder if it is possible for me to know your name?”

It was rare to meet a young girl who caught his eye, so he had to get to know her.

Ying Ziji pondered for a moment and simply said, “My surname is Ying.”


When he heard this surname, Mu Cheng immediately thought of the Ying family, one of the four powerful families in Shanghai, after all, the surname Ying was not common.

This Miss Ying indeed did not seem to come from an ordinary family, that kind of nobility in her bones was inherent, but the Ying family ……

Mu Cheng frowned, of course they had been in contact with the Ying family, with the strength of the Ying family, could they produce a thousand-year-old girl who knew ancient medicine?

Mu Heqing also thought of it, but didn’t ask any more questions, just smiled: “Is Miss Ying interested in going to the imperial capital with the old man?”

Ying Zidian raised her eyebrows slightly, surprised: “Not at the moment.”

She just wanted to retire now, plant flowers and pigs, and be a happy rice worm.

“That’s fine.” Mu Heqing nodded, “If you want to come in the future, remember to contact me, Mu Cheng.”

Mu Cheng stepped forward and handed over a business card, a little ashamed, “Sorry, Miss Ying, I was suspicious of you earlier and offended you, I’m sorry.”

“No need, you don’t know, there is no trust between strangers.” Ying Ziji nodded, “I’ll leave now.”

Mu Cheng, however, was even more ashamed.

He hadn’t seen things through as well as a young girl.

After seeing the girl leave, Mu Heqing was still standing in the same place. After a long moment of silence, he suddenly asked, “Mu Cheng, what do you think about settling a marriage?”

Without waiting for Mu Cheng’s answer, he said to himself, “Forget it, the brats are all unworthy and not worthy of a young girl, so it’s better not to harm them.”

Mu Cheng: “……”

How can you be so mean to your own children and grandchildren?

“It’s a pity how it’s not my Mu family’s daughter, if it were ……” Mu Heqing sighed and ordered again, “Stay in Shanghai City for a few days.”


The snow cleared and the sun was shining at midday.

In the distance, the sky is blue with clouds and white birds hovering up and down, a rare peace and tranquility.

The old Ying family home.

Zhong Manhua glanced at the third floor and frowned: “Second Miss hasn’t woken up yet?”

The housekeeper shook his head, “Nothing’s moving.”

“It’s noon and she’s still not awake.” Zhong Manhua was unhappy, “Wake her up and tell her to come down for dinner.”

The housekeeper was just about to leave when the phone in the living room suddenly rang.

He went up to take a look, “Madam, it’s a call from the Imperial Capital.”

Zhong Manhua’s expression was solemn: “Give it to me.”

The butler handed it over respectfully and waited in silence.

Zhong Manhua nodded repeatedly as he hung up and smiled, “The Mu family is sending Shenzhou over, probably in May.”

The housekeeper was surprised, “But what important things have happened to the Mu family?”

The Mu family was developing well in the imperial capital, how could they suddenly send one of their heirs to Shanghai City?

“I don’t know, but it must be well entertained.” Zhong Manhua poured a cup of tea and moved elegantly, “We need to start preparing now, in a moment you send someone to order furniture and vacate the second house on the right side of the third floor.”

The Mu family in the imperial capital, the four major giants in Shanghai could not afford to mess with them, they had to make good relations.

“Madam, I think it’s better not to let Young Master Shenzhou live in the old mansion.” The housekeeper hesitated for a moment and reminded, “If Second Miss sees Young Master Shenzhou ……”

Who knows if she will seduce again?